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February 12, 2011 // 10:15 pm - Another update from PS3 hacker GeoHot's site, this time with a parody video which has received over 1 million views thus far for The Light It Up Contest featuring GeoHot rapping and daring Sony to exhibit it.

Download: geohotlightsitup.mp3

Pictured below, if you check the properties of the MP3 download you will notice what appear to be PS3 file offsets despite some speculating they may be 3.56 Keys.

The video is below, and from his page:

I am subject to the TRO
But they ain't copping my computers
The dongle key tweet was mad funny... can't link to it

Apparently linking to the official PlayStation Blog, referred to as "a site", is a desire to continue circumventing (see this page 4,11)

I'm amazed they would actually bring that up and not be laughed out of court... free speech is dead
It clearly was to parody (protected speech) the ridiculousness of the campaign to censor the internet
Can anyone really not find the metldr key?

geohot lights it up

Video: PS3 Hacker GeoHot Dares Sony to Exhibit Rapper Parody

Video: PS3 Hacker GeoHot Dares Sony to Exhibit Rapper Parody

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#222 - barrybarryk - March 6, 2011 // 1:18 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
YES!!! It's still circumventing copy protection and is illegal no matter what way you try to justify it.

#221 - Liloolil - March 6, 2011 // 1:08 am
Liloolil's Avatar
What about the people who don't use these USB-jailbreaks for piracy? A lot of people use these to backup their own games to the hard drive, to get less loading time in games, to prevent scratches on the disks, to have all their games in one place, and to give the blu-ray laser a longer lifetime. Can Sony do anything about these people? Are they doing something that is wrong?

#220 - jarvis - March 6, 2011 // 12:22 am
jarvis's Avatar
F-Sony. They disgust me. This is nothing more than bullying and scare tactics. I visited Geohots site originally through a link off of a legitimate news site. I've never hacked my PS3 or pirated games.

I have since sold my PS3 and all 35 games I owned (yeah Sony, long time fanboy that will never back you again). Of course the courts are on their side because that's how the US Government operates as well. Its all used to strip us of our freedoms by inducing fear in weak minded citizens. Orwell was close with 1984, it just seems to be happening a few years later.

Whoever posted that link on torrent freak, thanks. I've been thinking about these things a lot recently and that article is exactly in line with my thinking. Location, who you interact with, and all communications is recorded and authorities don't even need to obtain search warrants or perform any due diligence.

If you do something someone doesn't like they can probably build any case they want about you and get whatever information they are looking for bypassing the constitution and bill of rights. The sad part is that most people are oblivious to this fact, and actually make it worse on themselves by willing posting their private lives on Facebook, twitter, etc.

The only difference between the US and countries such as China & North Korea is that the fact that they are open about restricting peoples rights and freedoms where the US hides this fact. They are all doing the same thing.

Knowledge is Power (appropriately timed Mortal Kombat reference). Those that understand and can build technology are our modern day freedom fighters. I would like to say I'm shocked that all communications are not encrypted at this point, but I'm sure there is pressure from the powers that be stalling this movement.

Here are my predictions as time goes on. Encryption implementations will become illegal to share. Backdoors and spyware will be present in most things we buy. I predict an attack on open source software, stating that if facilitates illegal activity. Access to software tools (compilers, disassemblers) will be illegal. You will need some special government issued permit to gain access and they will try to monitor what you do with them.

The difference between the government and Sony though is that they couldn't go through with this if we were not giving them our money. PLEASE PEOPLE, STOP PURCHASING SONY HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, MUSIC, AND MOVIES. SELL THESE THINGS OFF, AND CONVINCE AS MANY OTHER PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE NOT TO BUY SONY!

#219 - ilikeitindabutt - March 5, 2011 // 11:51 pm
ilikeitindabutt's Avatar
Well this is sony trying desperately to get the courts in California will they win i doubt it because if they are gonna compare to that state to others they should include the whole world cause im sure there is more ppl downloading the file then just Northern california.

And why is this judge even allowing this to happen in the first place now this place is getting ip addresses from other countries and do they have that right because a judge from that states approved it. When does it become illegal is it as soon as you download it or is it after you unzip the file or is it after you use it ?

i don't give care what sony says i will always gather the files and share them since these programs are not made by sony they are open to public whether not they offer the option to allow access to MY PS3 OR NOT. That's right MY PS3.

#218 - nickxab - March 5, 2011 // 11:04 pm
nickxab's Avatar
What's their problem ? They dug their grave and now they try to catch everyone...

Sorry Sony but you lose respect from your fanboys (including me).

#217 - barrybarryk - March 5, 2011 // 8:57 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
Exactly, besides they'd have to get the ISP logfiles for each IP range to identify anyone. It's just the normal people overreacting that seems to be happening a lot recently.

#216 - hunterrr - March 5, 2011 // 8:46 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
this part explains a lot: "Sony’s reasons for requesting such a wide-reaching subpoena are two fold: First, they want to show how pervasive Hotz’s PS3 jailbreak is. And second, they want to provide evidence that a large number of people in northern California downloaded the jailbreak file, which would help justify them suing Hotz in San Francisco rather his home-state of New Jersey."

I don't think they're doing anything to the people that downloaded the file, just proving a point in the case to help win...

#215 - joffe - March 5, 2011 // 8:09 pm
joffe's Avatar
A nice article that I've read describes the situation very well:

#214 - aboy014 - March 5, 2011 // 7:01 pm
aboy014's Avatar
sony have surely asked a japanese judge to to rights but asks it to a american or a europian judge.. F-Sony!

#213 - TUHTA - March 5, 2011 // 6:36 pm
TUHTA's Avatar