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183w ago - This weekend video game retailer GameStop has revealed pricing for PS Vita accessories and Memory Cards, which will be available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB sizes.

To quote from (linked above): "In addition to the first-part offerings from Sony Computer Entertainment, Mad Catz and PDP are also planning a few third-party accessories for the launch of the portable system.

The PS Vita will launch in North America on February 22nd. The first edition bundle (which includes a limited edition case, 4 GB memory card and Little Deviants) is available a week earlier."

Below are the prices, as follows:

• 4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $29.99
• 8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $44.99
• 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $69.99
• 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $119.99
• PlayStation Vita AC Adaptor - $19.99
• PS VITA Armor GameCase - $7.99
• PS VITA ArmorShell - $12.99
• PlayStation Vita Car Adaptor - $17.99
• PlayStation Vita Card Case - $9.99
• PlayStation Vita Carrying Case - $19.99
• PlayStation Vita Cradle - $19.99
• PS VITA Crystal Custom Case - $19.99
• PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset - $19.99
• PS VITA Nerf Armor - $17.99
• PlayStation Vita Portable Charge - $49.99
• PlayStation Vita Protective Film (Two Pack) - $14.99
• PS VITA Pull N Go Folio - $29.99
• PlayStation Vita Starter Kit - $29.99
• PS Vita Starter Kit - $24.99
• PS Vita Trigger Grip - $17.99
• PlayStation Vita Travel Pouch - $19.99
• PlayStation Vita USB Cable - $14.99

PS Vita Memory Card Pricing Revealed by Retailer GameStop

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#34 - totalz - 182w ago
totalz's Avatar
silly move by $ony again, Vita "Memory Stick"!

but to get away, is the memory card smaller than a micoSD... but lazy $ony

#33 - Neo Cyrus - 182w ago
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
This sort of marketing by Sony combined with heavy game support for Nintendo is why Nintendo manages to always succeed so much with dinky ancient hardware.

#32 - clouduzz - 182w ago
clouduzz's Avatar
whoa I know they want to make money, but don't make it so unattractive to buyers.

#31 - spark32 - 182w ago
spark32's Avatar
$120 for a 32GB memorycard? Thats just crazy.

#30 - makere - 182w ago
makere's Avatar
I say 2 months and someone releases a microSD adapter for 2 dollars.

#29 - dogggg - 182w ago
dogggg's Avatar
can't wait to HOLD the "Vita" in my hand.. an screen protector and the 32GB is a must buy for me.

the price kinda high but honestly, money is not a problem for me

#28 - lindwurm - 182w ago
lindwurm's Avatar
An incomplete batteries with Short life and sell separate external batt pack (i don't wanna stuck with the wall) a titles sold on memory and use separate memory to save,buying activation code for psp we already own,that's lot of money to pay!

not to mention other thing beside the main thing... i feel dizzy i hope someone makes another pandora batteries for hacking this vita

#27 - Kraken - 182w ago
Kraken's Avatar
Over 4x the price of a MicroSD card and over 2x the price of a memory stick? I hope the Vita flops so hard that $ony never recovers.

#26 - bigo93 - 182w ago
bigo93's Avatar
I like how sony's pro duo memory cards are not "pro" enough to be used in the PSVita; or could it be them trying to make more money by introducing a new unique card for the console just like the umd

So how long before we see microsd adaptors for the vita cards?

#25 - Bartholomy - 182w ago
Bartholomy's Avatar
Sadly true. Let's not mention Japan.