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Video: PS3 E3 Card Reader on Firmware 3.5 HDD with PSN

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228w ago - Below is a video from Chinese site Youku.com via BBS Duowan.com of a new clone called the PS3 E3 Card Reader (originally posted HERE and currently being sold from E3Card-EU.com) showcasing it running the recently released Payload Spoof on PS3 Firmware 3.5 HDD with PSN.

Download: E3 FW 3.01 3.10 3.15 (Single Boot) / E3 FW Hermes V4b + Kakaroto 2-in-1 for 3.41 (Dual Boot)

Product Features and FAQ:


1) 32bit processor with 128K flash, has strong processing rate and high expand space.

2) MicroSD SDHC supported, can load software and game from it.

3) Multi-System supported, include WinXP/Vista/Win7/Mac OS/Linux, this means you can upgrade and use e3 card reader in most system.

4) 4M FLASH onboard, so you can save any ps3 software very conveniencely, for example, you can copy any backup manager easier.

5) Super-Drag-Plug upgrade mode, just copy BIN file and paste into e3 card, 1 second fininsh upgrading, no need any extra upgrader.

6) Dual firmware booting mode, this means hermes v4b and kakaroto latest firmware integrated into one code, and you can use any of them by yourself, no need re-flash code.

7) E3 card reader has CE, FCC and RoHS certifiaction , it is more safer and environmental.

8) High quality with 2 years warranty.


What is E3 Card Reader ?

E3 Card Reader is normal pc card reader, with special third-party firmware, it can break ps3 easier.

How to break ps3 with e3 card reader ?

Step 1: Download e3 card reader firmware from download page.

Step 2: Plug e3 card reader into PC, it will show find E3_4M_STICK DISK, E3Upgrader DISK, and Removable Disk.

Step 3: Copy e3 card reader firmware into E3Upgrader DISK, after 1 second, the blue light on e3 card reader lighting, this means upgrade complete. then plug into ps3 just like other normal ps3 chip do.

How to Upgrade e3 card reader, need any upgrader like other PS3 chip?

No, e3 card reader no need any extra software to upgrade. Just copy e3 card reader firmware into E3Upgrader DISK,1 second complete upgrade. We claim it is super-Drag-Plug upgrade way. If you save more than 2 diffirence firmware into E3Upgrader DISK, the e3 card will only run the final one.

What is E3_4M_STICK DISK, E3Upgrader DISK, and Removable Disk?

E3_4M_STICK DISK is 4M flash on e3 card board, you can save software like backup manager into it, and then install into PS3. E3Upgradable Disk is specially for upgrading, you can save e3 card firmware into it , and generally need only 1 second to upgrading.

Removable Disk is Micro SD slot show on PC, after you insert a Micro SD into e3 card reader, PC will show it is SD, then you can save any software and game into it, and run on PS3.

What Dual Firmware BOOT MODE, how to use it ?

It means e3 card reader's firmware compile Hermes and Kakaroto firmware into one. If you upgrade with our dual boot firmware, the default breaking PS3 is Hermes V4b firmware . If you insert a SD into e3 , then the default will change into KaKaroto firmware. After you remove SD, default will be Hermes V4b again. Sure you no need copy any file into SD, even blank SD can works.

Which DISK I should copy Backup Manager into E3 card reader ?

Regards PS3 can recognize only one DISK from install package files, we suggest always save any version manager into E3_4M_STICK. If you save into SD, you need choose install all file.

What operatings system can i update e3 card reader ?

E3 card reader support most popular OS like WinXP/Vista/Win7/Mac OS/Linux etc.

Video: PS3 E3 Card Reader on Firmware 3.5 HDD with PSN

Video: PS3 E3 Card Reader on Firmware 3.5 HDD with PSN

Video: PS3 E3 Card Reader on Firmware 3.5 HDD with PSN

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Comments 14

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#4 - findanemo - 228w ago
findanemo's Avatar
So it means we can play free game on FW 3.50 with this device? If it does , would be amazing.

#3 - solrac1974 - 228w ago
solrac1974's Avatar
This looks good, let's see the price of this device, I want one!

#2 - oVERSoLDiER - 228w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
This one has a good looking. I think it looks like this one iPod, which I forget the name of.

Just read the description again, Drag and Drop flashing sounds cool.

Yay, it's RoHS certificated !

#1 - a7ebak17 - 228w ago
a7ebak17's Avatar
OMG Thats awesome


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