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August 27, 2007 // 2:33 am - Weltall has updated to v0.1.9 Rev C today! v0.1.9 REV.C changes:

Download: PSP CWCheat v0.1.9

- [ALL] now the text reader supports up to 128 text files per id: Press L/R to go to the previous/next text file. The name is similar to how the cheat.db name works: The first file is named with just the id.txt (just like now), all the others are the id + the number + .txt

eg: with SLUS_12345 as id. The first file is SLUS_12345.txt the next SLUS_123451.txt,SLUS_123452.txt~SLUS_12345127.txt

- [GAME] Improved disc id detection runtimes and by putting a new check for the mount status of isofs. This improved cwcheat startup speed (were applyable) and compatibility. This should also reduce the risk of the cheat list being corrupted.

- [ALL] Added detection of vsh mode. So now vsh has it's own id different from the one for homebrews. Cheats for vsh/vsh homebrews which were previously under the HOMEBREW id were moved in the new VSH id

- [ALL] Removed rendundant code from the function which cleared the screen upon entering the cwcheat menu (if enabled) This fixed also the brave story crash problem as before, most probably, some data stored in the vram was being overwritten.

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