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February 12, 2011 // 10:15 pm - Another update from PS3 hacker GeoHot's site, this time with a parody video which has received over 1 million views thus far for The Light It Up Contest featuring GeoHot rapping and daring Sony to exhibit it.

Download: geohotlightsitup.mp3

Pictured below, if you check the properties of the MP3 download you will notice what appear to be PS3 file offsets despite some speculating they may be 3.56 Keys.

The video is below, and from his page:

I am subject to the TRO
But they ain't copping my computers
The dongle key tweet was mad funny... can't link to it

Apparently linking to the official PlayStation Blog, referred to as "a site", is a desire to continue circumventing (see this page 4,11)

I'm amazed they would actually bring that up and not be laughed out of court... free speech is dead
It clearly was to parody (protected speech) the ridiculousness of the campaign to censor the internet
Can anyone really not find the metldr key?

geohot lights it up

Video: PS3 Hacker GeoHot Dares Sony to Exhibit Rapper Parody

Video: PS3 Hacker GeoHot Dares Sony to Exhibit Rapper Parody

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#212 - shummyr - March 5, 2011 // 6:02 pm
shummyr's Avatar
All the stuff that sony has been pulling lately is getting out of hand, scaring people, hunting people down and what not...

#211 - xUb3rn00dlEx - March 5, 2011 // 5:24 pm
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
Hahaha... I think it's about time we started organizing our own campaign to retaliate against SONY and they're BS. Their employment of scare tactics is cowardly at best, but effective (in America atleast) as every little kid will crap their pants with this info.

We need to come together and organize our thoughts into fighting back, either with scare tactics, boycotts, protests, or even further. Hell, why don't we set a date, gather up masses, and have a SONY store sit in?

#210 - lenuke - March 5, 2011 // 5:16 pm
lenuke's Avatar
Sony's next step: Shut down the Internet.

#209 - matt101 - March 5, 2011 // 3:55 pm
matt101's Avatar
just use internet cafe's... to download/upload files... so i think i'll nip down cafe tomorrow and post failoverflows tools and everything else. everywhere and screw you sony!

#208 - scrapdoggzilla - March 5, 2011 // 1:52 pm
scrapdoggzilla's Avatar
come at me bro!!

#207 - acelove - March 5, 2011 // 1:34 pm
acelove's Avatar
Hahaha very funny indeed.. They can have my location by all means, not like they can do anything anyway.

$ony doesn't scare me in the slightest and I hope it doesn't put anyone off from JB'ing/Hacking

#206 - Mbb - March 5, 2011 // 11:53 am
Mbb's Avatar
LOL come to my house sony..

#205 - Deeluxe - March 5, 2011 // 11:36 am
Deeluxe's Avatar
They are free to come in Bulgaria... lol police here doesn't even know what ps3 is haha..

#204 - jedi4000 - March 5, 2011 // 11:35 am
jedi4000's Avatar
I think it's beyond a joke, end of the day piracy has been out since god was a lad.. and it will never stop no matter how much money they try and put into it to stop it... it will stay alive regardless. I don't know why sony have spat there dummy out so much , coz they knew maybe one day the ps3 would of got hacked in the end no matter what they said about security.

Theres no other company thats moaned like sony have. They didnt moan like this when the ps1 got first chipped back in 1996 infact it made the sale of the ps1 even more...

#203 - shorty021606 - March 5, 2011 // 11:27 am
shorty021606's Avatar
Ok. I am normally only a reader as I learn more from reading than writing to much. But I will correct all of the above statements here.

First: The information on the YOUTUBE video of geohot is only after he was forced to make it private by order of the TRO from the court. So only if you access to it since then.

Second: The information being asked for from his website owners ISP logs for viewing and downloading the file does not mean they are coming after you.

Last: In regards to all information being asked for!! There is no personal information about any specific person or person's being asked for! They are only requesting information that says what state or other country in the world!!! ONLY location! They are not saying where do these people live so we can sue them to, or raid there house also. Only to determine jurisdiction for the courts.

I visit geohot's website every day to check to see if anything is new on his troubles with sony. That's what privacy policy's are in affect for. The owners of the policy have to get concent from the people under them before they are able to give out that kind of personal informatian that pertains to whereabouts. Maybe everyone should visit his site more often for detailed updates and to personally see and read the case docket files so they can understand what is fully going on.

Just my little 2 cents on it.