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October 22, 2007 // 12:11 pm - Raphael has updated JoySens, an analog sensitivity plugin for the PSP. This release adds a D-Pad / Analog swap function and provides a fix for analog sticks that completely deny to respond in one or two directions.

Download: PSP Joysens v1.3


- Added a rescaling functionality to fix analog sticks that return too small values in either direction (hence
the analog stick wouldn't react in that direction)
- Added D-Pad/analog swapping
- Made plugin executable smaller by reverting to kernels libc and implementing a fake pow() function rather than linking libm
- Ensured compatibility with homebrew (actually needs the plugin enabled in game150.txt/game3xx.txt depending on the set kernel mode)
- Added FAQ.txt for some frequently asked questions.
- Fixed a minor bug that could cause the plugin and the PSP to crash when using the auto-center function

Raphael noted that two versions of the plug-in are included in the archive below - one for use with 3.71 M33 only and the other compatible with any 1.5 kernel-based firmware. If you're running 3.71 M33 with the 1.5 kernel patch, then install both versions.

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