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November 27, 2011 // 2:14 am - This weekend video game retailer GameStop has revealed pricing for PS Vita accessories and Memory Cards, which will be available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB sizes.

To quote from (linked above): "In addition to the first-part offerings from Sony Computer Entertainment, Mad Catz and PDP are also planning a few third-party accessories for the launch of the portable system.

The PS Vita will launch in North America on February 22nd. The first edition bundle (which includes a limited edition case, 4 GB memory card and Little Deviants) is available a week earlier."

Below are the prices, as follows:

• 4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $29.99
• 8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $44.99
• 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $69.99
• 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card - $119.99
• PlayStation Vita AC Adaptor - $19.99
• PS VITA Armor GameCase - $7.99
• PS VITA ArmorShell - $12.99
• PlayStation Vita Car Adaptor - $17.99
• PlayStation Vita Card Case - $9.99
• PlayStation Vita Carrying Case - $19.99
• PlayStation Vita Cradle - $19.99
• PS VITA Crystal Custom Case - $19.99
• PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset - $19.99
• PS VITA Nerf Armor - $17.99
• PlayStation Vita Portable Charge - $49.99
• PlayStation Vita Protective Film (Two Pack) - $14.99
• PS VITA Pull N Go Folio - $29.99
• PlayStation Vita Starter Kit - $29.99
• PS Vita Starter Kit - $24.99
• PS Vita Trigger Grip - $17.99
• PlayStation Vita Travel Pouch - $19.99
• PlayStation Vita USB Cable - $14.99

PS Vita Memory Card Pricing Revealed by Retailer GameStop

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#44 - barrybarryk - December 4, 2011 // 9:32 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
Good luck with that Sony.

#43 - HeyManHRU - December 4, 2011 // 9:04 pm
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Sony's virtually synonymous with needlessly expensive proprietary memory, and this time it's justifying the cost by claiming that the PlayStation Vita's new memory format is more secure - that is, more secure for Sony. Sony Division 2 software development boss Muneki Shimada told AV Watch that the company required a format with "guaranteed performance," since read / write speeds vary among third-party cards, and also that Sony needed to "ensure the security" of the platform.

In this case, security measures include forcing users to go through an intermediary program to manage stored data instead of allowing the Vita's memory card to be used as a mass storage device with PCs.

While we've seen other platforms get bitten by inconsistent card performance - most notably with Windows Phone 7's microSD debacle - neither of Sony's concerns make the final price tag easier to swallow, and it's clear that it simply wants to create a new locked-down memory format that can't be used as easily for piracy. Shimada also says that the company has no interest in packaging memory "freebies" with the device as smartphone manufacturers often do - which makes sense, considering there's nothing "free" about Sony's memory

#42 - NTA - November 29, 2011 // 12:32 pm
NTA's Avatar
Lol but if it gets any kind of major exploit, I feel like I will be rubbing it in Sony's face to have gotten one, if that opportunity comes :/

Definitely looking for a 3rd party memory card >_>

Prices are getting out of range. High GB for psp are more affordable

#41 - kotmfu - November 29, 2011 // 12:06 pm
kotmfu's Avatar
ALL that is? is a mobile ps3? are you listening to yourself..

#40 - 1Panic - November 29, 2011 // 3:38 am
1Panic's Avatar
It's a major rip off. All that Vita is, is a mobile ps3 with identical graphics. And they got the nerve to sell it at that high of price. Not to mention to FORCE you to pay extra for a damn memory card for it... which should already go with it.

#39 - Bartholomy - November 28, 2011 // 2:55 pm
Bartholomy's Avatar
No please. Not a Nintendo's phone, please.

#38 - moja - November 28, 2011 // 2:43 pm
moja's Avatar
Very interesting post. It's funny, getting older and being able to remember back during the 8 and 16-bit 'revolutions', just thinking to myself 'There's got to be an easier way to bring my games over to a friend's house'. Now we have handhelds more powerful than consoles a generation or so back, and tons of games fitting in the palm of your hand with consumer flash memory.

I'm willing to bet some kid is saying, 'Why can't I pause Uncharted and work on my report for a bit, after I post how cool this game is?', and it actually is technically possible today, but not financially viable yet. Separate devices generate more revenue methinks.

I can see your point, but I think at least for a while there will be dedicated handhelds, that maybe incorporate other functions until they inevitably cross over. Would Sony or Nintendo become game tablet makers that have to license/build office apps, too? What do you think?

#37 - Bartholomy - November 28, 2011 // 1:05 pm
Bartholomy's Avatar
Me too. But instead, sadly, you will see a youtube movie of day 1 with a japanese huge mass of buyers, waiting the store opening like sick. Same in usa and europe, obiouvsly. Most are just a bunch of retards, happy to pay this idiot technology. Let's pray on a huge fail, Sony must shrink with their crappy Sony-only ideas

#36 - GrandpaHomer - November 28, 2011 // 10:30 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Well - it's not only about $ony being greedy and selling WAY overpriced accesory but also about introducing new DRM - I'm pretty sure it will be not as simple as just having a passive adapter to MicroSD or something else - but I still hope to be proven wrong though. What's even more sad how all the people are now getting massaged by Sony pushing the Vita so hard theese days - all you can see discussed everywhere is Vita - it so much overhyped that I just pray it will flop even worse way than PSPgo and will drop very quickly in price ...

Frankly - I predict a BIG declination in dedicated portable consoles - for the adult and teens markets anyway - as those are quickly getting replaced by smartphones and tablets with much higher use value and the only one who will hold it's position will be for some time Nintendo with it's piles of shovelware for the youngest ones on DS consoles ...

#35 - moja - November 28, 2011 // 6:21 am
moja's Avatar
When will Sony sell me the Vita in pieces and let me assemble my own powerful handheld! Modular pricing ftw!