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December 10, 2009 // 9:55 am - Here is a video of an extreme PS3 modification used to promote an Epson HD Projector.

Just put a PS3, a power cell and an Epson EH-TW450 on your back and away you go like in the demo below!

To quote from the video's caption: "Extreme gaming - strap an Epson HD ready projector to your front, a PS3 to your back and take gaming to a whole new level.

This is Need for Speed taken to new heights...

You can find out more from Epson Europe at" Enjoy!

Video: PS3 Portable Mod - Extreme Gaming via Epson Projector

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#3 - alexcamrod - December 16, 2009 // 9:05 pm
alexcamrod's Avatar
Why would you want to do this though.. it seems cool, but it doesn't make much sense.

#2 - AzzzPirateBritt - December 13, 2009 // 2:28 pm
AzzzPirateBritt's Avatar
That would be something to have.

Could host outdoor movie parties without all the hassle of running cables everywhere.

#1 - PSPSwampy - December 10, 2009 // 8:37 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
I'm just wondering what batteries they used and how long they last.

Imagine carrying a PS3, HD projector and couple of car batteries with you everywhere - Sod the WII, here's the real exercise console!

Extreme Gaming, much cooler than Extreme Ironing!

haha, nice to see some thought behind adverts for a change!