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151w ago - Here is PS3 Dynamic Theme Pack 24 by yours truly, pr0p0sitionJOE, which contains 24 PlayStation 3 Dynamic Themes to decorate your console with!

Below is also a list of all the PS3 Dynamic Themes included for those interested.

PS3 Dynamic Theme Pack 24:


  • Abstract Shapes Dynamic Theme
  • Chinese Year of The Rabbit Dynamic Theme
  • Clock Dynamic Theme
  • Clouds Dynamic Theme
  • Corey - Theme
  • Dead Nation - Dead Man's Hand Dynamic Theme
  • Fire Dynamic Theme
  • Fish Tank Dynamic Theme
  • Halloween Dynamic Theme
  • Infamous: Festival of Blood Theme
  • Infamous 2 Theme
  • Lava Lamp - Black and White Dynamic Theme
  • Lava Lamp - Colour Cycle Dynamic Theme
  • Lava Lamp - Red and Blue Dynamic Theme
  • Lava Lamp - Yellow and Purple Dynamic Theme
  • MUBI Dynamic Theme
  • PlayStation MOVE Dynamic Theme
  • PlayStation PLUS Dynamic Theme
  • Shin Sangoku Musou 6 - Theme
  • Snowman Dynamic Theme
  • Spectral Dawn Dynamic Theme
  • Start The Party! Dynamic Theme
  • Symbol Art 1 Dynamic Theme
  • US Army Best Ranger Competition Theme

Enjoy decorating your consoles.

PS3 Dynamic Theme Pack 24 by pr0p0sitionJOE is Now Available

PS3 Dynamic Theme Pack 24 by pr0p0sitionJOE is Now Available

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#98 - Ricky85 - 141w ago
Ricky85's Avatar
Looks awesome thanks

#97 - danpete77 - 141w ago
danpete77's Avatar
Awesome job m8!

#96 - Puffinz - 142w ago
Puffinz's Avatar
Good stuff .. thanks for sharing.

#95 - danas - 142w ago
danas's Avatar
How do you install these?

#94 - aireca - 142w ago
aireca's Avatar
thanks for sharing

#93 - pinoytechno - 143w ago
pinoytechno's Avatar
thanks for sharing a nice dynamic theme

#92 - preetisoft2 - 143w ago
preetisoft2's Avatar
You shared a very useful theme. I visited on this site, its really good.

#91 - danas - 143w ago
danas's Avatar
Hey how do you install these? Thanks

#90 - Rockstarv15 - 143w ago
Rockstarv15's Avatar
cool themes

#89 - kingps3 - 143w ago
kingps3's Avatar
thank you