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September 9, 2007 // 6:25 pm - To quote from Fanjita: "At last! We promised a solution to help people trapped on firmware v3.11 by Sony's dirty tricks, and here it is.

Download: HEN and idstorage fix for 3.11

As you may know, if you have a TA-082/TA-086 motherboard, then if you downgraded your PSP to v1.50, its idstorage keys will have been patched during downgrading to avoid bricking. The latest official Sony firmwares (3.30 onwards) detect this patch, and refuse to allow you to upgrade. Without a hardware solution, this can leave you trapped on v3.11 firmware, with no way to upgrade, and no way to downgrade.

This release consists of HEN for v3.11, plus a v3.11 downgrader, and an idstorage key fixer for v3.11. This allows you the choice of either

  • staying on v3.11 to run homebrew
  • downgrading to v1.50 to run homebrew or install custom firmwares, or
  • upgrading to official Sony firmwares v3.30 or beyond.

    Note that you will require an unpatched Lumines to use this, in common with all other homebrew exploits for v3.10-v3.50 firmware."

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