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September 12, 2010 // 4:08 pm - Two new PS JailBreak PS3 modchip clones have arrived today named PS3Yes and AmazeBreak, with a video of the latter available below.

While not much information beyond the picture courtesy of RolF2 and official site is available on PS3Yes, plexo has made available a PDF file of the AmazeBreak PS3 modchip features.

The official site at is now online, and below are the details from the PDF file, as follows:

AmazeBreak PS3 ModChip User Instructions

Things you need:

• PS3 with Firmware 3.41 installed
• A FAT32 formatted external USB storage with a copy of Backup Manager (manager.pkg) on it. (Copy to the root of the external USB storage AmazeBreak Dongle)

How to use AmazeBreak Dongle

Step 1: Remove all the USB devices from PS3, make sure BD disc drive is empty. Power off theconsole, and connected the AmazeBreak Dongle to the PS3. Switch on PS3 again.

For the SLIM Model: You will also have to remove power chord before plugging in USB

For the FAT Model: Switching the power off shall do.

Step 2: Press the 'Power' button on the console and then press the 'Eject' button. You should notice a beep sound and from the console. If AmazeBreak Dongle working properly, within few seconds the green indication LED at AmazeBreak Dongle will switch on.. If the LED not switch on it's not working.

Step 3: Once the Amazebreak Dongle loads,connect the external USB storage (with BackupManager) to the PS3.

Step 4: Navigate to "Game Menu" and select the option" Install Package Files". Select"manager,pkg" which will basically install back up manager for you. Install the "manager.pkg"

Step 5: Back to Game Menu, select and execute Backup Manager

Step 6: Select "YES"

Step 7: Wait for few seconds for Backup manager menu to appear, put in a original BD game discwhich you need to backup and press "O". You will be asked then whether to make a back up on theinternal HDD or the external USB storage device.Choose "yes", if want backup the BD game to external USB storage device.

Choose "yes", if want to backup the BD games to PS3 build in internal hard drive.

Step 8: Backup in progress, please wait.

Step 9: After backup process back to Game Menu,and enter Backup Manager again

Step 10: To load a previously created back up, insert any original BD game disc in console thenselect the desired back up from the Back Up Manager and press "X" to play the selected game.

Without insert any original BD game disc, message below will pop out if press "X".

Now press "X" to play the selected backup game. You can also delete your previously createdbackup by pressing triangle.

Step 11: You will automatically be redirected to the main menu where you can see the gameinstalled and ready to be played

Do not remove the Amazebreak while you play the game. It has to be connected at all the timeswhile you are playing a game through back up.

Video: PS3Yes and AmazeBreak PS3 ModChip Clones Arrives

Video: PS3Yes and AmazeBreak PS3 ModChip Clones Arrives

Video: PS3Yes and AmazeBreak PS3 ModChip Clones Arrives

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#29 - PS4 News - December 11, 2010 // 5:36 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Some AmazeBreak PS3 v3.55 updates... to quote:

Notice: It is downgrade PS3 fat only! Do not attempt to downgrade a slim unit with these files, otherwise it will be bricked!!! The first, Don't use these firmwares except you totally understand what's the REBUG; second, Your console must be on Firmware 3.41, otherwise it will be bricked!!! DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

#28 - umbyfish - December 10, 2010 // 7:40 pm
umbyfish's Avatar
you're welcome this is the best ps3 community!!!

#27 - PS4 News - December 10, 2010 // 4:24 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks umbyfish and +Rep, I have merged your post in our ongoing PS3Yes/AmazeBreak thread and also mirrored the news and Downgrade Hex Codes in our main PS3 Downgrading Hex Codes article.

#26 - umbyfish - December 10, 2010 // 3:58 pm
umbyfish's Avatar
Today , as promised, has released the DOWNGRADE stuff for its own dongle, including firmware and manual, becoming the cheapest downgrade device available!

Download: [followurl=]Manual[/URL] / Firmware

Note: you need 3.41 Firmware file to do this, you can find it on AmazeBreak official website.

#25 - PS4 News - December 7, 2010 // 6:29 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Here are the PS3Yes Downgrade files, instructions to use them are here:

#24 - m6ruae - December 4, 2010 // 3:02 pm
m6ruae's Avatar
Thank you for the updates, been looking for it

keep the good works guys.

#23 - PS4 News - November 27, 2010 // 7:22 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Another AmazeBreak update: Amazebreak V3 upgrade bin file for PS3 with Firmware v3.41 which features PSN access and firmware v3.50 spoofing (although Sony already blocked this on PSN).

#22 - PS4 News - November 15, 2010 // 5:09 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is an upgrade bin for AmazeBreak V3 built on Hermes V4b PSN for PS3 with Firmware v3.15 which allows connecting to PSN without updating your console to FW 3.50.

#21 - Aba - October 30, 2010 // 4:23 am
Aba's Avatar
Just won one of these bad boys I'm wondering though, as I currently use Payload3 with a Ipod Touch... Is there a link for payload 3 anyone knows about that i'll be able to use when I get mine?

Cheers if anyone can help out.

#20 - SonarPlus - October 29, 2010 // 6:39 am
SonarPlus's Avatar
Heck, yes for every ps3, how many adjective/objective/subjective still left on english dict? 300.000k? probably that's the only number left on upcoming ps jb clone , yup people we might be expecting 299.980 ps jb clone left.