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September 14, 2012 // 8:41 pm - GungHo Online Entertainment America Community Associate Antonio Cara has shared details today on Dokuro for PS Vita proclaiming the little skeleton has guts!

To quote: The charming skeletal hero Dokuro may not get the love he deserves, but that certainly doesn't stop him from saving the day.

With a captivating chalk-drawn setting and adorable fairytale themes, Dokuro provides a unique platform-puzzle experience that will flex your mind and heart!

One day Dokuro's boss, the great and powerful Dark Lord, returns to his castle with a beautiful princess in tow. I suppose "in-cage" is more accurate, since this particular princess did not come of her own free will.

From the moment Dokuro lays his eyes on her, our bony hero is love-struck and resolves to save her from his master's treacherous castle.

The Princess pays no mind to imminent danger and will automatically move forward until she reaches an obstacle she cannot cross. Dokuro's main goal is to get the Princess from point A to point B. Naturally the path is always complicated by traps, pitfalls, and the occasional flying demon.

These puzzles will take all the moxie and gumption you can muster as you travel through floors of ever-increasing complexity. As you progress, you uncover new abilities like the Hero Transformation mode that allows you to slash enemies to bits, and the almighty chalks that let you directly manipulate your surroundings with the touch of your finger.

It may seem a strange thing to have a seemingly invisible skeleton save the day, but Dokuro's unsung endeavors are precisely what make the little scamp so relatable. Before the development team had even begun work on Dokoru, the game's producer brought in children's books filled with heartwarming fairytales to inspire the team.

The classic storybook style is clearly evident, but the team decided on a unique twist. It was originally suggested that the protagonist be a handsome knight, but something about the little skeleton minion struck a chord with the designers and they decided it would make for a much more interesting story to have the Dark Lord's own peon save the day.

Dokuro may not be the hero the Princess expected, but he's the only one she has - even if she doesn't notice him! The game's themes of unrequited love and tireless devotion are so clearly conveyed that any text is almost completely unnecessary. Dokuro is a skeleton-man of action and his beads of inexplicable sweat say more than mere words could ever convey!

It's weird to think of a pile of bones as being cute or charming, but once you've met Dokuro, it's hard to think of him any other way. Fearless, unrelenting, and with the power to single-handedly defy the Dark Lord's minions, Dokuro will let no puzzle stand in his way as he escorts his beloved Princess to safety.

Get ready for some bone-chilling excitement when Dokuro hits PlayStation Store this October.

GungHo Online: Dokuro on PS Vita: This Little Skeleton's Got Guts!

GungHo Online: Dokuro on PS Vita: This Little Skeleton's Got Guts!

GungHo Online: Dokuro on PS Vita: This Little Skeleton's Got Guts!

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#7 - Jigsawpuzzle - October 8, 2012 // 12:29 pm
Jigsawpuzzle's Avatar
I will buy digital copy of it lol. I am a puzzle game collector.

#6 - Musitch - October 8, 2012 // 6:31 am
Musitch's Avatar
Seems interesting. I'm smelling the skeleton got friendzone by this princess haha!

#5 - Tidusnake666 - October 5, 2012 // 9:27 am
Tidusnake666's Avatar
If it's under $10, I'm gonna buy it

#4 - Tsutsui - October 5, 2012 // 8:27 am
Tsutsui's Avatar
I'm not really a fan of puzzle games, but this one looks like it might not suck!

#3 - Oyanagi - October 5, 2012 // 3:47 am
Oyanagi's Avatar
this is nice!

#2 - Zudotakika - October 5, 2012 // 2:44 am
Zudotakika's Avatar
I've seen so many videos on this one, and I'm really telling my mom to get me this one!

#1 - Jigsawpuzzle - October 4, 2012 // 9:34 am
Jigsawpuzzle's Avatar
Oh! I want it! Bring it on!!