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August 14, 2010 // 8:11 pm - Today Monstruous of The Monster Team has released a PSP Custom Firmware M33 Mod dubbed 5.00 MON, and similar to the previous PSP M33 CFW Mod this one allows users to run newer PSP games and access the PSN store.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 MON M33 Mod

To quote from the ReadMe File: "This mod can be installed if your firmware version is lower or the same than 5.00 M33.

This mod (5.00 MON - renamed to this for don't make confusion) allows you to run new games (includes m33_620.prx by torky) and to access to the store (psnlover).

For install...

• Copy UPDATE folder to PSP/GAME.
• Download official 5.00 eboot firmware by Sony and put it on PSP/GAME/UPDATE renamed to 500.PBP.
• Run the app.

NOTE: Your battery must be higher than 78% for install this mod!!
NOTE2: If the mod doesn't run, try to run it again.
NOTE3: If the acceptation of our apps is good, we probably will release more apps."

PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 MON M33 Mod is Released

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#3 - Jes03 - August 15, 2010 // 7:32 am
Jes03's Avatar
Remember how Dark_Alex updated his M33 CFW in the first week of a new firmware being released. As DA is now retired and it looks like GEN have taken his place and its just proof GEN cant make a CFW on their own.

IF DA ever comes back and releases a new CFW GEN will do a copy of that but they cant make their own. It's been over 1.5 years and so far there is no new CFW from GEN, only addons that are so buggy no wonder people are still on 500M33.

A 6xxCFW has been asked for since firmware 6.00 was released. As nobody has released it thats just proof DA was the only one that could make it.

I don't care if it gets released or not as I have a PSP GO with FW6.31 on it and I buy all my games but it gets annoying when some team comes out and says they can do it but never do. I'm looking at Team GEN and Team Typhoon. All I have to say is "release it to prove everyone wrong or STFU and stop lying to the community."

#2 - PS4 News - August 15, 2010 // 4:35 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I don't own a PSP, but apparently this work-around just makes it easier to play the newer FW PSP back-ups so a full-fledged 6.20+ CFW isn't necessary yet. Sooner or later one will be required though I'm sure, as Sony cracks down even more on PSP piracy.

#1 - Jes03 - August 15, 2010 // 4:27 am
Jes03's Avatar
Where is 620CFW already?

I knew GEN are too lame to make their own CFW.