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October 10, 2010 // 1:13 am - Update: The Official PSGroove Payload for Retail PKG Installs update is now available, with details on it posted HERE for those interested and evilsperm has patched it to re-enable PS3 backup support!

Spanish developer Waninkoko has modified the recently released PSGroove Hermes Payload v3 to allow for PS3 Retail PKG File installation.

Download: PSGroove Hermes v3 PKG Demo / PSGroove Hermes v3 PKG Demo (Compiled Hex Codes) / PSGroove Hermes v3 PKG Demo (Compiled TI-84 Hex Code) / PSGroove Hermes v3 PKG Demo (Compiled MaximusAVR Hex Code) / PSGroove Hermes v3 PKG Demo (Compiled OpenKubus Hex Codes) / PSGroove Hermes v3 PKG Demo (Compiled Xplain Hex Code)

According to caravela HERE, this modified payload allows you to install Retail PS3 packages when in JailBreak mode on the PlayStation 3.. just copy the package to USB and install them as you do with the Debug PS3 packages without needing to convert them.

To quote, roughly translated: "Waninkoko has been to work for the Hermes PSGroove V3 has been patched for functionality demos facility a reality.

Here are this modified version with source code, now only a matter of the compile."

Waninkoko Mods PSGroove Hermes Payload for Retail PKG Files

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#156 - farenheit - October 11, 2010 // 7:44 am
farenheit's Avatar
^I just uploaded it..

#155 - tonyqc - October 11, 2010 // 7:41 am
tonyqc's Avatar
MCU = at90usb1287
F_CLOCK = 8000000

#154 - farenheit - October 11, 2010 // 7:40 am
farenheit's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tonyqc View Post
at90usb1287 & 8MHz

You could try this.. its based on an atavrxplain with a at90usb1287 running at 8Mhz.

#153 - tonyqc - October 11, 2010 // 7:39 am
tonyqc's Avatar
at90usb1287 & 8MHz

#152 - farenheit - October 11, 2010 // 7:34 am
farenheit's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tonyqc View Post
can test if you make 1 for xplain...

I cant compile it for you from work as the files are encrypted on my work laptop... for some reason whenever i have compiled a file on it they have never worked lol

Tell me the MCU and the clock speed and i will compile it... you can test it however i wouldnt be suprised if it didnt work. I wanted someone to take the source in my previous post and compile it/test it.

#151 - tonyqc - October 11, 2010 // 7:28 am
tonyqc's Avatar
xplain without hermes....

#150 - tonyqc - October 11, 2010 // 7:27 am
tonyqc's Avatar
can test if you make 1 for xplain...

#149 - farenheit - October 11, 2010 // 7:24 am
farenheit's Avatar
Actually i think it would be better if i just uploaded the whole directory.

*correction* you need to replace the psgroove.c file in waninkoko's directory or just download this complete rar.
(still waiting for someone to test.)

#148 - eilex17 - October 11, 2010 // 7:23 am
eilex17's Avatar
please compile for PS3 3.15 users!!

#147 - farenheit - October 11, 2010 // 7:11 am
farenheit's Avatar
OK i've edited the PSgroove.c file to work with hermes..

Just replace the psgroove.c file in your recent hermes directory (v3 i believe) with this one (make a backup 1st) then just compile it as usual. So you should get a hermesv3 hex with the latest mat... update.

Can someone test this please? (Im at "sodding" work!)