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September 26, 2007 // 8:59 pm - It must be in the water -- the Japanese love handheld remakes. According to Enterbrain, Sony sold 250,000 units of the new PSP (also called PSP-2000) in just four days since first available in Japan on Sept. 20.

Over the past two years the DS Lite, also a remake, has consistently been sold out in Japan due to high demand.

Sony released the original PSP shortly after the release of the Nintendo DS. Having sold initially well, PSP sales have slowed when compared to the hot-selling Nintendo DS, which outsells Sony's portable on average of 2 to 1.

The new PSP, coupled with a five percent price drop in Japan, allowed Sony to match in four days what it had sold in the previous two months with the original PSP.

Japan buys 250,000 new PSPs in four days

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