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May 17, 2010 // 6:58 pm - Following up on our previous article, today (linked above) has reported that Sony's upcoming PSP2 will feature a touch-screen and two cameras.

As part of their E3 2010 reveal, the following details have currently surfaced on the PlayStation Portable 2, to quote:

• Multiple British sources have confirmed that PSP2 NDAs have been in place at publishers and developers for many months.
• PSP2 has two cameras, one forward and one backward facing.
• It has a touch-screen, but apparently it has retained the trademark physical PlayStation buttons.
• UK sources were previously working towards a "2010″ release. This is now "2011″.
• One source would be "amazed" if there was any kind of physical media involved. We've been told it "could" be 3G-enabled, as opposed to the WiFi-only PSP go. This bit was sketchy.
• Multiple PSP2 games are being made in Britain right now. Some have even already been canned.
• There have been "finished units" in the UK, but we haven't spoken to anyone that's seen a final case.
• When asked directly about reveal timing, one source said, "If the games were aiming for end 2010, beginning 2011, and now it's a 2011 release, I'd say a gamescom or TGS announce for launch early next year".
• One source told us the machine is based on a four-core Cell CPU. PS3 runs on an eight-core version.

Rumor: Sony PSP2 to Feature a Touch-Screen and Two Cameras

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#15 - laggmaster - May 19, 2010 // 9:12 pm
laggmaster's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by luckluka View Post
But then, what's the point of having quad-cell?

Having a quad cell could consist of 1 222-666mhz main processor and 3 SPUs leaving one spu constantly running security... or your could have 2 lower clocked processors and 2 SPUs... the whole thing is a heat/battery life balancing act... i dont know exactly how they are going to do it but im sure sony could build something...

i'm sure when/if the psp2 is announced at E3 the details will be announced and we won't have to speculate about this anymore.
i found this on
It appears the internet has broken ranks today on the PSP2, so here’s something the current batch of rumours haven’t picked up yet: we’ve heard from a trusted source that the portable console, due out late this year / early next, will feature a motion sensor set-up similar to that in the iPhone, which will support gestures too.

Alongside the dual cameras (which we can confirm as being in there, as far as we know) the motion sensor will allow the PSP2 to run ‘augmented reality’ software far beyond what we’ve seen with the current PSP. Expect smart use of the cameras and motion sensors from first party studios, with hopefully Layar-style functionality.

Naturally, none of all this can be categorically confirmed, so treat it as a rumour, but if we were you we’d keep at least one eye on E3 next month…

#14 - dante489 - May 19, 2010 // 2:50 am
dante489's Avatar
the touch screen isn't that bad as long as there are the physical buttons... about the quad-core weeeeell who knows! i mean $ony brought you back in 2005 the most advanced hand-held console at that time, so i guess they're capable of making a powerful psp2.

but I'm not afraid of overheating issues at least $ony has a reputation in this matter,while about battery life i hope they learned their lesson from the original psp!

#13 - conquer1994 - May 18, 2010 // 9:30 pm
conquer1994's Avatar
I don't know if i would like a touch screen on the PSP2 would that not make it a little slower or lower the game quality.

#12 - inginear - May 18, 2010 // 7:56 pm
inginear's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by luckluka View Post
But then, what's the point of having quad-cell?

the actual "speed" of the processor means much less today than it ever did in the past. in today's processors, the speed of moving data through them is more important than the speed of "crunching" the data.

for example, would a 2.66Ghz core i7 be a faster processor than a 2.66Ghz core 2 duo e6750? the answer is yes.

#11 - tsampiras - May 18, 2010 // 7:04 pm
tsampiras's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by luckluka View Post
But then, what's the point of having quad-cell?

which sounds better. a quad 200,300 or even a 400mhz cpu or a single 800-1600mhz cpu?

which one would/may have overheating problems? even though i don't believe would be dropping the psp1 compatibilty

#10 - xrayglasses - May 18, 2010 // 6:18 pm
xrayglasses's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by luckluka View Post
But then, what's the point of having quad-cell?

You mean besides proven security and the ability to port most of their codebase?

#9 - whiteclad57 - May 18, 2010 // 5:48 pm
whiteclad57's Avatar
Better, faster multi-tasking. But thats besides the point it will not have a quad core, if your lucky it might have a dual-core proc.

#8 - Luckluka - May 18, 2010 // 12:22 pm
Luckluka's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ntinos View Post
I have heard that the quad cell cpu will be clocked at 200mhz... i.e. temp won 't be a problem.

But then, what's the point of having quad-cell?

#7 - GrandpaHomer - May 18, 2010 // 8:35 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by pcsx2006 View Post
Eagerly waiting for PSP2 and if rumored specification are true ie a cell processor having 4 spes and a fast gpu imagine the endless possibilities of Homebrews and emulation thus we can have PS2, GC, DC even WII emulators on go. So i'm really much excited that in future we will have a lot of fun with nextgen handheld devices.

Not any time soon I'm afraid - they can (and will be silly if not to) implement the security on the PS3 level and we'll have nice but almost "useless" devices at our hands with only option to get DRM enclosed games from PSN.

In regards to Touch Screen - not too keen to use it for most of the games really (although some games might benefit from it like all those quizz kind ones) but for the virtual keyboard / messaging / managing of your media or controlling non-gaming apps it would be really useful

#6 - ntinos - May 18, 2010 // 7:24 am
ntinos's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by luckluka View Post
lol? Quad Processor

Things that will happen if there's a quad processor:

  • Battery is Dead in 2min

Ouch, imagine carrying a 60 - 80 Celsius device (usual temperature of overheating)

impossible its going to fit

by adding touch-screen, they are copying DS (NO USE)

I have heard that the quad cell cpu will be clocked at 200mhz... i.e. temp won 't be a problem.