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Video: Mhu Free Store PS3 Beta in Action, Release Incoming

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224w ago - Update: As promised, eXtermin has posted a MHUFreeStore PS3 v1.00 PKG file for the MhuFreeStore PS3 Beta homebrew application and by a fixed MHUFreeStore PS3 v1.01 with details HERE. Shortly following, MHUFreeStore PS3 v1.02 has arrived with these changes.

Today we have a teaser video courtesy of Xenogears via Mhu2d.net (linked above) of a new PlayStation 3 homebrew application called Mhu Free Store for PS3, which is currently in private Beta but will be released to the public when it is ready.

Unlike PSXStore, Mhu Free Store runs on the PS3 without requiring a PC browser.

To quote, roughly translated: "It's been a couple of days since we brought you news that the PS3 version of MhuFreeStore was 80% completed. Little by little we will wrap up the details so we can finish the first version.

Today we bring you a video of the actual test version, in which you can see the system completely functioning.

Note: In the video all the images correspond to the testing phase, and are not final, as their quality is inferior to those that will be in version 1.00."

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#10 - PS4 News - 223w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is v1.02 update of Mhu, changes are as follows:
Changelog in v1.02:

- It Fixed a text that left badly in the English language.

- It Fixed a bug critical that caused failed upon discharging images (above all upon reopening session)

- Fixed the PARAM.SFO (In the version 1.01 continued saying 1.00).

#9 - Karuto - 224w ago
Karuto's Avatar
I tried to run the update as it forces me to, and it tells me to install the update from the XMB, but when I head there, I don't see any update files. Anyone know how to perform this process? Or is it just that the update is not currently added to the server?

Edit: Nevermind! I just had to reset my PS3 and it is working now. This thing is great! It has all the necessary pkg files in one place. Kudos!

#8 - PS4 News - 224w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Today eXtermin has posted a MHUFreeStore PS3 v1.00 PKG file: http://www.mhu2d.net/mhu2d/mhu-free-store/613-mhufreestore-ps3-100-iprimera-version-ya-disponible

Rough Translation: After many hours of work we bring you the latest addition to MHU2D.Net. MHUFreeStore para PS3. MHUFreeStore PS3. We hope that this release is as useful and succeed both as her little sister, the PSP.

For those who do not know what this is, I put a brief summary:

Is a free and open store content for your PSP and your PS3.

Content as Homebrew, free music, backgrounds, etc ...

Hence its name: Free, free of charge.

Store, store (not the store, the content will NEVER be paying).

To install it you have two options:

- Using the PKG file that is at the end of this post and install it like any other PKG (in the readme.txt file specified as)

- Use the PSP store and get the PS3 version from there. Once downloaded, connect your PSP in USB mode to the PS3 and install the PKG file from the PS3 XMB.

Do not forget that to suggest improvements, new content, ideas, etc ... you have the forum at your disposal and [email]MhuFS@MHU2D.net[/email] If you want to advertise on the store, send an email to the same address. Thank you all and greetings.

Followed by MHUFreeStore PS3 v1.01: http://www.mhu2d.net/foro/124-mhu-free-store/6604-mhufreestore-ps3-100-iprimera-version-ya-disponible#6604

Rough Translation: UPDATE: We have put version 1.01 since it was found a critical bug that froze the console when the language was different from English or Spanish.

We have put version 1.01 since it was found a critical bug that froze the console when the language was different from English or Spanish.

#7 - PimpinPlayah - 224w ago
PimpinPlayah's Avatar
Sweet, can't wait for the public release. Homebrew is getting better every day!

#6 - oVERSoLDiER - 224w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Very interesting software. Hope they will build it further.

#5 - DaweedFTW - 224w ago
DaweedFTW's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GotNoUsername View Post
Why is everybody keen on a store we can't use DLC or Full PSN games license problem on JB, so well the stores are very limited and nearly useless.

When it comes to piracy, yes it's indeed very limited yet. But when it comes to homebrew, it could become quite interesting..

I still dream of a Installous (iphone freestore) lookalike store on jailbroken PS3, with autoupdate of already installed software... that would be huge, especially when it comes to emulation/mediacenter.

We're not there yet, but any step toward this direction is warmly welcome.

#4 - GotNoUsername - 224w ago
GotNoUsername's Avatar
Why is everybody keen on a store we can't use DLC or Full PSN games license problem on JB, so well the stores are very limited and nearly useless.

#3 - elser1 - 224w ago
elser1's Avatar
I can't wait to check this out.. is it like psn? wow, that would be cool!

#2 - Warrorar - 224w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
and there it goes homebrew meets future.

i like this idea and i still hope that there will be a complete solution for using the ps3 without any part of sony software (exclude a ps3 cfw which definitely will be based on a fw from sony).

#1 - Jes03 - 224w ago
Jes03's Avatar
This looks good. Better than doing it all on the PC then hoping it works when it gets sent over.


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