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November 3, 2012 // 4:38 am - Following up on the previous release and confirming the rumor, today wololo has officially named the next exploitable game that Teck4 is porting TN's eCFW to is indeed Gravity Crash Portable.

Below are the details from his blog, to quote: If you missed both the Ubanix and the Mad blocker alpha exploits, today might be your lucky day. Japanese Developer Teck4 has ported TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit. The game is, as I type this, still available on most stores.

A few weeks ago, developer frostegater announced he was working on a new game exploit in order to bring Total_Noob’s eCFW to even more Vita owner. Sadly, he discovered while working on international versions of the game, that porting his exploits to all locales would not be as easy as expected. Luckily for us, Teck4 also had his own exploit in the work, and was nice enough to share it with the world. Frostegater eventually contributed to this exploit as well, by porting it to the US and EU versions of the game.

The game with the vulnerability is Gravity Crash Portable. In order to run TN’s eCFW through Teck4′s exploit, you will need a legit copy of that game, that you need to purchase online for your Vita on Sony’s PSN. It is available in most stores, but not all of them. If your locale doesn’t have the game and you still want the exploit, it is recommended you create an account in another locale, and buy the appropriate PSN card (for the right store) online.

As for the previous game exploit releases on the Vita, we have gone through a “Ninja” release over the past few weeks in order to let people know about the game a few days before the public announcement. If you’re interested in joining our future Ninja releases, you just need to subscribe to our forum at /talk. On that topic, I might have an article to write about leakers and the sites that blindly let them leak... but on the other hand I am not sure I want to provide free advertising to the sites that jeopardize the scene.

The files for the exploit will be distributed in a few days. In the past, Sony has usually removed exploited games from their stores within 48h, and we have generally released the files after that.

Please note that I haven’t personally tested the JP exploit or its ports to the EU and US versions, but Teck4 and frostegater are both trusted members of the scenes, as well as their testers.

Gravity Crash Portable Named Next Exploitable PSP Game for PS Vita

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#45 - Renold - October 8, 2012 // 9:42 am
Renold's Avatar
It would be cool.

#44 - ConsoleDev - October 7, 2012 // 9:44 am
ConsoleDev's Avatar
We need something similar to Sony MediaGo, isn't so bad because it's allow you to download stuff from PSN directly to PC and then transfer the purchased content to the PSP (PSVita isn't supported)

#43 - Renold - October 7, 2012 // 8:16 am
Renold's Avatar
The simplest thing I can think of is installing .pkgs on the fly with a little program from pc via open cma.

I think there's a program that let you do this from pc to ps3, so, maybe it's possible to code something similar for Vita... I don't remember the program name, I don't use it

#42 - niwakun - October 7, 2012 // 4:36 am
niwakun's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by xterminater View Post
Is there a way we can install the pkg of urbanix if we didn't download it from the psn store?

maybe, you can install the pkg in dex console then transfer it on your vita. but i'm not sure if it works as simple as that.

#41 - ConsoleDev - October 6, 2012 // 9:33 pm
ConsoleDev's Avatar
From Total_Noob on "I give you an advice: Check the news on Tuesday. In case you don't have CEF Tuesday will be your Chance"

I think probably a port for who have MHFU VHBL rather than a new kxploit.

#40 - xterminater - October 5, 2012 // 2:53 am
xterminater's Avatar
Is there a way we can install the pkg of urbanix if we didn't download it from the psn store?

#39 - PS4 News - October 5, 2012 // 1:08 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is a brief update for those following: Total_Noob announces CEF 6.60 TN-B for "Later this week"

To quote (via

In a very short statement on, famous PSP/Vita Hacker Total_Noob announced he will be releasing an update to his recently published eCFW - emulator Custom FirmWare, a new term to design a PSP Custom firmware running within the PSP emulator on the PS Vita - later this week.

Total_Noob said the new release, named CEF 6.60 TN-B, will have bug fixes, improvements, as well as potential new features. The developer is asking the community to provide a comprehensive list of bugs if possible (rather than individual reports) so that he can start working on fixing as much as he can. We do have a thread where you guys can discuss bugs, but if one member of our community could compile this thread into a "clean" list, that would probably be super helpful for him.

Stay tuned, as more stuff keeps coming almost every hour for this exploit.

#38 - Renold - October 4, 2012 // 10:37 pm
Renold's Avatar
Oh. Well. That's the end then, because it's useless to have a 1.81 Vita with everything ready, just waiting to transfer the game WHEN there will be a CEX cfw 4.21 or higher. $ony seems to have thought about everything this time.

In the end what we need it's a Vita cfw where you just put the required files into a directory, launch them and everything installs without the need of an up-to-date ps3 to transfer files or signing into psn.

Maybe one day will get it, who knows. For now...

#37 - wyldstallyn - October 4, 2012 // 8:34 pm
wyldstallyn's Avatar
Not only that, but if the game is no longer available on the PSN, you cant do a transfer.

#36 - Tidusnake666 - October 4, 2012 // 8:14 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
One of the ideas was to have a custom 3.55 DEX FW with ability to install retail PKGs, install games, upgrade o 4.21 DEX FW and transfer games to Vita. I've encountered the problem though, after installing PKGs on 3.55 DEX then launching them, I was prompted to renew licenses (Duh!)

So, I may try to repackage with "DRMType=Free" package.conf file, but I wonder.

Has anyone tried PS3 Vita transfers?

I've read posts, saying that you can't transfer games between consoles without signing in PSN