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February 4, 2010 // 6:56 pm - Today Tomasz Sterna has shared a guide and video of a Nokia N900 running an SNES emulator with a PS3 Sixaxis controller.

This demonstration comes not long after other recent N900 developments, including the release of Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.3 for the Nokia N900 and a Control the PS3 with a Nokia N900 via BlueMaemo video.

To quote from the video's caption: "Video demonstration of setup allowing to play emulated games on Nokia N900 using PS3 Sixaxis controller."

Those interested can check out the video below of a Sony PlayStation 3 controller hooked up to the Nokia N900 to play SNES games!

Video: Nokia N900 Runs SNES Emulator via PS3 Sixaxis Controller

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#20 - veggav - February 12, 2010 // 9:28 pm
veggav's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post

EDIT veggav, this is just for you, someone just sent me this (attached), and I thought it was hilarious, have a look and have a laugh

LOL this is hilarious. I agree with this, the ipad is just another apple joke.

#19 - GGG20 - February 9, 2010 // 6:52 pm
GGG20's Avatar
This is really nice.. It's even nicer that you could hook the phone to you tv and then play with the ps3 joystick!

It's a shame that this isn't possible with the iphone (there are a few good/nice games available for the iphone)..

#18 - kakarotoks - February 9, 2010 // 6:36 pm
kakarotoks's Avatar
crckns: cool, Actually, as I contacted the original author, and explained the issues I've had, he seemed to have fixed it in the latest packages he's set up.

About controller 2, I'm really not sure. the mapping is done via a HAL policies file which currently matches on the blutooth device name ("PLAYSTATION(R) 3 Controller", I don't know if it's possible to tell it to match a second controller, or maybe you match it in a different way.

Try typing something like "hal-find-by-capability --capability input.joystick | xargs hal-device" in a terminal (I'm not exactly sure on the syntax), it should list you the joystick devices you have with their capabilities, maybe you'll find something else that the product name to match, then modify the hal policies to suit your needs!

veggav: hehe, actually, I wasn't in a better mood at all, I was just tired and depressed so I went into 'nice guy' mode

The iphone marketing is bad, but I don't mind that, it's capitalism like you said, what I do mind is how brainwashed people are... The biggest marketing Apple has I think is their loyal fanboys! But yes, like you said, the summary is that both devices are great!

Thanks for an interesting exchange of ideas

EDIT veggav, this is just for you, someone just sent me this (attached), and I thought it was hilarious, have a look and have a laugh

#17 - veggav - February 9, 2010 // 4:48 pm
veggav's Avatar
@ kakarotoks
Yes, you seem to be in a better mood now

I think that you are on the very other side, using therminal all the time, well.. I couldn't do it.

The resume would be that both devices are great and iphone marketing is a very low act, but this is the capitalism talking.

#16 - crckmc - February 9, 2010 // 4:07 pm
crckmc's Avatar
yeah everything apart from the key emulation worked fine and after i renamed, rebooted everything worked like it should. Do you know if it is possible to create a different mapping for controller 2?

#15 - kakarotoks - February 9, 2010 // 10:41 am
kakarotoks's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
I've just asked if the same could be done with my iphone because I own one. You are the one that started talking about how low the iphone is.

Yeah, sorry about that, although I hate trolls and flamewars, it looks like I'm one of them without realizing it. Thanks for enlightening me about my own defaults
I just got tired about the systematic 'iphone' question and I guess I was in a bad mood that day. Sorry again for trolling...

oh sure, the iphone is great for most people, and yes, it's a great device, like I said, my personal phone was an iphone for 2 years 'cause there wasn't anything better out there at the time..

But about jailbreaking, I'm not sure that many people do jailbreak or even know that it's possible (talking about the average joe).
About the Nokia interface, I'm not sure, I've never had a symbian device before, I actually always had crappy motorola phones (the ones you get for free with a contract), so I wouldn't know.. The Nokia interface was nice, back in 1995 with that old very popular phone, but I've never used a Nokia smartphone.

But the N900 is not symbian, it's a Linux device with a completely new and different user interface, and I like it. Everyone says that it's completely different from all other nokia devices in terms of user interface.. but it's the first non-symbian Nokia phone, so it's bound to have some flaws, but it's still a pretty good device in my opinion...

The iphone appstore is also full of 'fart' apps, so I didn't bother that much with the appstore either anyways (sometimes too much choice is equal to no choice at all).. the N900's store is still new, but it does have a lot of awesome apps, it just needs time to mature!

The interesting part of it is that since it's a full Linux system, then *any* application you run on your desktop computer, you can run it on the N900, even openoffice for example. So it's powerful in that sense, but it still needs apps to get compiled for it, a good chunk of nice apps are popping up lately!

But yeah, I checked the store a few times, but when it started getting more than a few hundred apps, I got tired of browsing apps and stopped checking the N900 store too.

It probably also depends on *when* you last tried linux, and if it was kde/gnome/enlightenment.. with linux, you get a lot of choice and a lot of power.. but anyways, *personally*, I just use a terminal and type everything, I almost never use UI applications.. I've never actually browsed my files with a UI for the last 6 years, so I'm also a bit on the other extreme...

Try out the latest version of the Ubuntu live cd (if interested and if you didn't already), you'll see that it has matured a lot... it doesn't have huge legs anymore

The video really looks cool! the controller isn't that big in my opinion, it's a bit ugly though, but it's perfect for transforming the iphone into a real portable gaming console! Thanks for the link

#14 - veggav - February 8, 2010 // 9:15 pm
veggav's Avatar
I've just asked if the same could be done with my iphone because I own one. You are the one that started talking about how low the iphone is.

I think people do like iphone for a lot of reasons:

1. the fast for most of regular people is not fast enough for you.

2. it can do anything if jailbreaked.

3. it's easy to use.

4. nokia user interface is just too slow, the buttons are so rogh (i've been the owner of a n95 and sold for this iphone) I can tell the sound was better, the camera either but the rest is not even close.

And the final and killer example

have you ever took a look at nokia online store ? OVI ?
That is just a joke near appstore.

I do not agree with steve jobs marketing but I'm not a complete stupid in hardware and software, I've played a lot with linux and windows and it's almost the same difference. Windows is flexible user interface, linux is hard, like a very big guy that doesn`t know how to use their legs proprely. And this roughness is the difference for everybody from nokia to apple.

Nokia clicks on buttons, apple slides the buttons.

And about the use of a ps3 controller, i've googled it a little bit and you can already use iphone as a blu-ray remote controller for ps3 so it's just somebody take a little bit of time and develope this and we can have exacly the same.

By the way, have you already saw the external battery slash controller that is upcoming for iphone ?
This is a video of a guy playing a ps1 emulator on iphone 3gs with external controller.

It's a little bit big controller but, well, again, it rocks!

#13 - kakarotoks - February 7, 2010 // 8:37 pm
kakarotoks's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by crckmc View Post
you're my hero.. the creator of this couldn't help me with getting the translation to work thx

No problem, you're welcome!

I've contacted the original creator, telling him about my experience in order to get it fixed for everyone. If you want to share your experience, it will be helpful!

Did everything work for you aprt from the joystick-2-keyboard mapping? And did it get fixed by renaming the files like I suggested ?

#12 - crckmc - February 7, 2010 // 6:42 pm
crckmc's Avatar
you're my hero.. the creator of this couldn't help me with getting the translation to work thx

#11 - kakarotoks - February 7, 2010 // 11:02 am
kakarotoks's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
Really, I think your experience with iphone is bad for an unknown reason.

Almost everything you said does not happen here. It's quite fast, there is an app that let you run 2 softwares at the same time, installation is just too easy. I do use the camera, the safari in my home is fast.

But i'll be traveling to europe in july, so i'll keep my eyes open for a possibility of n900 or iphone 3gs because mine is still the first one.

but for sure, for very sure, that use of ps3 controller with it is a point forward.

hehe, you have battery problems, I don't, I guess everyone gets a different experience! But anyways, maybe it's just me, maybe I set my standards high.. also, speed is relative, what you may percieve as fast, might be slow to me.. who knows...

Also, I never really meant to say that it's a crappy device, it is indeed a great device, BUT it's far far far from being enough to warrant the whole fuss and craziness going on about it.. I mean, it's nowhere near the quality needed for it to be considered a 'reference'... how come every single phone getting released these days has to be compared to the iphone? why is every phone company trying desperate to create an "iphone killer" ? Why is it that every piece of news about a phone needs its first comment to be "how about the iphone" (this thread is a perfect example!!!)

Everything becomes focused on this 'phone' made by a company that never made phones before.. but everyone is bowing to Steve Jobs for some weird, paranormal reason...

I bet there are tons of iphone killer, tons of phones that are better, faster, more intuitive than the iphone.. and yet, they'll never beat the iphone, or get anywhere near the number of sales the iphone has, for one reason : it's not signed by Apple! And that's what pisses me off...

When I say "it's a crappy phone", I really mean "it's a great device, but it's not worth the attention it gets.. if it has to be judged by the standards of how people talk about it, then it is a crappy phone".

Anyways, just giving you some feedback, I got my ps3 controller to work on my N900 and I played some super mario world with it, it was awesome! Tomorrow, I might plug it in the TV and play some SNES games from my couch, on my 46" TV all from my phone

However, I have to say, it wasn't as easy as I had hoped.. there was some hacking to do here and there, mainly because that 'one click install' file wasn't working, so it sucks

Had to download the 4 .deb files, install them with 'dpkg -i', then do 'apt-get -f install' in order to make the kernel-flash package to get installed, causing it to flash to the device the kernel image I just installed in /boot. Then it worked, but I couldn't get the keyboard/mouse emulation to work (which was needed because the SNES emulator doesn't take joystick input, only keyboard input), so I had to play a bit with HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), and I'm not sure exactly what I did to make it work, but I *think* it might have been the filenames.. it worked after I renamed "x11-sony-sixaxis.fdi" to "20-x11-sony-sixaxis.fdi" in /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty... Rebooted, then it worked

Hopefully, the one click install file will soon be fixed and others will be able to get it installed and working automagically