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October 17, 2010 // 6:40 pm - Previously it was reported that Medal Of Honor PS3 required Firmware 3.42 to run, but below is a video and guide on getting the video game working on PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.41 with Open Manager version 2.1 posted at (linked above) and

Download: OM 2.1 File Pack (Note: Pack is EU, for US see HERE) / OM v2.1 / OM v2.1A / OM v2.1A (English)

Other PS3 titles that previously required PS3 Firmware 3.42 are also being reported as now working using the same method (at least until Sony changes the NPDRM EBOOT keys) as well, including John Daly's Prostroke Golf and Castlevania although it appears Castlevania only requires 3.41 Firmware.

Additionally, wuepe has shared OM versions 2.1 and 2.1A (linked above) for those seeking them.

To quote from maquina07 on EOL: "Well, that I have run the Medal of Honor in 3.41 As to operation. Edit PARAM.SFO of the game so that requested the update 3.41.

Change the eboot of the game, the 2010 UFC. OM install 2.1 and start the patch to install game data on the external. (New Function button is activated to select) Install the update that calls for 1.01 and installed the game data with the V4 Hermes."

Those interested can view some better-translated instructions HERE along with the video of it in action below!

Video: Medal Of Honor PS3 Working with Open Manager on 3.41

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#186 - roli1980 - October 19, 2010 // 10:42 am
roli1980's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by clouduzz View Post
Okay if anyone else has problems with running this from internal like I did, this is how I got it to work....

Hermes V4b ...Teensy 2.0 BLUS30436 MOH Limited Edition USA

1. Used notepad to edit param.sfo to enable firmware 3.4100 Deleted PSUPDATE folder
2. Made a GAMEZ folder in the root of my usb stick and Copied entire folder to my USB stick except the install.pkg which is 4gb+
3. Used Gaia Manager Rc9 with nothing on (patches) and copied to internal drive
4. Pressed L1 to enable mem patch and then start the game (kicks out to xmb)
5. Be sure to have a retail game in the drive
6. I then installed the update for my region, after installed I loaded the game from the disc icon. Install took 10min tops
7. Playing enjoying now...well actually I got shot in the neck writing this guide and died lol

Edit: Played for 20 mins all is fine, no slowdowns or freezes. Exited the game, waited maybe five mins started the game again no long installs Just play

The problem I had was the same with eyepet Move edition I guess the files get screwed up FTP'n them over. I FTP'd the game with Gaia, blackbox and I still kept getting no eboot.bin found and I couldn't fix the file permissions. Copying to a external drive then to my internal worked.

Hope this helps anyone who has the same problem I had.

this version worked excellent for me , but i'm using open manager 2.1 found gaia locked up on fmv sequence at the beginning , im running minimus avr v1 with hermes v4b payload , only thing i changed was i copied it from external hd to internal (deleting install.pkg first) then appliying update via internet and found you do not need to install the files everytime , success.

#185 - proskopina - October 19, 2010 // 9:56 am
proskopina's Avatar
thanks!! works like a charm!!!

#184 - brendan802 - October 19, 2010 // 9:28 am
brendan802's Avatar
Whatever payload people are running really matters. It has to support .pkg's or else the update fails each time. I think this will solve many issues. Update your AVR teensie or whatever device with the correct payload and it is as simple as that.

#183 - solrac1974 - October 19, 2010 // 9:26 am
solrac1974's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TomiTom View Post
Can you please tell us what psgroove did you use ? Is it Hermes v4 ? And did you enable the patch mode before starting the game ? Because I always get "No EBOOT.BIN found" when I try to start the game from internal and patch mode enabled, it works only on external here. But I want to have it in my internal HDD also.

EDIT : Clouduzz, if you have an external fat32 usb HDD , run the game from external HDD.. It works in my case.

I have all my games installed on OMAN46756, Hermes v4 payload on my PS3 Break 1.1 (AT90USB162):

1) install MoH 2010 USA release iCON using FTP to dev_hdd0/games/oman46756/gamez as usual
2) Didn't replace the EBOOT.BIN as wasn't needed at all
3) installed Gaia rc9
4) installed MOH 2010 USA update from pen drive
5) Using Gaia rc9, activated patch mode (L1) and with original disc inside launched MoH, returned to XMB and runned the game
6) after some minutes of mandatory installation the game runs fine

Couldn't be easier to bypass fw 3.42! For the people with problems with EBOOT.BIN try to change your manager for another with patch mode and verify you are using the right install path for the game.

#182 - stabes - October 19, 2010 // 8:33 am
stabes's Avatar
To Jes03,

Would it be possible for you to be kind enough to post a link to the BLES01108 pkg with the 1.01 update for MoH? I just can't find it.

Many thanks in advance.

#181 - 70210 - October 19, 2010 // 8:26 am
70210's Avatar
I have renamed it, the files become corrupt.

#180 - modmate - October 19, 2010 // 8:17 am
modmate's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by 70210 View Post
Can anyone tell me why my backup folder is BLUS-30436 instead of BLUS30436 like everyone else?

Sorry , but LOL!

Rename BLUS-30436 to BLUS30436, thats it!

Greets Modmate

#179 - bebemic - October 19, 2010 // 8:17 am
bebemic's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bernzburnz View Post
This is how I got these games to work no eboot.bin swap and it looks like less steps than previously posted.

Hermes V4 blackcat usb

1.SFO edit Param.sfo
2.FTP into internal drive
3.GAIA RC9 with mem patch on
4.Didnt try deleting big file to test external yet

John Daleys whatever golf
1. SFO edit to 3.4000
2.Transferred game to external drive
3.GAIA RC9 with mem patch on

1. SFO edit to 3.4000
2.Transferred game to external drive
3.GAIA RC9 with mem patch on

Open manager 2.1 worked also. MOH doesnt require that long install anymore. Hope this helps out. Will try more games as I get a hold of them.

HTC Dream with Hermes V4b here. Your directions worked great for me. Thank you.

#178 - 70210 - October 19, 2010 // 8:14 am
70210's Avatar
Can anyone tell me why my backup folder is BLUS-30436 instead of BLUS30436 like everyone else? I cant get this to work been at it all day long and was wondering if this was the problem. I have used OM 2.1 to rip to both internal and ext hdd and they both come up with the same folder name. I have used hermes 3, 4 and am about to try 4b on my teensy2.0 with OM 1.17.2.

If i try to rename it and remove the - from the folder name it does say MOH anymore in OM it says the folder name and does not work, gets corrupt.

This is all US versions.

#177 - stabes - October 19, 2010 // 8:06 am
stabes's Avatar
Hi, would it be possible for anybody to post a link for the BLES01108 version of the patch with the 1.01 update?

Apologies if this has been posted previously and i've missed it.