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April 9, 2008 // 7:49 pm - The engineers at Sony can't be too thrilled with fighting the constant battle against PSP hackers, issuing firmware updates that "strengthen security" in a futile attempt to curb piracy and homebrew applications.

Going by a recent survey commissioned by Sony Computer Entertainment, passed on to us by a reader who was asked to take part, the company seems to be looking into the reasons why PSP owners are opening up their portables.

Sony reps call the survey a part of "ongoing PSP consumer research", attempting to learn more about the size of the PSP hacking population and the mentality behind the behavior.

Questions like "Do you know of anyone who has "hacked," or modified, transferred and customized their PSP firmware and software?" were included elsewhere in the poll.

Sony Asks: Why Do You Hack Your PSP?

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#4 - qwertzu99 - April 21, 2008 // 5:51 am
qwertzu99's Avatar
i hacked (downgraded and installed a custom-firmware 3.90 M33) mine for the features you get with a custom firmware installed. i want to do more with my psp than sony wants

#3 - puksa - April 18, 2008 // 10:52 am
puksa's Avatar
i hack mine just because of how much does titles cost. I dont want to pay THIS money - i dont belive that its harder to write a portable game than a PC title. But the difference between PC and PSP games in price are about 200% in my country! Prices - THAT is the crime, not hacking MY OWN DEVICE.

#2 - eggfoo - April 17, 2008 // 8:04 am
eggfoo's Avatar
I haven't hacked my PSP ... yet! Reading more and more about custom firmware makes me want to take on the challenge and better what I consdier to be a fantastic piece of hardware

IMHO if Sony encouraged people to 'customise' their PSP, this could help to turn the PSP into an excellent all-round entertainment tool

#1 - bamhm182 - April 16, 2008 // 3:31 am
bamhm182's Avatar
I hack my PSP for homebrew and because you can do MUCH more with a hacked PSP than a non-hacked one, I'm not a big user of ISOs, devs deserve to get the money they earn IMO, even though I've got a 4 GB memory stick. :P