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December 4, 2010 // 11:34 pm - Update: VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) for PS3 version 1.0.2 updates for C64, C128, PLUS4 and VIC20 are now available followed by version 1.0.3 complete with source code!

Today I have released VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) for PS3 release 1.0, which is a C64, PLUS4 and VIC20 emulator for PS3 JailBreak users.

Please note, this is not related to the forthcoming release by AreaScout. But a bit of competition never hurt anyone

Downloads: PS3 VICE C64 v1.0.0 / PS3 VICE PLUS4 v1.0.0 / PS3 VICE VIC20 v1.0.0

Currently supporting the C64, PLUS4 and C16.
C128 support in the next release.

Source code to be made available pending some serious cleanup and refactoring.

Build 1.0 (20-11-2010):

- Initial Release, based on Vice 2.2.7

  • Full-speed emulation
  • Audio enabled (FastSID)
  • Fullscreen support, 16:9, 4:3
  • Video filters, with preview
  • Autoload
  • Warp Mode (Achieves ~ 350-700% actual speed)
  • On-Screen Keyboard (partial support).
  • Keyboard Support (partially implemented).
  • Supports all known (uncompressed) formats (.d64 .d71 .d80 .d81 .d82 .g64 .g41 .x64 .t64 .tap .prg .p00)

Thanks go out to Squarepusher, Shinhalsafar, Cm0nkey, Airmaker for their hard work on the Snes9x PS3 port, and their cellFramework library. This work also incorporates their menu system and config UI. Also to the original VICE team for creating a solid and well maintained codebase to work with.

Menu Controls:

CROSS - Launches the emulator with the selected title set to fast autoload
TRIANGLE - Launches the emulator directly into C64 BASIC
SELECT - Settings / Configuration
START - Returns to the emulator

Vice Controls:

CROSS - Fire
D-PAD - Joystick

SELECT - Swap joysticks
START - Menu/Configuration

TRIANGLE - Mapped to keyboard for 'Y'
CIRCLE - Mapped to keyboard for 'N' - Doubly mapped to 'UP' (See note 1)
SQUARE - Mapped to keyboard for

L1 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F1'
L2 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F3'
R1 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F5'
R2 - Mapped to keyboard for 'F7'

R3 - On-Screen-Keyboard (partially supported)

L2 + R2 - Warp Mode

*1 The CIRCLE button has been doubly mapped to the joystick 'UP' direction. This is useful for platform style games where the UP direction indicates a JUMP action. Clearly a difference in design aesthetics between joysticks and control pads, this might be more desirable.

Known Issues

- Compressed formats currently NOT supported (.zip .bz2 .gz .d6z .d7z .d8z .g6z .g4z .x6z)
- On-Screen-Keyboard is not fully mapped yet. Some keys will register incorrectly, if at all.
- Actual Keyboard support not fully implemented, but good enough for the minute.
- Does not save settings / configuration

Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

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#44 - Natepig - December 31, 2010 // 2:06 pm
Natepig's Avatar
With the latest developments coming out in the last couple of days, has the acidcfw team changed their game plan?

With the release of geohot's firmware decryptor tool, and the coming ability to be able to sign things, how does this affect your approach?

Personally I would love it if this meant that a fully functioning cfw, complete with mkv and ntfs support is on the way from you guys.

I'm sure there will be lots of cfw's on offer, I just hope you are capable of getting in there fast. I would prefer to use a release from acidcfw, as they put in so much time and work before these new developments.

#43 - ionbladez - December 30, 2010 // 2:59 am
ionbladez's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DeViL303 View Post
Thanks , I meant to post with a link to the Tutorial here.

So anybody any more info on this, should this come up normally on a Debug console or is this an error, what is it referring to?

Give me some space here, it's just a theory but that message is stating after a game/app exit, no other command requests were in the queue or have been made.

For example: When you are playing a game, and go back to the XMB and try to start another game, and hit Yes, it will exit the original game, put the NEW game into the queue, and that would be your "Request event"

Also in theory: we can probably do something with that for our own stuff.

Let's say if someone is playing with snes9x, has a ton of roms, adding a new app to the request event queue such as a defrag tool (NOT AVAILABLE YET) would defrag the hdd.

Long story short, I believe the "Request event" is the event/app in queue after one quits a game. It may even be for system events such as shutting down or something.

#42 - ymb4 - December 30, 2010 // 1:25 am
ymb4's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jaramie View Post
Everytime I use this it crashes the icons on the xmb with no changes to the RCO.

i have the same problem i noticed that the files got larger and found the reason to be when it compiles the dumped files are not converted back from PNG to GIM if you don't convert the files when you dump the file still works.

#41 - jaramie - December 23, 2010 // 5:07 am
jaramie's Avatar
Everytime I use this it crashes the icons on the xmb with no changes to the RCO.

#40 - PS4 News - December 23, 2010 // 4:59 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jaramie View Post
What gets used to decompile, recompile the RCO files ?

If I had to guess, something like this:

#39 - jaramie - December 23, 2010 // 4:56 am
jaramie's Avatar
What gets used to decompile, recompile the RCO files ?

#38 - flipperone - December 13, 2010 // 9:26 pm
flipperone's Avatar
sorry for this question, but... where i can download the 0010 ACID CFW for write into dev_flash?

#37 - DeViL303 - December 12, 2010 // 3:26 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
We are working on something that may help you and others like you out in time , no gauruntees yet though as we are still in early stages. Time will tell.

Even if it does work out dont expect much for a few weeks or longer.

#36 - WheedWhack3R - December 11, 2010 // 5:30 am
WheedWhack3R's Avatar
I really miss Bluray playback, ever since I followed Psdowngrade's instructions I have had no Blu, so If this is truly an attainable goal and progress is made and I get back my Bluray support with all Custom firmware options enabled, I will have to offer some $ to show thanks. :SMILEY: (^_^)

#35 - lerobotnono - December 7, 2010 // 2:33 am
lerobotnono's Avatar
Sounds good. As psp Firmloader is good system to keep ur system safe. I guess i'll maybe soon update My PS3 JAP 1.3

Still wait for a real installable Debug FW on Retail.