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April 12, 2009 // 1:56 pm - The days of running homebrew on PSP-3000 console are drawing near, as PSP developer MaTiAz released a TIFF-based "Hello World" exploit this weekend.

Download: PSP Firmware 5.03 TIFF Hello World Exploit / PSP Firmware 5.03 TIFF Hello World Exploit [Mirror]

To quote, from the included ReadMe file: Hello World for PSP firmware 5.03

The days of TIFF based exploits aren't long gone, at least not yet
Here's the third TIFF exploit for the PSP, enjoy.

Just copy the files to the memory stick root, disconnect USB and go to photo menu. Don't dismiss the exploit even if it doesn't work on the first time, it's *very* unstable. You might get it working on the first time, but you might as well have to try it 20 times!

The h.bin is loaded to 0x08800000, and the text address of paf.prx is passed in $a0 to the binary code. You can then trick out function imports, like for example sceDisplayWaitVblankStart:

sceDisplayWaitVblankStart = (void*)(paf_addr+0x15F068);

This release works _only_ on fat PSPs. The slim version will come out later.

I'm not gonna include a list of credits here, I'll just forget some important names and then I'll be screwed :P The people who need to be credited will know it anyway.

Have fun!

P.S. Just wait a few days, there's a bit of awesomeness coming up.

- MaTiAz

PSP Firmware 5.03 TIFF Hello World Exploit Released!

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#5 - PS4 News - April 14, 2009 // 8:04 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Updated version/discussion thread is here:

#4 - footylad - April 14, 2009 // 5:48 pm
footylad's Avatar
If only the PS3 could be this easy, the PSP just seems to be so easy despite their efforts to change the chipsets and coinside with newer looks and features to draw buyers away from Homebrewed PSP's.


#3 - tmaster - April 14, 2009 // 3:52 pm
tmaster's Avatar
They have released v2 of the files, so that it works on the slim now.
i don't have the files because i am not registered at the site.

1. Copy either slim.tiff or phat.tiff to /PSP/PHOTO/ folder on the memory stick, depending on
your PSP model. Do NOT copy both!
2. Copy h.bin to the root of the memory stick.

Link (need registration)

#2 - dotISO - April 13, 2009 // 3:50 am
dotISO's Avatar
Time to sell that crappy gripshift disk...

#1 - cfwprophet - April 12, 2009 // 9:05 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Really nice

So now one step after another and to pin point out how to get cfw with out signing installed.

This exploit loads the h.bin into a specific address in memory and we could implement funtion calls on a specific address into this bin.Have i understood right?