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October 17, 2010 // 6:40 pm - Previously it was reported that Medal Of Honor PS3 required Firmware 3.42 to run, but below is a video and guide on getting the video game working on PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.41 with Open Manager version 2.1 posted at (linked above) and

Download: OM 2.1 File Pack (Note: Pack is EU, for US see HERE) / OM v2.1 / OM v2.1A / OM v2.1A (English)

Other PS3 titles that previously required PS3 Firmware 3.42 are also being reported as now working using the same method (at least until Sony changes the NPDRM EBOOT keys) as well, including John Daly's Prostroke Golf and Castlevania although it appears Castlevania only requires 3.41 Firmware.

Additionally, wuepe has shared OM versions 2.1 and 2.1A (linked above) for those seeking them.

To quote from maquina07 on EOL: "Well, that I have run the Medal of Honor in 3.41 As to operation. Edit PARAM.SFO of the game so that requested the update 3.41.

Change the eboot of the game, the 2010 UFC. OM install 2.1 and start the patch to install game data on the external. (New Function button is activated to select) Install the update that calls for 1.01 and installed the game data with the V4 Hermes."

Those interested can view some better-translated instructions HERE along with the video of it in action below!

Video: Medal Of Honor PS3 Working with Open Manager on 3.41

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#246 - modmate - October 22, 2010 // 6:15 pm
modmate's Avatar
Then please do me a favour and try the BM 2.1 D from this thread:

your payload is correct. One more thing, you get the update online or offline with pkg install?


#245 - FMAranda - October 22, 2010 // 6:12 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
I'm using Hermes V4B. I tried with GAIA and Dean's AVCHD and Game Manager and yes, they were clean install.

#244 - modmate - October 22, 2010 // 6:09 pm
modmate's Avatar
It was not supposed to you, but for you i guess you got it messed up with the BM. Which one do you use ? Payload/BM
Was it a clean BM install or just over the top?


#243 - FMAranda - October 22, 2010 // 6:06 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
Ok, well, i think you don't get it right. I already did all this, copy from my external hdd to my internal hdd and then i've installed the update. I'm not a noob.

I run the game with the "L1" enabled, but it keeps installing the gamedata over and over. I did the process of copy from the external hdd to my internal hdd and installed the update like 3 times.

#242 - modmate - October 22, 2010 // 5:51 pm
modmate's Avatar
Look CAREFULLY into my above post and follow those instructions. It will install internal NOT EXTERNAL, so it will take approx 20min to finish the whole gamedata install.


#241 - mohp - October 22, 2010 // 5:47 pm
mohp's Avatar
Got some please upload the game data, because i'm trying to install the data on a external pendrive and its took 1hr for just 25%.

#240 - modmate - October 22, 2010 // 5:35 pm
modmate's Avatar
Well, a last time now. YOU DONT NEED IT EXTERNAL!!

If you got the latest Hermes 4B and also a BM with Peek/Poke like OM 2.1 you just have to copy it over to your external once, then open up you BM and copy to internal with (o button). Make sure you edit and replace the Param.sfo in the MOH Folder i.e. BLUS30436/PSGAME.

So now hit "L1" and activate the mem patch, now run the game through xmb disc symbol. Install the patch 1.01 online or get it offline and install as PKG (make sure its the correct region!).

Let the game data install and have a lot of fun playing MOH. No need to install gamedata over and over,,,senseless!
So now read my instruction carefully, it will work 100%, its at least 20 times confirmed. Be patient and follow each step correct.

A little hint... If you get the param.sfo from the wild make sure the one you et it from is real, or just give it a try and edit yourself, not that hard. Get SFO editor and change the String Firmware 3.42 to 3.41 and save, thats it.

Greets Modmate

#239 - FMAranda - October 22, 2010 // 4:56 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mj312932 View Post
Please: IN STEP 5: Can I install updates to the MOH offline? If so, how?

Yes, you can. Go here and download the update 1.01. You need to know the region of your game to download the right one.

After that, copy the .pkg file to the root of your usb hdd, plug on PS3 and install it from the Install Packages option.

Guys, my MOH is working fine, but, it is always installing the game data when i play it. What can i do to get it installed only one time and not everytime?

Playing it from internal hdd, updated and i'm using the AVCHD and Game Manager with patched mode enabled.


#238 - mj312932 - October 22, 2010 // 3:22 pm
mj312932's Avatar
Please: IN STEP 5: Can I install updates to the MOH offline? If so, how?

#237 - gaahmad - October 22, 2010 // 1:59 pm
gaahmad's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by king1199 View Post
You don't have to, just Edit the SFO file, and you should be good to go..

That's great, thanks for clearing that up.