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September 26, 2010 // 11:54 pm - Recently we saw How to Platinum Trophy Any PS3 Game Instantly, and over the weekend Neo Angelus has released a PS3 Trophy Editor with video (below) alongside a PS3 SDK Package Maker and Awesome Game PlayStation 3 homebrew from PurpleMadness and a PS3 PKG Installer DemoManager GUI/Auto-Upload and v1.1 update by d0zs.

Additionally, CHOUAiB has released a PS3 SELF Launcher and SRC, erik98 has made available a QStart POC to start PS3 Games directly from the XMB and comgenie has shared a PAMF Demuxer for PS3.

Downloads: PS3 Trophy Editor v0.02 / PS3 SDK Package Maker / Awesome Game PS3 Homebrew / PS3 PKG Installer DemoManager GUI/Auto-Upload / PS3 PKG Installer DemoManager GUI/Auto-Upload v1.1 / QStart POC - Start PS3 Games Directly From XMB / PS3 SELF Launcher / PS3 SELF Launcher SRC / Celestial Being PAMF Demuxer / PS3TrophyIsGoodV1.3.6.rar

To quote: It let's you edit your PS3 Trophies, from your own PS3.

For more info see the very bad movie I made and uploaded to YouTube.

P.S. I made it out of curiosity and because I hate trophies that require online interaction.

Known issues:
• When you have a lot of games, the game list can get longer than the screen. Will work on scroll option!
• Modnation Racers - problems (looking into it)
Games with 80022D88 error: (looking into it)
• DragonBall Raging Blast
• Wheel of Fortune
• NHL 2010
• Pixelunk Racers - 2nd Lap

• Fixed bug in v0.01 release, first release trophies can be edited.
• Fixed bug in v0.02 release, fixes dupicate entries when selecting other users after editing trophies.

PS3 SDK Maker: You need .NET Framework version 3.5 for this!

How to use: Start the program, browse for your .elf file (which you should already have compiled), browse for your package.conf file and browse for your content directory which contains stuff like PARAM.SFO, ICON0.png and stuff.

Hit Make EBOOT.BIN first, which should open up a prompt for the bin directory, e.g. c:/usr/local/cell/host-win32/bin/. You can change the bin directory later by going to Tools in the menubar.

If the EBOOT.BIN making succeeded, hit Make Package. If that succeeded you should have your .pkg file in your content directory which you can put on an USB and install on your favorite jailbroken PS3 happy homebrewing.

PurpleMadness Awesome Game: It's just a simple game I wrote in a few hours. Thanks Comgenie for helping me with some stuff.

The point is to press X to start the timer, and try to press X again, as close to 5 seconds after that as you can.

PS: Any similarities with Comgenie's Awesome File Manager is purely coincidental.

PS3 PKG Installer DemoManager GUI/Auto-Upload: This application uses demomanager.exe to setup the pkg install files, then i made it use basic ftp commands to upload the files via batch. too lazy to write anything else, defaultIP.txt is there for you to change.. tested on xp 32bit.

PS3 SELF Launcher: this is a launcher for .self and maybe eboot.bin (tested on PES2009 blu-ray and it works). so no need to package or encrypt your .self file to NPDRM just compile and run. tested on ps3 sdk 192 samples and it works perfect. (this program is using eiz PS3 snes9x browse menu, thank you eiz)

it loads a PPU compiled self not SPU,so when you try to load SPU or any self (not PPU) it will be black screen and may be you can not exit the game by pressing the "PS" button.

i try some .self files (not PPU and SPU) and it works with black screen but i can hear sounds. and i will give you the source of "Self Launcher" and a "Sound Test" made by Sony (compile every project in "Sound Test" and try to test .self).

QStart POC - Start PS3 Games Directly From XMB: This little piece of code allows you to run Backups directly from xmb. I'll release the source code only. If you have a look at main.cpp, you can see that its definitely not malware. I tested a few games so far, one ran perfect and the other got stuck after the main menu. Please report your results.

• Fallout 3 (endless loop when loading savestates)
• GTA Episodes from LC (working)
• Sonic (works)
• Tekken 6 (doesn't work, corrupted data)

Celestial Being PAMF Demuxer: Demuxing Playstation Advanced Media Format (PAMF) We have an app here for the PS3 that demuxes PMAF files. And you're welcome to test it out. It is able to demux those video files into two streams: M2V and AT3.

To make this work you will need a jailbroken PS3. Put the pkg in the root of an usb device. After that you install it on the PS3 and start decoding.

From Zirak comes a PS3 Trophy Hacker application and source code below.

Download: PS3 Trophy Hacker Application / PS3 Trophy Hacker Application (SRC)

To quote: This application simply downloads all of the TROPUSR.DAT files from your PS3 (via an active FTP server/client connection with the PS3) modifies the files then re-uploads the modified files back into the PS3.

Although my application creates a .BAK (backup) for each TROPUSR.DAT file, I still urge everyone to make an entire backup of the trophy directory for each user.

I have tested this on my PS3 running on CFW 3.55. I wanted to make this application for a long time now, but I never had the time to do so.

I've also followed this video:

to find out what bytes to pattern match to obtain the appropriate file offsets.

Requirements to run:

• .NET Framework 2.0 (Programmed in C#)
• FTP Server (Running on PlayStation 3)
• PlayStation 3 running Custom Firmware 3.55 (Have not tested this on any other CFW)

First release into the PS3 scene. I hope you make full use of this application.

How to use:

1. Open config.zirak file
2. Adjust the settings accordingly
ip=(your lan ip of your PS3, make sure you're connected on the same router/network)
user=(if you're using multiman, then this is empty)
pass=(if you're using multiman, then this is empty)


3. Save the configuration file
4. Run the application and watch it hack all your trophies.


1. If an FTP Download/Upload request fails, it will keep on trying until it succeeds. If your PS3 crashes, or the FTP server isn't running while the application is trying to run, then it will be stuck in an infinite loop. You may need to terminate the process through task manager.

2. Automatically assigns random timestamps for each trophy. Each timestamp will be a legitimate date+time.

3. This application automatically downloads modifies and uploads the trophy files for ALL users on the PS3.

4. Anti virus may pick up the executable as a threat, this is because the application is packed to ensure no one tampers with the code.

5. This has been tested only on CFW 3.55, I cannot verify if it works on any other PS3 firmware. Use at your own risk!

Created by Zirak Chowdhry

Finally from Inaudax: TROPUSR.DAT stores your trophy records but the main purpose of this file is to display your trophy records in your PS3 trophy collection. That's it.

To make the hacked trophies truly real, you would NEED to hack TROPTRNS.DAT (used for syncing) and make it acknowledge and match the changed TROPUSR.DAT file (hacked).

But good luck with that because TROPTRNS.DAT is fully encrypted.

There may be an easier way to "hack" trophies. Just create a PS3 app, spoof it as an actual game and then fool the NP Trophy Utility by calling a function called sceNpTrophyUnlockTrophy() to unlock certain trophies based on the same game (spoof).

When the NP Trophy Utility hears your request, it'll then do the whole work (unlocking a trophy, updating all of the trophies files (TROPTRNS.DAT, etc.) This method is possible, unless there are more encryptions and checks (game signature, keys, etc...) that will be used for the utility.

Video: PS3 Trophy Editor, PS3 SDK Package Maker and More!

Video: PS3 Trophy Editor, PS3 SDK Package Maker and More!

Video: PS3 Trophy Editor, PS3 SDK Package Maker and More!

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#22 - G Sus - October 18, 2012 // 12:28 pm
G Sus's Avatar
nothing can ever be straight forward and simple, but i guess thats why we all addicted to trying.

#21 - technodon - October 18, 2012 // 12:20 pm
technodon's Avatar
i posted on the forum a few days about about a tophy share/hack thing, maybe it got deleted or moved, i can't seem to find the post but the trophies are assigned each console id, maybe if we open the file in a hex editor and copy your console information into the file as long as the trophies were earned legitimately on a user which has not been signed into psn they might sync online, not been tested yet but is a very good working theory, might try this a little later on.

i'm sick of creating new accounts to test this though, also this would only work if you didint have the game on your trophy list otherwise you get a error probably because it checks against psn server?

No, the important data must be encrypted so until someone finds a way to decrypt the .dat files, this ain't going to work..

#20 - evolover69 - September 30, 2010 // 11:04 pm
evolover69's Avatar
cool! but personally don't think i'll do this... earning trophies is what's fun!

#19 - oVERSoLDiER - September 27, 2010 // 8:24 pm
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Trophies can't be copied from one HDD to an other. That's the ugly truth !

#18 - bsensed - September 27, 2010 // 6:56 pm
bsensed's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by riggs View Post
Could you not just FTP to the /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/trophy/ folder, backup it's contents to your PC, install your new HDD, FTP again and copy the folder back onto your PS3?

people tried that and reported not to work..

#17 - Senaxx - September 27, 2010 // 4:03 pm
Senaxx's Avatar
That's the thing with beta versions And there is always someone that needs to take the plunge and try it out. Probably needs another 0.3 versions before all the bugs are out of the program.

#16 - Jes03 - September 27, 2010 // 3:20 pm
Jes03's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Senaxx View Post
Did you start the game after you unlocked the throphy's? The video shows 0 throphy's after the unlock, but after the started the game the trophy's where unlocked.

Thats why they didn't show up. Thanks. BUT there is an even bigger problem. I changed the trophies for Modern Warfare 2 that I didnt have and wont be getting (the online ones as I never play it online) and now the game says it cant sync the trophies and quits.

It looks like I have to delete all trophies for it as this corrupted it. Also, when in the trophy editor it says I have all trophies the trophy list says I only have 86% I've done that to 2 games and both refuse to say 100%.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to mess with this till the bugs are gone. I had 75% of MW2 before this and now I have to revert to the backup. (I backed up the whole HDD so I just have to find the correct trophies and I'll be good an new.

#15 - riggs - September 27, 2010 // 2:38 pm
riggs's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bsensed View Post
i just want to be able to backup the trophies i earned and restore them to my new big internal hdd

Could you not just FTP to the /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/trophy/ folder, backup it's contents to your PC, install your new HDD, FTP again and copy the folder back onto your PS3?
Quote Originally Posted by sk group
what's with his nails...

I know, right? My guess is it's either for picking his nose, or snorting little piles of coke!

#14 - Senaxx - September 27, 2010 // 2:23 pm
Senaxx's Avatar
Did you start the game after you unlocked the throphy's? The video shows 0 throphy's after the unlock, but after the started the game the trophy's where unlocked.

#13 - bsensed - September 27, 2010 // 2:04 pm
bsensed's Avatar
all those trophy editors but no solution to back trophies up when upgrading to bigger hdd

i just want to keep the ones i've earned... to be able to backup the trophies i earned and restore them to my new big internal hdd