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November 12, 2010 // 8:07 am - Today PSGroove (linked above) exclusively received word from official distributer HolidayCarts that the PSJailbreak Team is set to unveil their new PS3 Downgrader Web site

Download: PSDowngrade Files / FLA Disassembly / PS Upgrader v1.1 / PS Upgrader v1.2 / PS Upgrader v1.3

Additionally, a video showing a 3.50 to 3.41 PlayStation 3 downgrade in what is being called the world's first PS3 downgrader (excluding Infectus, of course) is available courtesy of Disjod below stating that the software which appears to utilize the PS3 Factory/Service Mode requires an original PS JailBreak mod-chip.

To quote: "PS Downgrade is not a new chip, but it is the much anticipated software update to the original PSJailbreak chip. The update will be available for customers who have a valid serial, of the original PSJailbreak chip.

Below is a FAQ regarding the PS Downgrade:

Q: Is PS Downgrade easy to install?
A: Yes, it installs off your pc to your PS Jailbreak in seconds.

Q: Does it permanently modify my console?
A: No of course not, all it does is downgrade your firmware to a previous version. At any time you can upgrade you firmware as usual.

Q: How do you install PS Downgrade?
A: Please consult our downloads page for setup instructions.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: PS downgrade is a 1 time downgrade. Please make sure you use properly. If your device is defective it will be covered under our 1 year worry free warranty.

It's interesting to note, that the downgrade can only be used once. Our source explained "1 time downgrade, cannot downgrade more then once, or to a lower firmware after you choose which firmware"

Another website has also surfaced, This one showcases the following video, offering visual evidence of the downgrade. The site was up prior to any news being posted and uses similar graphics to which leads us to believe it is another official partner.

The wait is finally over! New users above 3.41 fw its time to join in on the fun. Thanks to PS Downgrade, PS Jailbreak is now available for all 44 million users.

PS Downgrade is a software add on that connects with your existing PS Jailbreak device. In 1 minute or less you can downgrade your consoles firmware to any previous firmware.

Simple to install; just plug PS Jailbreak into your PC and follow the gui to install PS Downgrade. Works with all past, present and future firmwares!

Turn back your console to 3.41 to jailbreak with the worlds original PS Jailbreak, or even go as far back as 3.12 to enjoy Other OS (yes LINUX is back).

Completely safe to use, and does not void your warranty. PS Downgrade is completely undetecable by manufacturer, there is no history or log of your downgrade.

Please note: PS Downgrade is ONLY compatible with original PS Jailbreak, no clones or inferior USB dongles."

How to Install / Use PS Updater


Step 1 - Download PS Updater
Step 2 - Click start button and type in the search bar UAC and click on User Account Control Settings listed above. Inside this menu please lower the settings to lowest priority, Save and restart the computer.
Step 3 - Unrar/Unzip and click on setup.exe
Step 4 - follow the steps by clicking next until you reach the point of setup where it asks you to plug in your device
Step 5 - plus in PS Jailbreak device and click next
Step 6 - choose Unknown Device #1 from the list and click next
Step 7 - click save to save the .ini file under the place it wants
Step 8 - Click install driver and now complete installation


Step 1 - Open PS Updater application that install a shortcut on your desktop
Step 2 - Plug in PS Jailbreak and click My Serial (make sure it can recognize and find your serial number)
Step 3 - Click My coupons and enter the coupon code you received from your authorized reseller when purchasing PS Downgrader.
Step 4 - Save the download it prompts you with (You will receive 2 files , a) Program (which is PS Jailbreak) and b) Downgrade (which is your downgrader)
Step 5 - Go install file choose the Downgrader file and click Update now
Step 6- After using PS Downgrade to lower your firmware please follow the above steps this time choosing to update file a) Program
Step 7 - Now your PS Jailbreak is back to a Modchip


Requirement - PS Jailbreak USB Dongle , PS Downgrade Coupon that has been installed onto your PS Jailbreak Device, Modified 3.41 PUP, LV2Diag.self (file 1) and LV2Diag.self (file 2)

Step 1 - Insert PS Jailbreak device that has been reprogrammed as PS Downgrade into your console
Step 2 - Turn on console using same boot method as PS Jailbreak - Press Power then immediately press eject. You will see your console turn with PS Jailbreak lit up with red/green light followed by green only, Then it will turn off.
Step 3 - Turn on console to make sure you are in factory service mode. You will see a huge red box on the screen saying Factory Service Mode, once confirmed please turn off console and remove PS Downgrade Dongle
Step 4 - Program any blank usb with 2 files , A) modified 3.41 pup B) Lv2Diag.self (file 1) These must be the only files on the usb key and must be placed in the main directory of the flash drive.
Step 5 - Insert this new Flash drive into the right USB PORT of your console ( It must be placed in the outermost right port) and turn the console on. You will see black screen but you will see flashing lights on the console (yellow) and on your USB key
Step 6 - Wait 3 minutes for the system to install the old FW, towards the end the power button on the console will start flashing green and then your console will power off.
Step 7 - Remove the usb key and turn on the console , you will still be in factory service mode. Please verify you have downgraded successfully to version 3.41
Step 8 (Optional) - If you wish to downgrade to any older firmware you can not follow step 4,5,6 using any regular firmware PUP. (You do not need to use modified custom firmware now that you are on 3.41)
Step 9 - Insert flash drive back into PC , remove the PUP and Lv2Diag.self and install only LV2Diag.self (file 2) on the USB Flash Drive
Step 10 - Power on your console, after 10 seconds it will power off
Step 11 - Turn on your console with no USB inserted and you will be out of factory service mode into retail mode with your chosen firmware version installed.

JailBreak your console and enjoy playing homebrew

Video: PS Downgrade - World's First Proof of a PS3 Downgrader

Video: PS Downgrade - World's First Proof of a PS3 Downgrader

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#61 - Brenza - November 12, 2010 // 5:18 pm
Brenza's Avatar
How can you still believe in this nonsense? Fake. 100% fake.

#60 - xxx big xxx - November 12, 2010 // 5:14 pm
xxx big xxx's Avatar
Look i have a low post count because all i can do is read read read. I know so little to contribute, i dont bother. I search instead of asking a question. This being said. MY advice is... If its a good idea, it will still be a good idea tomorrow. Wait. Why mess up your hard work.

Oh and everyday something new is in the news. Wait a little longer and everything will soon come.

#59 - cfwprophet - November 12, 2010 // 5:12 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
I dont understand the rant of every one !!

First i want come back to the Z-Pack modchip wich everyone claimed as fake.But the sceeners how can remember back onto the vid will know that the procedure of getting the thing working was to put in a usb device and get the console exploited to be able to install a pkg file onto the ps3.

Every one claimed it as fake....and now you big sceene i ask you how does the Jailbreak work?

Could it really be that this little asian hacker have found the key before us?Could it be that profit wasnt really his goal?Otherwise it wouldnt be a underground product?

We all know that the ps3 have a service mode and kakaroto have showen a pic of his service mode payload.Even if sony have removed the jig response code and even if sony have removed the existing usb bug this doesnt mean that it is gone and that the dont use it any more.

You guys recognized that it is not the talk about a fw 3.42/3.50 jailbreak device.It is the talk of a downgrader chip/payload.Why dont use a Jailbreak device?Because it doesnt work.

So we have to downgrade the console to be able to use a jb device.

Ok but they use the original jb to downgrade.

Thats true and what does this mean?:
That the Jailbreak and the usb exploit still work but in case sony have changed the way the fw will be loaded we cant use the jb any more to inject a custome payload.

So guys use your brain and realize that sony doesnt have removed the support of a JIG device.They have removed the abbility to use a custome payload.

But you now will ask your self how we can use a service mode payload in case sony have removed the abbility to load a custome payload?

Uhm....yea custome payload but the service mode payload isnt a custome one.Sony uses the JIG to gain access to the system via a usb exploit.The JIG sends his response code to the ps3 where he gain read/write access over the ps3's RAM.After that the JIG normally sends the service mode payload (or flag) and the ps3 will boot up with that.Once your in the Service Mode you can install the special 1.00/1.50 downgrader.pup's.Without thoes special downgrader pup's you ca not install a lower fw as the installed one.

For what i know we can not manipulate the payload since fw 3.42 in case sony have changed the way of booting the system files from a internal flash chip to the internal hdd.

But this doesnt mean that the service mode do not boot any more.It only means that we can not use our custome payloads to gain dev mode for ps3's with a fw higher than 3.41.

There for we need to downgrade thoes ps3's to gain back the abbility of jailbreaking.

-PEACE cfwprpht-

#58 - Briks49 - November 12, 2010 // 5:07 pm
Briks49's Avatar
That means, when we Dongrade to 1.50, we can install a Debug FW on retail consoles?

I think there was a HDD switch long time ago, when you update your firmware from 1.50 to a higher one.

Hope to hear more of it, so we can install a debug fw or a cfw

hold on!

#57 - jhauth11 - November 12, 2010 // 4:48 pm
jhauth11's Avatar
the video is piss poor looking fake, even i noticed it in the first few seconds and i don't see things that easy. God one of the PS3 had a controler on it cam fades away n its gone with another usb in it. I know their are poor fakes but normally they make them look real.

#56 - tigereye - November 12, 2010 // 4:41 pm
tigereye's Avatar
i just say this is 999% FAKE.

#55 - aamir007 - November 12, 2010 // 4:23 pm
aamir007's Avatar
The video makes the whole thing look fake which it probably is. It is probably some people trying to bag in some cash using the PS Jailbreak name (pretty easy to design the same graphics and create a site and make it look pretty much the same).

We will have to wait and see whether its legit and if it can be made for free won't mind downgrading my 3.50 PS3.

#54 - whinis - November 12, 2010 // 4:02 pm
whinis's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bftdsh View Post
Gotta be fake. Wasn't that the same update software that was a keylogger/R.A.T virus?

It in itself wasn't a virus however the server it contacted tried to send a virus so everyone quit using it.

#53 - bftdsh - November 12, 2010 // 3:59 pm
bftdsh's Avatar
Gotta be fake. Wasn't that the same update software that was a keylogger/R.A.T virus?

#52 - tragedy - November 12, 2010 // 3:56 pm
tragedy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
At 1:35 it says the time is 8:05am then at 2:15 it says its now 8:00AM
Told ya its cut/paste and fake.

It also looks like there are 3 different consoles as everything keeps changing. The resolution and backgrounds and colors.

As soon as it cut to the service mode, it was obviously from a different PS3 - the font was bigger and the camera was in focus. Personally, I didn't even notice the time on the "first" PS3 because the picture quality was so bad... It certainly wasn't possible to read the firmware version when he went to the info screen.