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September 20, 2009 // 11:46 pm - Just before the weekend JustPushStart (linked above) tested out their review copy of SCEA's Gran Turismo for the Sony PSP.

One of the things they noticed is that it offers a data install to decrease load times, however, it was a considerable one in size.

To quote: "The data is 900MB and it took about 17 minutes to install.

If you get this game then I highly recommend installing the data, the load times without data install can be quite annoying.

The PS Store version shouldn't have that much of a problem since it will be saved on the memory stick."

Gran Turismo PSP Includes Lengthy Install - 900MB, 17 Minutes

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#2 - Mexicodude908 - September 21, 2009 // 8:44 pm
Mexicodude908's Avatar
lol of course this was gonna be the problem. Who didn't know the download would be big?

#1 - bluedrib - September 21, 2009 // 3:11 pm
bluedrib's Avatar
you download from ps3 and transfer to psp or just transfer staright to psp? is this a free demo or the real game?