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July 2, 2012 // 11:42 pm - Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation Vita homebrew developer deroad has updated PS VitaTools to version 1.05 with the changes outlined below.

Download: PS VitaTools v1.05 / PS VitaTools v1.05 (Mirror) / GIT

To quote: well, I implemented a little of my tools for the vita console. here is the changelog:

Initial Release

  • pkg_reader (unfinished and bugged)


  • pkg_reader fixed and fully working pupunpack!!


  • pupunpack has been updated to unpack the PUP inside a folder called: NAME_UPDATE.PUP_0


  • initial version of unpkg. for now it is NOT able to decrypt pkg. it just extract the main parts.
  • deleted some id on the pupunpack
  • pkg_reader is still unfinished


  • added security_1 to pupunpack


  • added readself. it show information about the Playstation Vita Signed Executable and Linkable Format.


  • Updated readself. now shows more infos about selfs.
  • Updated pupunpack. corrected some ID stuff (a self 0x200 is sprx, same for 0x204. it is a self).


  • Updated readself. again more infos about selfs.

why I updated pupunpack? while testing the readself I found that what I though that was a sprx was a self and the self one was a sprx. so I had to update it. (all the info about what is a self and what is a prx comes from here)

what readself do now? it's still sperimental. it obvioulsy have bugs since i have never done reverse engineering, so this is quite new for me, but it display some useful info (for me).

as i always do, i hope that these tools can be really useful someday.

PS VitaTools v1.05 Arrives, Updated ReadSELF and PUPUnPack

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#1 - nathanr3269 - February 12, 2012 // 8:27 am
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Here is tools compiled