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December 2, 2010 // 7:10 am - A few weeks back we saw a video of PS Downgrade in action, and today ANTONIOPS at Spanish site (linked above) has posted up some videos showing PS3 Debug Firmware v2.15 being installed via PSDowngrade on a 40GB Retail version 3.41 console followed by running a PS Store demo.

Normally PlayStation 3 service boxes require a proper downgrade PUP file, however, comparing the SHA1 hash of the released PUP confirms it contains nothing special (just the old 3.41) so there appears to be something 'interesting' taking place when downgrading via PS Downgrade.

To quote, roughly translated: The noise you hear when you turn on the PS3 is the reader who is half repaired.

The Debug firmware I've installed the firmware downgrade PSDowngrade 3.41 to 2.15 Debug.

At the moment can only run signed code, such as a PS Store demo.

Those interested can check out the videos below!

Finally, in related news comes a brief guide from gliitch on installing PS3 Debug Firmware v1.0 on a Retail Console:

[ROoT] Level2Diag.self(1)/UPDAT.PUP(DEBUG1.0)

Put your PS3 into service mode, then once its powered down, plug in your usb stick with the files. it takes about 4 or so minutes to complete.

Wait for it to finish, and then turn the PS3 back on O_0 and vollia! 1.0 Debug on a retail PS3. Now, there isn't much point in doing this as it doesn't really have anything on it.

You can update straight back to FW 3.41 via usb by [RoOT] PS3/UPDAT.PUP/

Videos: Debug Firmware on Retail PS3 via PS Downgrade Demo

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#71 - markoskag25 - December 19, 2010 // 9:28 am
markoskag25's Avatar
pls help i tried to install this and how this is happings...

#70 - gumbie - December 17, 2010 // 11:45 pm
gumbie's Avatar
EvilSperm you still chasing the 3.41 debug/hybrid psgroove?

I sent it to CW the other day but I am missing the last dump (my DB is mismatched)

#69 - flipperone - December 17, 2010 // 8:30 pm
flipperone's Avatar
you can downgrade to debug without any problems?and if you want return to retail?and homebrew works with ps3key silabs?

1) you can downgrade with ALL debug firmware without normal downgrade?
2) you can use homebrew like a normal 3.41 jailbreaked?
3) the EU ps3 can use US ps3 update/downgrade?

#68 - BwE - December 16, 2010 // 3:14 pm
BwE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
sk group
Did you install the 2.36 fw? Is that video yours?

yeah buddy.

not very eventful imo.

#67 - djhazardous - December 16, 2010 // 2:36 pm
djhazardous's Avatar
What's stopping us from running 3.55 debug fw on our retail PS3's so we can login into PSN/play backups that require 3.50/3.55?

#66 - FMAranda - December 16, 2010 // 1:45 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
sk group
Did you install the 2.36 fw? Is that video yours?

#65 - BwE - December 16, 2010 // 1:43 pm
BwE's Avatar
if it's so easy why doesnt he do it/release/help/etc

#64 - PS4 News - December 16, 2010 // 12:45 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
I moved your post here, as it's not worth starting another thread on this topic for a brief IRC log.

I also removed the IPs in the log, as I'm sure those who they belong to would rather not have them posted all over the net.

#63 - Firmware150 - December 16, 2010 // 10:19 am
Firmware150's Avatar
Mathieulh shares how easily Retail PS3s can be turned into Debugs. Courtesy of:

so for those who care I'll sum it up really fast: 1. Flash the debug firmware (3.41 or below, you need one you can use psgroove on so avoid anything pre 2.01

then patch sc 0x363

using a payload

patch it so buffer 3 = 0x82

and buffer 7 = 0x01

then let the rest of the system run, don't do any further patches

and you'll get your firmware running as if on a real debug box

even having homebrews

the patch for psn is more or less the same btw

so you can use that as a base

Previously Mathieulh has said it would be impossible to run debug firmware on a retail. I hope this isn't a troll.

#62 - Quarz - December 16, 2010 // 2:12 am
Quarz's Avatar
And there is now way to install any BackUp Manager? Or Jailbreak the Debugged FW 3.41 to play GT5?