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September 5, 2008 // 7:10 pm - DieH@rd of NeoGAF shared news that a new English version of PSP Remote Joy was released today, and with it you can play (or capture screens and videos via pressing escape first after configuring the options) your PSP games on PC via USB cable.

Resize & Fullscreen are supported, PS1 games are not playable, controllers are supported (PS2, PS3).

Download: PSP RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 / PSP RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 English GUI

Changelog v0.14:
PSP OFF LCD screen is running to correct me. 3 seconds mouse cursor and mouse operation to disappear. PSP model to determine the image data available to address how to use it. Some changes to the setup screen. PC / PSP both in the processing speed of some improvement.

Known Issues:
* POPS HOME assigned to the button in the PSP HOME behavior different from when I pushed the button.
* Volume of special keys and will be key to work properly.
* XMB returned to the game when an odd process may occur in the fall.

* ALT + ENTER: full-screen / window mode switch
* ESC: Menu
* F1: FPS, color display mode
* F3: screen transfer ON / OFF switch
* F4: window display ON / OFF
* F11: Screenshot
* F12: Video capture

PSP RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 out, Play PSP on PC via USB Cable!

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#6 - Husam - September 17, 2008 // 12:43 am
Husam's Avatar
my PSP crashes when I start a game

some games start normally, but when selecting cars for example, psp freezes then turns off.

and is there a way i can turn off the psp's screen?

and also when I open the menu by pressing (ESC) the text font is so small and unreadable.

please help.

#5 - abdeslam728 - September 12, 2008 // 8:45 pm
abdeslam728's Avatar
thx for this great application. i wonder how can i use my ps3 controller with application? I'm waiting for your help..

#4 - GreyChertZ - September 11, 2008 // 4:26 am
GreyChertZ's Avatar
This is very funny for my PSP and PC. Im played FFCC. Very strange emotions playing it on my 21" Viewsonic.

#3 - thebvr - September 9, 2008 // 9:11 pm
thebvr's Avatar
one computer it works fine, other two it shows two small copies of the psp screen side by side and they are distorted and purple. Any ideas?

Quote Originally Posted by thebvr View Post
one computer it works fine, other two it shows two small copies of the psp screen side by side and they are distorted and purple. Any ideas?

Nevermind fixed it with remotejoy v0.15 (

#2 - Bakke - September 6, 2008 // 12:05 am
Bakke's Avatar
This is indeed a really good remotejoy update. It works like a charm. No load/save crashes anymore and it's fast. 99% fully 59.9 fps.

#1 - mitchy - September 5, 2008 // 10:59 pm
mitchy's Avatar
are you meant to be able to turn your psp screen off?