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October 12, 2009 // 7:40 pm - Recently alexman101 has won the grand prize in an AcidMods content for his PS3 Mod, complete with 104 LEDs coupled with the PulseVU 2X chip.

As shown in the video below (just after the 3-minute mark), the modified PS3 console also "lets the beat rock" with its 104 LEDs.

Below are some pictures of it in the light and dark for those interested, which also show off the modded controller with 9 LEDs.

A lot of work definitely went into this PlayStation 3 modification, and the worklog with pictures throughout the process can be seen HERE. A nicely modded PS3 indeed!

Video: PS3 Mod with PulseVU 2X Chip and 104 LEDs

Video: PS3 Mod with PulseVU 2X Chip and 104 LEDs

Video: PS3 Mod with PulseVU 2X Chip and 104 LEDs

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#11 - naythan - October 13, 2009 // 8:30 pm
naythan's Avatar
Kudos for that mod, it is sweet - if i ever mod my ps3 i hope i can get an outcome which has an effect like this rather looking like some of the poorer ones out there!!

#10 - Warrorar - October 13, 2009 // 8:13 pm
Warrorar's Avatar
awsome work. this ps3 rocks

#9 - The 69th Floor - October 13, 2009 // 7:02 pm
The 69th Floor's Avatar
Wow, that's awesome! Looks really nice. Although it would drive me freakin mad if my PS3 does that next to my TV...

#8 - bogaromi - October 13, 2009 // 4:23 pm
bogaromi's Avatar
Uh. I like it. Great job.

#7 - Ninjazin - October 13, 2009 // 3:33 pm
Ninjazin's Avatar
really cool, but would not want the disturbing leds on my ps3

#6 - F4b10 - October 13, 2009 // 2:26 pm
F4b10's Avatar
wow that's a lot of work... even the pulsing leds... but (i'm a total noob about this) where are the leds and chip taking power from? there'a an external power cord to keep them on or the whole kit is "soldered" and take power from the motherboard directly?

maybe the question could be stupid just i though that every piece needs a very strict range of voltage, and a so complex system of lights could absorb quite a lot of energy if implanted right on the mb

#5 - tvdtsetse - October 13, 2009 // 1:12 pm
tvdtsetse's Avatar
Not bad at all ! I wished for a while now that they do a ps3 official controller with LED light behind the buttons and this is as close as it's get! Very nice work !

#4 - PS4 News - October 13, 2009 // 11:19 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ken thompson View Post
Nice work there, any chance of modding controller too with effects?

Well, the controller was modded with nine LEDs which create a nice effect to go along with the PS3. Did you mean a different type of effect, and if so what did you have in mind?

#3 - ken thompson - October 13, 2009 // 11:12 am
ken thompson's Avatar
Nice work there, any chance of modding controller too with effects?

#2 - stevenz - October 13, 2009 // 8:50 am
stevenz's Avatar
A lot of unnecessary work. He could've made an opaque template with lights behind it which would've needed a lot less LEDs and hence power, for a better looking end result.

But, he has Bose headphones and likes "Boom, Boom, Pow", so he's obviously all about image rather than taste.