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September 24, 2010 // 7:35 pm - Update: A VirtualBox Image of Ubuntu_x86 10.10 with tools to compile PS3 Jailbreak Files as well as PS3 Applications/Packages has now reached its FINAL RELEASE which includes Multi SDK Support (both 3.41 and 1.92) with details HERE and updated download links below!

I have created a PS3 JailBreak Virtualbox Image of Ubuntu_x86 with all the tools to compile PSGroove and extract/create PS3 .PKG files.

This is for anyone who does not want to wait for others to compile PSGroove or those who just want to learn how it all works =)

Download: Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove / Ubuntu 10.10 PS3 Multi SDK

You will need:

• VirtualBox - Included

Login info once you get up and running:

User = evilsperm
Pass = password
sudo su password = password

To switch back and forth from 3.41 SDK to 1.92 SDK is very easy.

To switch SDK's:

On the desktop you will see a folder called SDK_Selector
Open that Dir and double click on the SDK you woudld like to use.
Select Run In Terminal, type in the password and hit enter.
The Terminal will disappear and the SDK you selected is ready for use!

This is a **Final Stable Release** until a new SDK is leaked.
Credit goes to (jtanner) for this Awesome Idea of multi switching sdk's!

I will seed this too 100% for the next few days, but keep in mind I am not on my Fiber optic connection at the moment so please be patient as I seed, also seed this as long as you can and don't be a leech =)


Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

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#275 - modmate - October 23, 2010 // 6:11 pm
modmate's Avatar
Well i don't want to make a video to proof, but anyway. Like i said before i don't get errors in the other release without shared sdk.

I try Jtanners attempt right now and will see. BTW you see i'm not the only one with problems.


#274 - evilsperm - October 23, 2010 // 5:43 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
I don't have that issue and I am completely moved over to the Multi SDK release.

I also didn't have that issue on the older releases, but then again I always change

[Register or Login to view code]


[Register or Login to view code]

and move raw2payload into the main dir

#273 - sirjones - October 23, 2010 // 5:09 pm
sirjones's Avatar
you don't need a cygwin1.dll to compile hermes 4b.

modmate: i based my first bash script (you may remember) on the posting of mariodab. Everything you need to change to the payload file is mentioned in that post.

Additionally, i changed kakarotos bashscript to fit the purpose of hermes release here. All neccessary changes which need to be applied to the makefile.payload were included inside the bashscript.

I can compile every hex for all boards just fine using this script.


#272 - jtanner - October 23, 2010 // 2:49 pm
jtanner's Avatar
Actually, I just realised, when I compiled Hermes 4B I used windows as raw2payload requires cygwin1.dll

However, I just placed cygwin1.dll in the utils folder (same folder as raw2payload) and it compiled with the changes made below to makefile.payload Use the attached DLL...

Choose 1.92 SDK

I changed line 1 of makefile.payload to

[Register or Login to view code]

Line 4 to:

[Register or Login to view code]

Lines 7 & 8 to:

[Register or Login to view code]

Line 27 to:

[Register or Login to view code]

#271 - modmate - October 23, 2010 // 1:53 pm
modmate's Avatar

So i've tried now with the latest source you post but get the same erroro again and again.
It must be something else. Here is my source wich works fine on the Linux release without shared sdk.

If you could please have a look at it?

If you dont know what to do I`ll stay with the next to the last release wich works fine.

Greets Modmate

What was your mess with raw2payload?? I do got strill problems to compile 4B. Have a look at one site before to see my error code.

Edit: It's just not working with Hermes 4B. Kakaroto`s i can compile fine... wtf
Is this a permission thing like Jtanner wrote?


#270 - jtanner - October 23, 2010 // 11:19 am
jtanner's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bgcngm View Post
You have to clone it everytime to get the diff updates? Doesn't "git submodule update" work for getting it up to date?

yes "git submodule init" then "git submodule upgrade" works fine.

Also Hermes 4B compiles for me but it take some messing around as i got permission denied on raw2payload.exe lol

#269 - bgcngm - October 23, 2010 // 9:53 am
bgcngm's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
Very easy to do pl3. Just go clone kakarotos git and compile.

You have to clone it everytime to get the diff updates? Doesn't "git submodule update" work for getting it up to date?

#268 - modmate - October 23, 2010 // 8:05 am
modmate's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
modmate: this is the fix:

[Register or Login to view code]

If your still getting an error make sure all boards are commented out correctly. here is the same exact source I'm using and it works without issue.

Well, like i said before i changed nothing on your uploaded VM. I mount it and try, nothing more, therefore i did nothing wrong so far. And my source seems also to be good. I can compile with the not shared sdk Linux without any issues over and over again.

Anyway i get your source right now and have a try later that day. If thats working i`ll give you the source from the latest VM build with shared SDK. There has to be something wrong then.

Edit: And yes i edit this correct ./raw2payload.c. Tried with several attempts, no luck.

Greets Modmate

#267 - evilsperm - October 23, 2010 // 3:41 am
evilsperm's Avatar
Very easy to do pl3. Just go clone kakarotos git and compile.

#266 - khuong - October 23, 2010 // 3:19 am
khuong's Avatar
is there a way to easily compile pl3 to avr boards? i just get the payloads_whatever.bin and not hex