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March 28, 2012 // 12:32 am - Shortly following wololo's public disclosure of the Everybody's Tennis vulnerability for PSP on PlayStation Vita, developer SiLENTGame has released PS Vita Homebrew Preparer version 0.1 with details below followed by a bugfix update.

Download: PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.1 / PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.1 (Mirror) / PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.2 (fixes compression bug when creating / PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.2 (Mirror) / PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.2 (Mirror #2)

To quote: The preparing process to run the games with VHBL is a bit annoying so I decided to code a little tool which will do this task for you or rather a big part of this task.

I called this program "PS Vita Homebrew Preparer". Here is a screenshot of it.

It decompress the PSP homebrew game for you and compress it again with some saves included so that you only have to copy the folder via OpenCMA to your PS Vita.

I hope you like this tool and I look forward to some feedback of you so that I can optimize this tool. Sorry for my bad English.

So long


PS Vita Homebrew Preparer v0.1 by SiLENTGame is Released

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#2 - SiLENTGame - March 28, 2012 // 2:37 pm
SiLENTGame's Avatar
Hi gfour,

you need furthermore one of these games.

Which error did you got?


#1 - gfour - March 28, 2012 // 8:32 am
gfour's Avatar
thanks for your work! will this help us to get psp homebrew running on the vita without to own everybodys tennis or ms arctic edge? or do we still need one of these games?

i tried the tool but it gave me an error!