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349w ago - Update: PS3 Theme Generator GUI r1 is now available, which includes the addition of *.p3t file extraction.

Jockel has released a PS3 Theme Generator GUI today. It's still a BETA, but he is seeking users to give it a try and report feedback via comments.

Download: PS3 Theme Generator GUI

To quote: please test PS3 Theme Generator GUI beta

you can change images on klick the image in the GUI

then *.p3t file work ???

The Program makes a Dir workthemenamerelease*.p3t(file)

Thank for testing



PS3 Theme Generator GUI released!

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#17 - bazji - 342w ago
bazji's Avatar
can i extract icons i have with an existing theme with this to use in another theme?


#16 - rafi5451 - 343w ago
rafi5451's Avatar
thx. it's fantastic !!

#15 - AJRogers - 344w ago
AJRogers's Avatar
I'm about to try it out right now. Looks good though, Thanks.

#14 - JESSIAH24 - 344w ago
JESSIAH24's Avatar
this works great and is very easy to use.. thanks

#13 - Spence607 - 346w ago
Spence607's Avatar
Awesome man, thanks.

#12 - IglooBoy - 346w ago
IglooBoy's Avatar
great piece of software

#11 - Seraphim863 - 348w ago
Seraphim863's Avatar
Fantastic! Thanks so much, it works like a charm! Xena Warrior Princess here I come!

#10 - PS4 News - 348w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jockel View Post

1. Background image (you can change the Background image by BGIMAGE A)
2. Preview

Nice... I have been archiving the updates as well. Keep up the good work and +Rep Jockel!

#9 - Jockel - 348w ago
Jockel's Avatar

1. Background image (you can change the Background image by BGIMAGE A)
2. Preview

>>> Download

#8 - Pro X - 348w ago
Pro X's Avatar
Great Program.. it's much easier than the sony theme maker.