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August 6, 2011 // 10:40 am - Today Dancing Pixel Studios have released a PS3 SixAxis Controller v0.1 application for Android users that allows the SixAxis and DualShock 3 PlayStation 3 controllers to be used as Bluetooth input devices on many mobile phones and tablets alongside a video of it in action below.

Download: PS3 SixAxis & DualShock 3 App ($1.69 via Android Market) / PS3 SixAxis Compatibility Checker / SixAxisPairToolSetup v0.2.3 / FAQ Page

To quote: Up to four controllers are supported at once, and key mappings are completely configurable, as well as the analog sticks, which are currently emulated as digital key presses.

Important - Due to the non-standard protocol that the controllers use to communicate with the host, this application requires root access. Additionally, it is incompatible with most HTC devices and some newer Samsung devices. This is due to the required bluetooth protocol not being implemented on these devices. We are actively looking into a work around, but currently the only solution is to install a custom firmware, such as Cyanogenmod, that supports the required protocols.

It is strongly recommended that you first test your Android device using the 'Sixaxis Compatibility Checker' app, available for free from the Market, before purchasing the 'Sixaxis Controller' app. If your device is compatible, you will be able to see your button presses show up once you have correctly configured the controllers.

To allow controllers to be used with your device, you must download and install the SixaxisPairTool from here. This will allow you to pair the controller with your device.


To use the Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers, you must first pair them to the device you would like to use them with. This must be done with a Mini-USB cable and PC running windows.

To do this, first download and install the setup program below and follow the instructions.

Once installed, run the program by clicking on its shortcut from the start menu. A window will appear that contains a line reading Current Master: Searching... You can now plug the controller in via the USB cable and the text should change from 'Searching' to some text in the format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx. This is the bluetooth address of the device that the controller is currently paired with. To pair the controller with your phone, you need to know its bluetooth address.

This address will be displayed at the bottom of the 'Sixaxis Controller' application on your phone after you have clicked the 'Start' button. Once you have this address, you should enter it into the SixaxisPairTool exactly as shown, then click the 'Update' button. The 'Current Master' should now match the address of your phone and you can move on to the next step.

Alternatively, there is a utility for linux, called 'sixpair', that you should be able to find floating around the Internet.


  • Download and install the application from the Android Market. It is highly recommended that you first download the 'Sixaxis Compatibility Checker' app to make sure your phone is compatible before purchasing the full application.
  • Tap the 'start' button and wait for bluetooth to initiate. If you get an 'Error: Missing required protocol' message, your device is not supported.
  • If not already done, you must manually pair the controller with your phone. This can be done using 'SixaxisPairTool', or with 'MotionInJoy' or the linux utility 'sixpair'. Your phones bluetooth address should be shown at the bottom of the main application window and will look something like 1A:3C:13:00:21:C2; you need to enter this number into the 'SixaxisPairTool' as shown. This process only needs to be done the first time a controller is used on a different device, so if you only use the controller on one phone, you will only need to do it once.
  • Once paired, unplug the USB cable and press the power button on the controller. If successful, the lights on the controller will stop blinking and a single light will remain on.
  • If you are running the compatibility checker, and pressing buttons on the controller results in button presses showing up in the app, congratulations, you can now download the full app.
  • Tap the 'Change Input Method' button and select 'Sixaxis Controller'. You should now be able to use the controller in any games or applications that support key bindings, such as many emulators.
  • Subsequent controllers can be added at any time by pressing their power buttons.
  • You can change the fallback input method and key mappings in the applications settings.

Video: PS3 SixAxis & DualShock 3 on Android via SixAxisPairTool

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#13 - Elmo111 - August 9, 2011 // 12:31 am
Elmo111's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ModderFokker View Post
If anyone was wondering its not working on my rooted galaxy s2.

hey mate, have you got CM7 on your rooted Galaxy S2? I believe that fixed the problem with the missing protocols yet i can't seem to do anything to my galaxy and i'm on VillianROM atm!!

any help would be appreciated! the galaxy s 2 is one of the best android deviced undoubtably atm!!


#12 - Linx86 - August 8, 2011 // 2:01 am
Linx86's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
I'd rather play the emulators on something other than a phone.

Haters gonna hate.

Who said anything about it being just on a phone? Many Android tablets are strong enough to run a lot of emulators (PSX, N64, SNES and GBA). Hook that up to a large TV via HDMI when you're not at home and you have yourself a portable old school emulation device. That, coupled with a PS3 controller for ease of use makes it a plus.

That said, this is more of a "look what I can do".

#11 - d3adliner - August 7, 2011 // 7:40 pm
d3adliner's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
I'd rather use it to play with some of the emulators instead of using the touchscreen >_>

I'd rather play the emulators on something other than a phone.

#10 - nafeasonto - August 7, 2011 // 6:56 pm
nafeasonto's Avatar
Is Sony going to sue for this too?

#9 - alphazeta - August 7, 2011 // 4:00 pm
alphazeta's Avatar
It works on Xperia arc!

of course you need ROOT for this.

#8 - djakobino - August 7, 2011 // 1:10 pm
djakobino's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sibbor View Post
Oh man! I've been longing for this one. Lovely!!

Works fine on my LG Optimus 2X (rooted, running CM7).

listen how you install ru CM7 on LG Optimus 2X ???

#7 - NTA - August 7, 2011 // 11:49 am
NTA's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
Pretty lame and useless imo.

I'd rather use it to play with some of the emulators instead of using the touchscreen >_>

#6 - d3adliner - August 7, 2011 // 2:12 am
d3adliner's Avatar
Pretty lame and useless imo.

#5 - sibbor - August 6, 2011 // 11:48 pm
sibbor's Avatar
Oh man! I've been longing for this one. Lovely!!

Works fine on my LG Optimus 2X (rooted, running CM7).

#4 - Rookztr - August 6, 2011 // 11:42 pm
Rookztr's Avatar
Can't get it to work on Xperia Play