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June 1, 2012 // 12:31 am - Today Sony's Director of Handheld Consoles Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Don Mesa has announced that YouTube is officially coming to the PS Vita handheld at the end of June!

To quote: Hi everyone! PS Vita was developed with the idea of creating and delivering compelling content for gamers.

With the recent announcements of applications such as nico nico, Treasure Park, Wake-up Club, and Skype, we're continuing to build out PS Vita's portfolio of applications. Today, we're very excited to announce the latest application addition to PS Vita - YouTube!

Coming at the end of June, YouTube will be available as a free downloadable application for PS Vita via the PS Vita Store. With the YouTube application on PS Vita, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on the stunning 5" OLED screen, from comedy to gaming tips to today's viral trends.

The YouTube application features many of the functions you're already familiar with - you can easily search for videos, choose favorites and make comments, and your personal YouTube account is available right on your PS Vita.

As we move further into 2012, we look forward to introducing you to more unique, social and immersive experiences only available on PS Vita. How will you use YouTube on PS Vita?

Sony Announces YouTube is Officially Coming Soon to PS Vita

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#9 - JailCenterKZ - June 3, 2012 // 10:00 pm
JailCenterKZ's Avatar
Very good news. Im just wondering how this hi-end device with *stunning OLED display and 4 core cortex* can't play a single video from youtube.

StanSmith, whats wrong within US PSN account? You can create a new PSN account and select USA as your location. Then you can easily buy and download Mortal Kombat for your Vita. can charge your account only within prepaid card, that can be purchased through Paypal anywhere in the net.

#8 - Linx86 - June 2, 2012 // 5:50 pm
Linx86's Avatar
Mortal Kombat being banned in Australia didn't stop me from importing it. Hop over to Play-Asia and they'll mark it as 'video game software' so customs won't confiscate it.

Nit picking: shouldn't the picture be a Vita?

#7 - elser1 - June 2, 2012 // 4:10 pm
elser1's Avatar
thats whats stopping me from buying it to.. well that and the fact i rarely get out from in front of my ps3.. LOL... the only game id play is resistance burning skies, as i live in aus n mortal combat is banned.. there doesn't seem much at all yet. i've never had hand held since the game n watch nintendos back in 80s except for the original gameboy i had for a few weeks.. LOL

i'm definitely a home console guy! i'd like to see fewer games if the quality is there it doesn't matter really but i guess that's not how it works eh.. money money money!

oh and i wouldn't really wanna watch tv or utube on such a small screen.. to me it would be really awful my laptop is bad enough.. LOL

#6 - StanSmith - June 2, 2012 // 2:58 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
Mortal Kombat is banned in Australia so we only have Uncharted...

#5 - Transient - June 1, 2012 // 7:55 pm
Transient's Avatar
I think a YouTube app is a good idea, but I do agree they need to step up the quality and selection of games. I have a few games, but the only two that I'd call "good" are Uncharted and Mortal Kombat.

#4 - StanSmith - June 1, 2012 // 3:33 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
I got 5 games for the Vita and thats all thats good for it atm. LAME.

Hopefully COD for Vita is good and hopefully they start releasing more games for it soon.

#3 - Erz - June 1, 2012 // 8:49 am
Erz's Avatar
Same here HeyManHRU, I too want to buy Vita one of these days

Maybe I'm gonna buy Vita once P4 Golden or Project Diva are release though

#2 - dsavage - June 1, 2012 // 8:39 am
dsavage's Avatar
too bad for you... mutilplayer issues aside... i'm having a blast with burning skies.

anyways good news... nice to have tube on the vita finally.

#1 - HeyManHRU - June 1, 2012 // 6:54 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Very nice, but how about they release some more good games on the Vita. I was considering buying one a couple of days ago, but there weren't any games I really liked.