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August 25, 2010 // 11:08 pm - According to the folks over at (linked above), an image marked Titan JailBreak was recently uncovered on the official PS JailBreak site's Web server.

Yesterday we reported that the PS JailBreak launch was going to be delayed approximately a week, and now some are speculating as to whether Titan JailBreak is an official PS JailBreak clone or simply a name while the PS3 modchip was still in development.

To quote: "An image found on psjailbreak's official site shows the name "Titan Jailbreak" It is unknown exactly why this banner is on the official site. Could this be the name of an upcoming official clone of the PSJailbreak?

Perhaps due to the component shortage earlier reported, the manufacturer has decided to make a rebranded clone with different components. This is purely speculation but it would make sense."

Titan JailBreak Image Uncovered on Official PS JailBreak Site

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#23 - tonybologna - August 27, 2010 // 1:15 am
tonybologna's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by whinis View Post
I am thinking it was the name before they decided on the PS Jailbreak.

Exactly! The initial project was going to be called "Titan Jailbreak". That's all we have here and not a clone or remake of it.

#22 - red8316 - August 26, 2010 // 11:55 pm
red8316's Avatar
I've ordered from these guys before, very professional and courteous. Even called me after my order was placed to make sure I was ordering the right item. Fast delivery too. No worries about these guys folks.

#21 - Mbb - August 26, 2010 // 11:14 pm
Mbb's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by modchipcanada View Post
simple way to drive some traffic.

Thats a smart idea yeah.
Quote Originally Posted by modchipcanada View Post
looks like we have a wonderful world of home brew on the ps3 ahead of us!

And playing backups of course.

#20 - modchipcanada - August 26, 2010 // 11:05 pm
modchipcanada's Avatar
We have no connection with the company that makes psjailbreak, we registered the domain because of all the talk about that name, simple way to drive some traffic. From what I understand it was the original name of the product that was abandoned.

Our name will be on official reseller list early next week once the wire transfer payment is complete. Lets not jump to conclusions about names and other versions because thats not the case.

Have a good weekend guys , looks like we have a wonderful world of home brew on the ps3 ahead of us!


#19 - Yngwiedis - August 26, 2010 // 8:45 pm
Yngwiedis's Avatar
Registered informations for domain :
Modchip inc
335 henderson hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L1M7

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 26-Aug-10
Expires on: 26-Aug-11
Last Updated on: 26-Aug-10

Administrative Contact:
baxted, chris
Modchip inc
335 henderson hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L1M7
(888) 619-6032 Fax --

Technical Contact:
baxted, chris
Modchip inc
335 henderson hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L1M7
(888) 619-6032 Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

So they just hurry and register the domain today because they see a chance to earn some clients. They are not PS Jailbreak people.

#18 - Murcielago - August 26, 2010 // 8:22 pm
Murcielago's Avatar
if you go to titanjaibreak it takes you to a canadian chip site so that means PSjailbreak is a Canadian Developer , pretty funny they are not listed on the autorized resellers but the offer price break on their site if you buy qty , hmmm , I should studied for Detective , hahahaha

#17 - enohand - August 26, 2010 // 7:48 pm
enohand's Avatar
it was probally the original name they came up with, then marketing didnt like it & went with PS3 jailbreak... so people could easily associate it...

#16 - Karoi - August 26, 2010 // 7:45 pm
Karoi's Avatar
Could Titan be the codename of the PS3? Or the code name for the PSJailbreak?
Quote Originally Posted by AGVG123 View Post
hi, is it possible to backup disc with the backup manager to an internal/external HDD and play it on another ps3? if its so then we all can share our games with each other and don't have to borrow from friends or rent games.

Yes. The 'ConsoleWinkel' post claimes that it is exchangeable.

#15 - waleed - August 26, 2010 // 7:36 pm
waleed's Avatar
i'm still waiting for the jailbreak, my slim ps3 hasn't been opened for a year and it's still on 3.10 fw, is there a way i can play online without updating until the jailbreak arrives?

#14 - cirojr - August 26, 2010 // 7:04 pm
cirojr's Avatar
Yeah agree 100%. Last time I talked to Garson Magic he said it was just a different name, nothing more than this. Actually, he asked to me:

"what titan sir?" Such a nice person this guy, clever and misterious I'd say.