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July 6, 2008 // 11:15 pm - We have had quite a few requests as to how the BD-Emulator on a PS3 TEST console works, and thought the best way to show how it works is through a video!

After formatting a USB HDD (in this case, a 500GB EIDE Drive hooked to the PS3 via an old USB CDROM enclosure) in the PS3, it is transferred to a PC. Once transferred, a properly decrypted, patched and remastered retail game is written to the drive. The drive is then plugged back in via USB to the PS3 TEST, while off.

The Drive is then turned on, followed by the PS3. Once the PS3 is on the BD-Emulator is set to USB. DEV is for a PS3 TOOL, which has an additional internal HDD for BD-Emulator purposes, and BD Drive is self explanatory. The PS3 then gets rebooted.

Upon reboot is where the video starts, it first shows the previous settings in the PS3, and then the game that was remastered, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is started from BD-Emulator. The BD-Emulator is transparent to the PS3 system, it is accessed and used just like any normal Blu-ray disc is.

The game is then started to the title screen, then is quit and exited back to XMB. Since it works just like a Blu-ray Disc, the BD-Emu isn't much to look at, but it does work great!

On another interesting subject, a resident PS3 Dev has successfully reversed the Debug Disc Layer of encryption, and extracted the Debug Encryption key. Unfortunately, as expected PS3 Retail discs use a different key. He calculated that it would take forever times infinity to pop the Retail key, as there are 2 ^ 128 possible keys.

Precisely, he also wrote a brute forcer for the same kind of key for XBox 360 and got it up to 2 million keys/second, and worked out it would *only* take 5395141535403007094485264.577495 years to guess it.

Even if we got 1 million people working on it full time, you could only divide that number by 1,000,000 so still a HUGE number indeed.

Later this week we will share our current progress with the 1.00 Debug Firmware, stay tuned!

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#2 - CJPC - November 22, 2008 // 4:25 am
CJPC's Avatar
Well, think back to any other game. Remove extra languages (movies, sounds, text), relink a few unnecessary giant movies, and then use an unencrypted executable to run the game!

The last part gets a bit interesting, but aside from that it's just like how one would rip any PS2 game!

#1 - Bakke - November 20, 2008 // 11:10 pm
Bakke's Avatar
Sorry for bumping this old but interesting thread but, there's something I'd like to know about the Kane & Lynch. What was more or less the procedure of patch and remastering? If that information can't be revealed for further research, it's ok :P

Greets to the DEV team, keep on going.