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398w ago - From the ReadMe: - New Multi-Recovery Mode.

Download: Custom Firmware 3.10 Wizards


-Recovery Wizards
-Recovery M33
-Recovery WildCard
-Extra Applications

*Recovery Wizards:

New rcovery never sight, new extra options:

-Include all necesary files to make a recovery to firmware 1.50.
-Can create a Boot Recovery, can fit your Boot Recovery on your XMB.
-Flash 2 and 3 acces.
-Can make a backup from Flash 0,1,2,3.
-Can format flash 1.
-Can launch M33 y WildCard Recovery Mode.
-Can run extra applications.
-Flasher included: Can change into 10 diferent XMB full themes.
-New XMB style.
-Can shutdown or reboot your PSP from XMB.

*Recovery Wildcard:

-Translated to spanish.
-Color change.

*Recovery M33:

-Only translated to spanish.

*Extra Applications:

-XBM changes.
-FIXED - Bug when changes in openin_plugin causes crash on PSX emulator.
-More Mb free on flash (2.50MB free)
-Al formatear la memory se crearan las carpetas del Flasher y demas
-WARNING- Asiatic fonts deleted

PSP Custom Firmware 3.10 Wizards out!

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