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Sony PS3 Supreme Customized Mod Unveiled by Stuart Hughes

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270w ago - Just under two months ago we reported on five PS3 Slim customized mods dipped in 24kt gold selling for $4,999 each, and now Stuart Hughes has unveiled the gold and diamond studded Sony PS3 Supreme video game console.

The price of their Sony PS3 Supreme? It will be sold as a limited edition offering with only three ever created for a price tag of £199,995 ($320,000 US) each!

To quote: "Fashioned and designed specifically by Stuart Hughes, the company states that the system is the most expensive PS3 in the world. The sparkling wonder took twelve weeks of intricate workmanship to finally exuberate with great shine.

The main outer section of the exquisite PS3 console is replaced by circa 1,600 grams of solid 22ct gold. The disc loading entrance is laden with fifty-eight 0.50ct Flawless diamonds which amounts to a total of 26ct."

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#11 - nightwish - 270w ago
nightwish's Avatar
Yes, itsmeps3 is right... far too much. I prefer also the black line

#10 - itsmeps3 - 270w ago
itsmeps3's Avatar
too much bling, maybe i will spray paint mine black

#9 - dmastachief - 270w ago
dmastachief's Avatar
wow, that's a cool ps3.. i want one

#8 - aven97 - 270w ago
aven97's Avatar
that is insane... has anyone actually bought one of these? haha i'm gonna start saving my money now so i can get one of those for sure!!

#7 - ZBlacktt - 270w ago
ZBlacktt's Avatar
I see they used the phat console, lol. I hope it would have a lifetime warranty as well. Hate to send that one in, lol. To own that would give you the ultimate gamer bragging rights, lol.

#6 - KRaZE - 270w ago
KRaZE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Warrorar View Post
even if i would have 5million dollar i would buy a normal ps3 and put the rest of the money on a bank to get the interest.

dumbest news ever =/ im sorry to say that but who cares....

QQ MORE? When you're unhappy does it make you feel more like a man when you be a Negative Nancy?

You've never obviously had money to start collecting nice things, or else you'd understand why someone could purchase this item. But until you stop hitting on mcdonalds, I'm afraid you'll never learn.

#5 - snowisawesome00 - 270w ago
snowisawesome00's Avatar
haha, i wonder why there's no gold plated xbox?

#4 - croft72 - 270w ago
croft72's Avatar
Now thats totally wild. (And so is that pricetag) lol... For a console customization I would simply just want an all reflective Chrome Silver PS3 with matching controller.

#3 - Warrorar - 270w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
even if i would have 5million dollar i would buy a normal ps3 and put the rest of the money on a bank to get the interest.

dumbest news ever =/ im sorry to say that but who cares....

#2 - oldschool400 - 270w ago
oldschool400's Avatar
damn, and i wanted to get that ivory butt scratcher... and agreed jammyone, you definitly need to have more money than you know what to do with to get that thing

imho, it doesnt even look that good.


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