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November 21, 2007 // 5:43 pm - Uberjack has ported Ulrich Doewich's original Amstrad CPC emulator Caprice32 to PSP. The PSP port is written in C/C++ and uses GU (Graphical Utility toolkit) for rendering.

Download: Caprice32 for FW 1.5 / Caprice32 for CFW

Caprice32 is the latest addition to the collection of emulators. It's an Amstrad CPC emulator, and is my second choice for a port. My initial attempt was to port Arnold, which is a (arguably) more accurate emulator, but due to its poor performance on the PSP (~15 fps), the idea was scrapped.

Caprice32 is a lot faster, though the rendering subsystem used in the current version is from version 4.1.0, for performance reasons. If/when the renderer is optimized, the PSP port will be updated to reflect the change.

Current version is also missing ZIP file support - this will be implemented if enough people express interest.

Caprice32 PSP v4.2.0.0 released!

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