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x3JailBreak - The First PS JailBreak Clone Arrives for PS3!

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236w ago - Yesterday we reported news that the official PS JailBreak site warned of clone PS3 modchips, and today it appears the first PSJailBreak clone has surfaced dubbed x3JailBreak.

According to several IRC users who mailed them, x3JailBreak dongle clones will be selling beginning next week for $20-$40 each.

While there aren't many other details available on the official www.x3JailBreak.com site yet, below is a rough translation from French site Logic-Sunrise (linked above) on these new PS JailBreak PlayStation 3 modchip clones.

To quote: "That is now three days since the announcement of the hack the PS3 has been proven to create excitement on the Web. When everyone realized that the long awaited hack console Nippon boiled down to a dongle with a USB output (at a price a bit high), the question on everyone's lips was 'is there an alternative ?, clones... like the linker?'

The answer is do not wait and made positive, in fact already found on the Web advertisements for the first clones, it was still very little information on the selling price of these new jailbreak for PS3 or when they are available.

What is certain is that for the moment, no team has revealed the list of components necessary for its implementation so that the most talented in electronic solders and can make their dongle HomeMade."

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#17 - chomps268 - 236w ago
chomps268's Avatar
Yup, I call bull on them.

#16 - BwE - 236w ago
BwE's Avatar
i doubt there would be a clone already :S

#15 - itwong - 236w ago
itwong's Avatar
I am wondering how much is the clone?

#14 - tripellex - 236w ago
tripellex's Avatar
I doubt we'd be able to take any old USB stick and turn it into a dongle. USB flasdrives are mostly SSD memory, whereas dongles have an EPROM or EEPROM flashed with a specific firmware/set of files.

It might be easier to take an existing dongle (I have a FlexLM-based dongle for FlexiSign), and possibly rewrite the firmware on the chip to emulate the dongle, unless someone comes up with an easy-enough-to-do hardware solution. If someone wants to try rewriting an existing dongle using a HW programmer, I'd be happy to donate my old Flexi one.

Here is the dongle.

#13 - blood911 - 236w ago
blood911's Avatar
I doubt this is real, it doesn't have the light on it like PSJailbreak. Plus the chip on this one looks different.

#12 - tifozi1 - 236w ago
tifozi1's Avatar
LMAO this is all happening so fast. Exciting times.

#11 - tilla - 236w ago
tilla's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sarusake View Post
Checked the properties of the pic and one of them says it was taken with a Olympus DC.

And it also says it was saved in Photoshop CS3.. so yah, stand by my previous assumption, that these are photoshopped, they look fake.

#10 - humi - 236w ago
humi's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sarusake View Post
Checked the properties of the pic and one of them says it was taken with a Olympus DC.

hmm, but PS was used

#9 - sarusake - 236w ago
sarusake's Avatar
Checked the properties of the pic and one of them says it was taken with a Olympus DC.

#8 - ModderFokker - 236w ago
ModderFokker's Avatar
Another Clone - x3jailbreak.com


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