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September 14, 2009 // 3:34 pm - SCEA PR Manager Eric Levine has unveiled the cover of NBA 10: The Inside for PSP today, which includes basketball star Brandon Roy.

To quote: Hey all, today we are thrilled to announce that Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard Brandon Roy will be the cover athlete for NBA 10: THE INSIDE, which hits stores on October 6th, exclusively for PlayStation Portable. Below is a first-hand look at the brand new cover art.

Roy will be entering his fourth pro season when the NBA schedule kicks off on October 27th. Since being drafted sixth overall by the Blazers in 2006, he's taken the league by storm winning Rookie of the Year (2007), All-Rookie Team (2007), All-NBA Second Team (2009) and two All-Star appearances (2008-2009). I'll put it another way, as of February 16, 2009, Roy has hit 24 shots where he tied or won the game with 35 seconds or less–the guy is clutch!

Which is why we're psyched to have the silky smooth guard as our ambassador for the newest version of our NBA franchise, which has been the #1 rated PSP NBA simulation for 3 years in a row now*.

From the same makers that brought you MLB 09: THE SHOW, NBA 10: THE INSIDE really offers fans two games in one package–a superior simulation experience for the hardcore hoops fans while also giving gamers a little something different with our Block Party feature that includes our popular Conquest modes and wide variety of carnival style mini-games.

Here's a look at some new screen shots of our cover guy Brandon Roy lighting up the competition in NBA 10: THE INSIDE.

Finally, here's a quick rundown of the new additions and features you can expect from NBA 10: THE INSIDE.

Expanded Conquest Mode: Players can now take on the entire country in Conquest while playing Dodgeball, Give & Go or MiniQuest, which allows you to choose from four different mini-games.

• DodgeQuest: Players can battle teams head-to-head in an attempt to take over the entire country while playing the Dodgeball mini-game.
• Give&GoQuest: Players can face off on the Give & Go mini-game as they battle other cities and acquire players in an attempt to take over the entire country.
• MiniQuest: This new Conquest mode lets players take over the entire country and choose from either Dodgeball, Conquest, Elimination or Give & Go each time two cities battle one another.

New Mini-Games!

• Open Lanes: Offers a traditional 10 frame bowling mini-game with an NBA look and feel.
• Cherry Pickin': A puzzle based mini-game where players shoot colored orbs that stick to the game board, which is made of additional colored orbs. The goal is to line up at least three orbs of the same color to remove them from the board. The overall objective is to clear out all orbs on the game board to proceed to the next level.
• Classic Mini-Games Return! Shootin' Bricks, Block A Shot, Big Shooter, Hot Shot!, Alley Oop and more classic mini-games return to make NBA 10: THE INSIDE the perfect blend of arcade and simulation hoops.

*According to Metacritic and GameRankings overall scores. As ranked by Metacritic as of 8/1/2009.

Brandon Roy Scores Cover of NBA 10: The Inside for PSP

Brandon Roy Scores Cover of NBA 10: The Inside for PSP

Brandon Roy Scores Cover of NBA 10: The Inside for PSP

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#2 - alphaquake - September 16, 2009 // 6:07 pm
alphaquake's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Mexicodude908 View Post
he better not be on the cover of the other bball games.. he's decent but come on there are way better out there then him.

hes not, nba 2k10 has kobe bryant and nba live 10 has dwight howard on the covers. if you know anything about competition between 2ksports and ea sports for the past 5 years then you would understand why they chose these 2 players for their covers.

brandon roy is actually a good ball player, infact an allstar. obviously not a super star like wade or lebron maybe because he hasn't been in the league that long, which makes him a non veteran. but who cares if hes in a cover or not its the game developers choice, and im sure they know what there doing.

#1 - Mexicodude908 - September 14, 2009 // 11:04 pm
Mexicodude908's Avatar
he better not be on the cover of the other bball games.. he's decent but come on there are way better out there then him.