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Rumor: PSP-4000 Will be a Complete Aesthetic Overhaul

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318w ago - Sony's rumored PSP-4000 will apparently include a sliding front screen (similar to the non-Sony concept art pictured below) and boast a "complete aesthetic overhaul" based on existing PSP technology.

According to a "highly trusted source," the revamped handheld is set to be unveiled at GDC or E3 this year, though companies are keeping mum on any further details.

Additionally, the source also backs up Eurogamer's claims of a 2009 release date for the platform, so we can expect to be getting our hands on the swanky new portable device at some point this year.

To quote: VG247 has learned that PSP-4000 does have a sliding front-screen, with a highly-trusted source confirming fresh details on the unannounced machine this morning.

PSP-4000 is not PSP2, but rather a "complete aesthetic overhaul" based on existing PSP tech.

Much is now known by some parties of the console, which will be announced at either GDC or E3 this year, but cards are currently being clutched very tightly to chests.

The revamp does have a sliding front-screen, and we're assured the design being currently touted isn't a million miles away from this now-infamous image.

Rumor: PSP-4000 Will be a Complete Aesthetic Overhaul

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#13 - Pongo86 - 316w ago
Pongo86's Avatar
If its anything like the user made concept, then i'm sold, it looks stunning. I wouldn't put my life savings on it, but i bet they're more than likely to utilise their OLED tech with the PSP-4000, tbh they'd be stupid not to.

#12 - kryo11 - 316w ago
kryo11's Avatar
this will be the best design for any game system

#11 - Daasen - 317w ago
Daasen's Avatar
Any info of new hardware specs ...?

#10 - TW186 - 317w ago
TW186's Avatar
that is great, do you know how long it will take?

#9 - zeroundead - 317w ago
zeroundead's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post

i want a psp now

#8 - PS2 Devil 123 - 318w ago
PS2 Devil 123's Avatar
If this is true that would be absolutely awesome. Especially so because that picture shows dual analog sticks, something which should have been a part of the psp from the beginning. I hope they also make it less of a fingerprint magnet but only time will tell..

#7 - evekilla - 318w ago
evekilla's Avatar
i love the design, I'm waiting for this

#6 - Veritech - 318w ago
Veritech's Avatar
Well as stated in the original post the design was a concept, that was not created by Sony. Oh well looks like I might be buying two PSPs this year depending on if the price of the new one is right and if it offers two analog sticks. Downloadable PS2 games would also be a plus.

#5 - B4rtj4h - 318w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
This is a nice preview... at the other hand, how much can we trust the source ? If you look at the picture you see it has been photoshopped... But i would certainly buy it

#4 - SooksVI - 318w ago
SooksVI's Avatar
Ive had my 2 psp 1000's for years now and I really dont mind upgrading when the 4000 comes out... sounds interesting.

Would be cool if the new psp could play ANY ps3 game remotely... I wanna play Savage Moon on my psp.

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