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May 27, 2011 // 8:51 pm - Today Matlo has updated his PlayStation 3 project which allows users to identify (spoof) a PC as a PS3 controller in order to use PC peripherals to control a PS3 and shared some videos followed by version 0.23 and v0.24 updates.

Based on the early work of Jim Paris, the application emulates the PS3's Sixaxis controller and sends commands via Bluetooth dongle plugged into a Linux computer allowing you to play all PS3 Games with keyboard and mouse.

Download: DIYPS3Controller Sixaxis Emulator / Guide


  • up to 7 controllers - requires 1 bt dongle or 1 usb converter for each controller
  • up to 8 configurations per controller
  • on-the-fly configuration switch with switch back mode
  • supported devices: mice, keyboards, joysticks (gamepads, wheels, ...)
  • multiple joysticks
  • multiple mice
  • multiple keyboards
  • configuration GUI with automatic event & device detection
  • button-to-button, axis-to-axis, button-to-axis, and axis-to-button mappings
  • circular or rectangular dead zone shapes
  • graphical display of the controller state
  • mouse calibration mode
  • keyboard macros


  • 100 updates/s (bt controller, real sixaxis report rate)
  • up to 250 updates/s (usb controller, custom report rate)
  • measured MAX latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = lower than 12ms (proof)
  • measured AVERAGE latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = about 6ms (proof)

Upcoming Features:

  • cross-platform support (usb controller only)

Video: Sixaxis Emulator Plays PS3 Games with Keyboard & Mouse

Video: Sixaxis Emulator Plays PS3 Games with Keyboard & Mouse

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#1 - elser1 - May 28, 2011 // 4:00 am
elser1's Avatar
i've been a console gamer all my life, since atari 2600 in 1986, except for a stint with an amstrad cpc464, LOL and even then i used a controller... but i'm sure a lot of people will like this.. good work.