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June 20, 2010 // 9:32 pm - Yesterday SKFU announced that his PS3 hacking team started a PS3 Blu-ray drive Project, and today he is back with a PS3 Exploit Loader and POC v0.1 release!

Download: SKFU's PS3 Exploit Loader and POC v0.1 / SKFU's PS3 Exploit Loader and POC v0.1 (Mirror)

While many are still hoping for PS3 Custom Firmware, this proof-of-concept appears to mimick GeoHot's PS3 Custom Themes Hack Demonstration, however, instead of using PlayStation 3 .RCO File editing via RCOMage or similar, SKFU utilizes the Sony application p3tcompiler.exe from the official SDK.

To quote from SKFU: "So here is the result of the simple idea. The first code which is 100% PS3 only compatible. No flash, no bd-java or similar. The actual exploit is not finished. This is just the loader you will need and a proof of concept of the methode used to load it.

This is a beta version of the POC as I'm too tired to finish it now but I don't wanna' let you wait so long. Here you go:

How 2 Use:

1. Install loader.p3t like a common theme file.
2. Put loadme.fu on an USB stick's root dir.
3. Insert USB device into any PS3 USB port.
4. Enable the theme you just installed before.
5. Hello World.

How It Works:

The PS3 theme file is able to load the loadme.fu script from any USB port. The script is executed. The "loader" is for future-use aswell to load any .fu files which I'll release. Stay tuned for updates!"

Shortly following, SKFU elaborated on the PS3 Exploit Loader and POC v0.1, as follows:

"SKFU's Exploit Loader - What it is and what not
Some of you may expect a little bit too much out of this. The code used runs in a very restricted area. Currently we test how far we can go into direction "overflow" and system param's we can access.

So far it's possible to command the script a bit via system parameters like the clock. The clock can be used as provider of input, for example to command simple textures in different directions or similar.

This is no exploit yet, if you may have missed that statement in the prior post. It's just a way to load scripts via USB now.

Further tests will show us what is possible at all. The information needed was given to several more devs so they can take part in the action.


Video: SKFU's PS3 Exploit Loader and POC v0.1 Arrives!

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#66 - xrayglasses - June 21, 2010 // 6:56 pm
xrayglasses's Avatar
Hate to be a party pooper.. but literally not a byte of shellcode, it won't work without USB because loadme.FU is a resource in the XML, in this case an animated icon, and it also contains no shellcode. Feel free to look at it under any hexeditor.

#65 - PARDES - June 21, 2010 // 6:48 pm
PARDES's Avatar
FW: 3.30
Result: Working
Memory Stick: Cruzer U3 4gb

Great Work, Skfu. Well done, you deservered the spotlight.

#64 - hunterrr - June 21, 2010 // 6:02 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
Bahaha the theme "I'm really great , i'm the best at NOTHING. I've been on tv.

Ah what a good laugh at Geohotz

#63 - ph4rcyd3 - June 21, 2010 // 5:28 pm
ph4rcyd3's Avatar
USA / CECHP01 / Fat 160GB / 3.15 / Uncharted Bundle

Status = works!

#62 - sapperlott - June 21, 2010 // 5:27 pm
sapperlott's Avatar
Don't get your panties in a bunch. Right now this is just another possible attack vector. If the devs at Sony did their homework then the themes (and the associated scripts) are kept in a sandbox which is locked down tight.

So ... isoloader? Probably not.

Interesting stuff for devs to play around with? Maybe.

#61 - tjay17 - June 21, 2010 // 5:00 pm
tjay17's Avatar
Hopefully something good comes of this.

#60 - longhornx - June 21, 2010 // 4:59 pm
longhornx's Avatar
Great Work ^_^

If they could create a .fu that get's the icons, dynamic background video from a folder inside of the USB device, I think that everyone would like


#59 - IHM - June 21, 2010 // 4:17 pm
IHM's Avatar
Confirmed working on FAT fw 3.15 500gb hdd.

#58 - Sietz - June 21, 2010 // 3:49 pm
Sietz's Avatar
Don't work on FW 2.80.


#57 - danielonys - June 21, 2010 // 2:33 pm
danielonys's Avatar
Yea, is worked on Fw 3.30 --Ps3 80gb.