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September 24, 2010 // 7:35 pm - Update: A VirtualBox Image of Ubuntu_x86 10.10 with tools to compile PS3 Jailbreak Files as well as PS3 Applications/Packages has now reached its FINAL RELEASE which includes Multi SDK Support (both 3.41 and 1.92) with details HERE and updated download links below!

I have created a PS3 JailBreak Virtualbox Image of Ubuntu_x86 with all the tools to compile PSGroove and extract/create PS3 .PKG files.

This is for anyone who does not want to wait for others to compile PSGroove or those who just want to learn how it all works =)

Download: Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove / Ubuntu 10.10 PS3 Multi SDK

You will need:

• VirtualBox - Included

Login info once you get up and running:

User = evilsperm
Pass = password
sudo su password = password

To switch back and forth from 3.41 SDK to 1.92 SDK is very easy.

To switch SDK's:

On the desktop you will see a folder called SDK_Selector
Open that Dir and double click on the SDK you woudld like to use.
Select Run In Terminal, type in the password and hit enter.
The Terminal will disappear and the SDK you selected is ready for use!

This is a **Final Stable Release** until a new SDK is leaked.
Credit goes to (jtanner) for this Awesome Idea of multi switching sdk's!

I will seed this too 100% for the next few days, but keep in mind I am not on my Fiber optic connection at the moment so please be patient as I seed, also seed this as long as you can and don't be a leech =)


Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

Ubuntu PS3 JailBreak VirtualBox Image for PSGroove Arrives

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#305 - evilsperm - October 26, 2010 // 6:19 am
evilsperm's Avatar
New demonoid link because sony felt they needed to get the last one removed


torrent file:

#304 - snock - October 25, 2010 // 10:24 pm
snock's Avatar
Good job, sorry for my English. In the run sdk_selector either according to script so then I can work under the sdk?

#303 - CoachLDE - October 25, 2010 // 2:01 pm
CoachLDE's Avatar
I just wanted to say thanks to JTanner and EvilSperm for all the work and effort put into the multi-SDK to help a noob like me compile my own hex and make my own package files. I'm a decent programmer that learned under an inferior system (Windows) and am now feeling the freedom that linux can offer. Once again many thanks and keep up the great work.

#302 - minidudi - October 24, 2010 // 3:15 pm
minidudi's Avatar
Excellent news, thanks for sharing guys.

#301 - jtanner - October 24, 2010 // 2:34 pm
jtanner's Avatar

#300 - ka713 - October 24, 2010 // 12:29 pm
ka713's Avatar
just wondering, is there a tutorial to get everything installed. I've already got virtualbox and ubuntu installed. Don't really wan't to redownload those..

#299 - evilsperm - October 24, 2010 // 6:27 am
evilsperm's Avatar
I was finely able to upload the torrent to thepiratebay!

Here is the link if anyone needs it:

#298 - revo75 - October 24, 2010 // 4:30 am
revo75's Avatar
I just downloaded the multisdk package and must say it works great. I was able to compile my first hex! Its a very simple process and with some reading anyone should be able to do it.

I will show you step by step for using the latest PL3 with patches/updates from Kakaroto just in case anyone is confused:

Alright open up a terminal window
type cd Desktop
now type the commands in order as in the quote by evilsperm

[Register or Login to view code]

now type in cd ..

minimize the terminal window open the makefile in the psgroove directory. Scroll down and look for your board my board is a XPLAIN so I scrolled until I saw it you will see 4 entries in total related to a board

Edit it so it looks like this

save the changes and open that terminal window you just minimized (if you are starting a new terminal session type cd Desktop/psgroove)

Now type
make clean
wait for it to finish
then type make

now in the psgroove directory you will find psgroove.hex


A big big big thank you to evilsperm! Now I can compile when ever I want this is great work

#297 - evilsperm - October 23, 2010 // 9:07 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
Request avr-libc patch: If you already have the latest VM Release you do not need this. DO NOT APPLY this patch to my older VM's or any of my VM's for that matter. This is for people having issues on their own VM's or if they are running linux as their main OS with the latest avr-gcc and avr-libc.


copy avr.patch to
Then type:
patch power.h < avr.patch
hit enter and your done

you can now compile atmega32u2 chipsets.

or you can make life easy and just replace the power.h with the one in the zip

#296 - evilsperm - October 23, 2010 // 8:48 pm
evilsperm's Avatar
Yes that was the old source here is the new one sorry for the confusion. This has correct minimus 32 as well.