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January 23, 2014 // 10:45 pm - Following up on the previous PS Vita Dual Firmware Boot PoC demo, today Sony PlayStation Vita hacker xmax katsu has made available details on dumping games from PS Vita cartridges.

Below are the details, as follows: Dumping games from PS Vita Cartridges is now possible! - The beginning of piracy?

After Yifan Lu’s great hardware reports about the PS Vita, its motherboard and its nand, our user Katsu found a way for dual booting the PS Vita, which can kind of be seen as a downgrade solution.

But that is not everything that he was able to do. Katsu is on fire and also looked at the Vita cartridges... see below for some more electronics joy!

PS Vita Cartridge dumps now Possible - Does this enable piracy?

Katsu seems to be able to dump a PS Vita cartridge - you know, those tiny physical modules that contain PS Vita games, a cartridge, like we know them from the Nintendo DS and 3DS - and is therefore able to retrieve the games in the format how they are at the cartridge itself, instead of as a .PKG, like you get them via PSN, or encrypted for the CMA backup, like you get them via the PS3 or PC backup method.

This does not imply that the files from the cartridge are decrypted, that would be a pretty big security flaw for Sony, but we might be able to do more with these files, than we could do with the files as a .PKG or in the backup format.

Keep in mind that this will require hardware modification, and that there is currently no software solution for this. Do not try it yourself, except if you are experienced in hardware modding!

But do those cartridge dumped files enable piracy at our beloved PS Vita? Well, currently there is no way to install PS Vita games without the help of a PC (backup), a PS3 (backup/PSN) or the PSN, so we can say that this does not enable piracy at a PS Vita, ... yet.

There might be a possibility to use these cartridge dumps for piracy in the future, but before that happens, more knowledge of the PS Vitas file system would be needed, instead of just the current ePSPs file system. There also would need a way to fake these dumps as cartridges, since (digital/) PSN versions of games are account bound and need a valid license file.

Piracy is currently, thank god, not possible on the PS Vita, and we, at least I, hope that this will stay like that for a long time.

From KanadeEngel: PS Vita Memory Card Analyze

The french Dev "tomtomdu80" gave me his Trick to understanding more from the vita side!

So yeah here is the root dir from ux0:/ (and no it's not a new news)

i'll want now begin to decrypt a few things but yeah most of the data are useless

[Register or Login to view code]

Below is a PS Vita Cart Dumping and Backup Loading Guide from niszczycielnpc (via, as follows:

Ok so in this tutorial i will show you how to install psvita backups. (YOU NEED STILL TO PUT YOUR CARTRIDGE AT LEAST ONE TIME IN YOUR VITA EVERY TIME YOU REBOOT!) Dumping tutorials down below. (I will make this tutorial better when i have time)

1. Things we need:

Hex Editor.
Mozilla Thunderbird.
Psvita 3.52 or below.
Download my files down below.
And of course your dumped game.

2. You need to dump also files that you can't see in files.db

[Register or Login to view code]

3.Now you need to copy your dump to (PSAVEDATA/************/YOURNAMEDUMP/IDOFYOURGAME/)
Also you will need to copy (PARAM.SFO... inculded in my package) to "YOURNAMEDUMP"

4. You need to dump your license and copy it to (PCSXXXXX/sce_sys/package/) then rename it to "work.bin" and replace it with existing one.

5. You can now copy everything via cma to you psvita.

6. Choose one app on your vita that need to be updated.
Click on update button and in notifications PAUSE download.

7. Now with hex editor open D1 and D0 files modifiy everything to those of your game dump. >> "WIPEOUT" WILL BE "YOURNAMEDUMP) i recommend to choose game name. >>> You will also need to change this, It is game id and cid.

Send it to your email via thunderbird to do it. Drag and drop d0 to thunderbird and rename to (\..\..\..\bgdl\t\00000001\d0.pdb) do same with d1 but rename to (\..\..\..\bgdl\t\00000001\d1.pdb) Now you can send email.

8. On your vita open email app and click on attachment after error close email app.. do the same with 2nd attachment.

9. Reboot psvita and click on notification.. Your game backup will be installing. (BE SURE THAT YOUR CARTRIDGE IS NOT IN PSVITA!)

10. Now we need to write license. Make new email Drag&Drop license to thunderbird and rename to "#0"

In subject you need to write (ux0:license/app/PCS*/6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif)

Then just open attachment and close email app reboot psvita and game should work (YOU NEED STILL TO PUT YOUR CADRIDGE AT LEAST ONE TIME IN YOUR VITA EVERY TIME YOU REBOOT!)

And don't UPDATE BACKUPED GAMES! or they will give you error.

My files: installation.rar

Help with dumping files:


How to know what files contains your cartridge:

Thx for help from mr.gas

Finally, from atreyu187 comes How to Delete Updates from Vita Games & Apps to use for Unity Install Tutorial as follows:

Here is a useful trick to install PSM Unity if you have a Vita game/app but it is already updated. This will delete the update so you can use it to install Unity via Mr Gas EML write trick method.

I have Soul Sacrifice Delta which has updates galore but once you download and install with the PS3 via CMA the system automatically downloads and installs all updates before you can play the game.

Note thanks to amirmaher for the basis of this guide. Without him I would not be posting this here.


USB cable (WiFi Connection/LAN cable for PSTV)
QCMA (or OpenCMA)


1. Connect your PS Vita to your Computer using usb cable for Vita or WiFi/LAN Cable for PSTV
2. Copy your PS Vita Game using QCMA or OpenCMA. if you have a lower ps vita fw then connect using VitaUpdateBlocker & OpenCMA/QCMA
3. Create a Backup of your game (copy it in another location)
4. Open your game's folder and you will find a folder named "patch", delete it
5. Delete your game from PS Vita/PSTV
6. Reinstall your game into PS Vita/PSTV via QCMA/OpenCMA
7. Go to games "Live Area" and a new orange icon will appear to allow you to download and initiate the PSM Unity install method from Mr Gas.
8. Once installed simply update the game as normal.

Dumping Games from PS Vita Cartridges Now Possible by Katsu

Dumping Games from PS Vita Cartridges Now Possible by Katsu

Dumping Games from PS Vita Cartridges Now Possible by Katsu

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#27 - CETI - November 29, 2014 // 1:44 pm
CETI's Avatar
wahooo, great to hear!!!

#26 - minjcn - November 23, 2014 // 3:57 am
minjcn's Avatar
nice job!!!

#25 - newrcc - November 19, 2014 // 6:06 pm
newrcc's Avatar
Just a bit of time and Psvita scene will be complete.

#24 - laurorual - November 11, 2014 // 3:32 am
laurorual's Avatar
what the... awesome!

#23 - StanSmith - November 9, 2014 // 3:07 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
With the PKG glitch will that let you install PSP PKG games you dont have a license for?

I have the PKG for Manhunt 2 but as thats not available in my country I cant get a license for it so will that work?

I doubt it but if there is a chance I'll give it a go. Thats the game I install when I have ISO support in the eCFW

#22 - spy30 - November 9, 2014 // 11:19 am
spy30's Avatar
Good job

#21 - PepeCobain - November 9, 2014 // 4:25 am
PepeCobain's Avatar
Wow nice job man

#20 - mendek - November 8, 2014 // 11:55 pm
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it is ok ?

#19 - lethalarmor - November 8, 2014 // 11:15 pm
lethalarmor's Avatar
About time for this to be released. Really happy with how active the Vita scene has been.

#18 - micr0shaft - November 8, 2014 // 7:35 pm
micr0shaft's Avatar
sweet thanks for the news