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July 23, 2012 // 6:14 pm - Following up on the recent Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.11 update leak, today version 4.20 alongside some DEX to CEX Switcher and Downgrade PUPs for PS3 CEX to DEX conversions have arrived from an anonymous user on the PlayStation 3 Dev Wiki.

Download: PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.20 (178.02MB) / PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.20 (Mirror) / PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.20 (Mirror #2) / PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.20 (Mirror #3) / PS3 Debug / Test Firmware 4.20 (Mirror #4) / PS3 DEX to CEX Switcher PUP's (327.35MB) / PS3 4.20 DEX Downgrader (8.83MB) / Rogero PS3 3.55 DEX with Peek & Poke (162.16MB / 162.23MB) / Rogero 3.55 DEX V2 / PS3 3.55 DEX with Peek & Poke (156.76MB) / DEX to Kiosk Switcher PUP's (326.96MB) / PS3 Generator Tools 3.30 (5.67MB) / Increase the Number of Games in PS3Gen Guide / ProDG for PlayStation 3 v4.00.1.0 (59.10MB) / ProDG for PlayStation 3 v4.20.1.0 (65.89MB) / ProDG Documentation v400.1 English (19.60 MB) / PS3 Core EBOOT Dump / Rebug 3.55.2 PS3UPDAT.PUP Modded for DEX To Allow ProDG Support (178.81 MB) by Sonic-Iso / Add ReActPSN Support on DEX 3.55 Task (TCL) by haxxxen / Showtime (Older) EBOOT for DEX 4.11 and Showtime 3.4 EBOOT for DEX 4.11 and Showtime 3.5.54 EBOOT for DEX 4.11 by carldenning / PS3 DEX / Debug PS3 Updatelist

As always, keep in mind these PUP updates will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so they are intended for examination and comparison purposes only.

We have 100% confirmed that running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)

PS3 DEX to CEX Switcher PUP's: Proudly presenting these special pups here for DEX users... got a DEX but can't get tools to use the thing? For example newer BD emu tools and such. Well don't fret. I included a set of firmwares here that will take away the pain. Once you run the first PUP it will convert your box to a "retail" box. you can then install Rebug, Kmeaw etc etc. If you ever want to go back to DEX (Debug) then just run the second PUP that came with it and viola back to Debug. Also this all only works on 3.55. kthnxbai.

Greetz: Mathieulh TheFallen93 Xenon7 CMX DeathClutch KiwiDoggeh Sonic-Iso K3rn3l Huegel Carly360 Xorloser barubary redline m0md4d and anyone else I missed.

PS3 4.20 DEX Downgrader: For those running DEX higher then v3.55, you might also need this special downgrade DEX pup to re-enable the feature on your converted DEX machine to go back to any lower version of firmware file. It only needs to be run once, and then you can install the normal 3.55 DEX PUP afterwards.

Description: This file enables you to downgrade again from 4.20 DEX to a lower firmware version.


1. Create a PS3 folder on a FAT32 formatted USB stick
2. In that folder create a "UPDATE" folder
3. Copy this PUP inside that "UPDATE" folder
4. Insert the USB stick in your PS3
5. Go to system and update your PS3 through "Update via Storage Media"

PS3 4.20 DEX Firmware PUP: For those wishing to upgrade to the latest in DEX firmware, here is the 4.20 PUP, but remember it still will not give you access to PSN side of the PS3 world.

Rogero 3.55 DEX with Peek & Poke: Here is Rogero's Peek & Poke DEX.

Rogero 3.55 DEX V2: Here is Rogero's DEX V2 with the features outlined HERE.

PS3 3.55 DEX with Peek and Poke: Here is the original 3.55 DEX with Peek & Poke enabled, but it's suggested using the Rogero one as it has the downgrader built-in. Another release from 3.55 DEX with Peek and Poke.

DEX to Kiosk Switcher PUP's: Proudly presenting these special pups here for DEX users... got a DEX but can't get tools to use the thing? for example newer BD emu tools and such. Well don't fret. I included a set of firmwares here that will take away the pain. once you run the first pup it will convert your box to a "kiosk" box. If you ever want to go back to DEX (Debug) then just run the second pup that came with it and viola back to Debug. Also this all only works on 3.55. kthnxbai.

Greetz: Mathieulh TheFallen93 Xenon7 CMX DeathClutch KiwiDoggeh Sonic-Iso K3rn3l Huegel Carly360 Xorloser barubary redline m0md4d GaryOPA and anyone else i missed. Fck you : NT BA and RV.

PS3 Generator Tools 3.30 & ProDG for PlayStation 3 v4.00.1.0 and PlayStation 3 v4.20.1.0: I'm giving out the latest version of PS3 Gen (the Disk creation tool to be used with the DEX emulator) and PRODG (Includes debugging software and the latest version of Target Manager).

  • PS3 Gen (the Disk creation tool to be used with the DEX emulator) NOTE: Only works on DEX consoles!
  • ProDG (Includes debugging software and the latest version of Target Manager) NOTE: For usage only on DEX consoles!

From Sonic-Iso: Afaik... the reason behind the kiosk one is this. Some people can get their hands on the kiosk unit discs from retailers. These usually have nice betas. How these install is you put the disc in and restart the kiosk machine and it does this wipe and installs the betas. What i did was rip all my SHOPINSTALL folders from each disc (these are the actual betas and such) then replaced the official pup with the hacked pup and burned it to a bluray. Then i ran that puppy and got all my betaz oh and after that I run the back to DEX pup.. and rip using target manager ftw

From doggie721: Here is Ghost Recon Future Soldier (BLUS30521) update PKG Retail to Debug PKG:

Related MD5 Hashes from aldostools:

  • 3b6ebc594de5586b5e289225f6d3164a PS3 Official Firmware 3.55 DEBUG/DEX (OFW 3.55)
  • efa62388ee8d2592727ddbdce9b4bec8 PS3 Official Firmware 3.55 DEBUG/DEX (3.55-downgrader DEX)
  • 9cf0bcf94436622ad490d7ff1318ecbb PS3 Official Firmware 4.11 DEBUG/DEX (OFW 4.11)
  • 85173ff70627624550dff0fea022c363 PS3 Official Firmware 4.20 DEBUG/DEX (OFW 4.20)
  • 7501920d4a90f58dcc4920a47c6420aa 3.55 DEX Firmware with peek & poke added (MFW)
  • 81e0c358411d75491a11f5b9386dc174 3.55 DEX Rogero Downgrader with peek & poke added (MFW)
  • cc55f7f0c29aa310150db50c16f82c60 Rogero 3.55 DEX V2 (Features outlined HERE)
  • 64fd5bc9a298787c20be2aae4e9a27c9 4.20 DEX Downgrader (enables you to downgrade again from 4.20 DEX to a lower firmware version. It only needs to be run once)
  • 8b3b5e6b4a6d2bf08b1f7ad44def401b 3.55 CEX from 3.55 DEX (PS3UPDAT.PUP.Convert.To.Retail. From. Dev)
  • 6971d32df4ff3cb2c09549e9d0b95b13 3.55 DEX from 3.55 CEX (PS3UPDAT.PUP.Convert.Back.To.Dev.From.Retail)
  • d6e77b49261df53913a54a693d255848 3.55 CFW OTHEROS++-22GB.PUP (used in deank's CEX-to-DEX conversion tutorial)

He has updated PKG ContentID to version 1.2 in PS3Tools as well which allows you to highlight a retail update.pkg in Windows explorer and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to directly convert it to a DEX compatible package. You need to put psn_package_npdrm.exe in the same folder as PKG ContentID.

He also suggests those interested refer to this guide on Guide to Swapping PS3 CFW, MFW and OFW Firmware Without USB.

From the PlayStation 3 Dev Wiki ( on Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.20:

PUP Hashes

MD5:: 85173FF70627624550DFF0FEA022C363
SHA1:: 316AA45C1795B4450705B69C3BE41CDF1D4D3D9C
CRC32:: 0D46D958
CRC16:: 8385
HMAC_SHA1:: E72D033E5DE96986E2E89820A649977B439A3814

PUP Information

[Register or Login to view code]

In related news, Itskamel has made available a NewDEXKamel.PUP (Mirror) which he states is a patched 3.55 DEX with peek and poke and also used to install retail PKGs thanking eussNL for the patch.

To quote: Ok so you converted from CEX to DEX and you have not been able to install retail pkg’s? well now you can with this firmware. 3.55 DEX ofw patched with mfw builder for peek and poke and EussNL's patch. Enjoy. Use at your own risk!

I have installed and ran Comgenie Awesome File Manager.. please post if you are running other homebrew successfully.

PSN game Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection installed and ran fine with the Duplex fix. (He owns that only one, so he tested only MK) So all PSN games should install and work. Just tested Rebug coldboot installer, and it works flawless. enjoy your coldboots. Rebug PKG installer working also! Installed Showtime 3.61 and it ran fine.

Note: You must change the filename from “NewDEXKamel.PUP” to “PS3UPDAT.PUP”

In related news from Asure: I put together the code from the different pasties, and fixed a few includes Dump_rootkey's main.cpp is a good example of how the second exploit should look.

It now compiles and runs over RPC just like the original eid0 dumper. However, by default, the actual dumping code is commented out. I uncommented it, but nothing happens, the program just sits there. This might be because of two things:

1. There are provisions for a 'isoldr.patched' in ./data/ folder, also commented. Uncommenting and using the file from PS3 Dev wiki didn't help.

2. I tried with an original 'isoldr' file from an unpacked 3.41 pup. Could be we need an unencrypted copy? Not sure at this point.

I have posted the modified source for others to peruse. This is not my work. I'm no C expert!

LSpwn: Runs like a charm on 3.41 CEX and dumps out the local storage (256kb) Could someone on DEX 4.x confirm if the lspwn PKG runs on it?

Below is a DEX to CEX video from BestHelpingsonic for those interested:

Also a PS3 4.20 DEX confirmation video from garrettcorn as follows:

Although untested (be careful if you try it!) 3ps3l0n has made available what he calls PS3 CFW 3.55 Debug 3ps3l0n (CFW355DEX.PUP) alongside a video of it in action below.

PS3 CFW 3.55 Debug 3ps3l0n Specs:

  • Allow installation/run of Pseudo-retail PKGs
  • (Of course) allows installation of Debug PKGs
  • Allows mapping of any memory area (Needed for LV2 Poke)
  • Peek/poke support
  • Allows extracting for all package types
  • Disables integrity check in System Manager
  • Allows access to all system manager services of gameos
  • Load backups, and a surprise (PSN support) for the future.

Enjoy friends

Warning: Do not install QA Flags or OTHEROS ++ / RISK OF BRICK!

Also today _Exeedy_ has made available (via a MDFW 3.55 both with and without OtherOS below, to quote:

Download: Exeedy DEX.3.55 MFW With OtherOS / Exeedy DEX.3.55 MFW NO OtherOS

  • 3.55 DEX MFW v3 with OtherOS - ReActPSN support - Peek Poke added and support for retail PKGs MD5: 238f1ed1b58949810eaac8dff5a9e276
  • 3.55 DEX MFW v3 without OtherOS - ReActPSN support - Peek Poke added and support for retail PKGs MD5: c3aa5b5ff8b9cabcf766d6f099b4c065

About _Exeedy_ Modified Debug 3.55 Firmware:

  • Patch LV1 hypervisor
  • Allow mapping of any memory area (Needed for LV2 Poke)
  • Peek/poke support (unused lv1 calls 182 and 183)
  • Allow enabling product mode by using Update Manager Write EPROM
  • Patch LV2 kernel
  • Patch to add Peek&Poke system calls to LV2
  • Patch to add LV1 Peek&Poke system calls to LV2 3.55 (LV1 peek/poke patch necessary)
  • Patch to add LV1 Call system call to LV2 3.55
  • Patch package installer
  • Patch to allow installation of pseudo-retail packages
  • Patch to allow installation of retail packages on DEX
  • Patch VSH for Offline PSN Activator
  • Patch to allow activating psn content offline for 3.55 debug
  • Add "TV" category to the XMB
  • Show TV category in xmb no matter if your country support it.

Please note: This firmware is not fully tested. Use at your own risk. No guarantee expressed or implied. If anything bad happens as a result of installing this system update, you cannot hold anyone responsible but yourself.

MultMan (MMCM) is fully working and reActPSN should work too. For the OtherOS version please note:

  • Boot_OtherOS.pkg needs to be patched to boot correctly into petiboot!
  • Trophy errors

Notes: Make sure that:

  • Settings > Debug Settings > Release Check Mode = Development Mode.
  • Settings > Debug Settings > Wake on LAN is On.
  • Settings > Debug Settings > Boot Mode is not set to Release Mode.

Below are some Batman Arkham City EU and US (BLUS30538) EBOOTs for DEX users and one for Sleeping Dogs (BLES01661):

Download: Batman Arkham City DEX 4.20 (EU) EBOOT / Batman Arkham City DEX 4.20 (US) EBOOT / Batman Arkham City DEX 4.20 (BLUS30538) EBOOT / Sleeping Dogs DEX 4.20 (BLES01661) EBOOT / Sleeping Dogs DEX 4.20 (BLES01661) EBOOT (Mirror) / Transformers FOC DEX FIX by Mr. Gnido / Transformers Fall of Cybertron (BLUS30681) DEX PKG / Transformers Fall of Cybertron (BLUS30681) DEX PKG (Mirror) / Spec Ops: The Line BLUS30531 DEX PKG / SSX EBOOT FIX for DEX 4.20 by Mistawes / Final Fantasy XIII-2 All DLC / Regions Fixed for DEX Consoles by tomu9 (FF13_allDLC_fixed.rar - tested works on Dex 4.20 with FFIII-2 1.06 patches. 36DLC identifier.edat were fixed) / F1 2012 DEX 4.11 & 4.21 Fix

From the Final Fantasy XIII-2 All DLC / Regions Fixed for DEX Consoles ReadMe File, to quote: tested works on Dex 4.20 with FFIII-2 1.06 patches.

How to use other region dlc: rename 2 file name to that region and copy fixed identifier.edat

[Register or Login to view code]

From zadow28 comes a brief guide on Playing PS3 Backups on DEX 4.20 Firmware, as follows:

Here's an guide to play backups on dex 4.20, tested rachet clank:

1. first locate game
2. in the BCES00511 folder make an folder named app_home
3. drag then the ps3_game folder and all into the app_home folder (so its app_home/PS3_GAME etc in target maneger)
4. in system software or release mode set the app_home folder and choose the one you made.
5. then grab the eboot.bin unself it.
6. then make fself
7. make_fself eboot.elf eboot.bin.
8. copy back to USR dir.
9. now in xmb there is app_home folder the game shows up there.
10. start play

Note: To fix black screen games (tested prince of persia 3d):

1. after decrypting the eboot.bin to .elf, replace /dev_bdvd to /app_home
2. then make_fself

Thanks to Dean and acab for testing.

From romantizma comes some PS3 DEX Game Fixes:

From aries2k comes some direct-boot PKG PS3 DEX 3.6+ Game Fixes: Ok, besides mmDM and targetManager theres still the old school way of playing some of the older games that have fixes. The direct boot method. although a lot of people know about this not much has been said, probably because of the very low compatibilty. There are a few gems in here and if your like me, then you might want to give your hdd some use on DEX 3.6+. I know I seen a couple of people asking about playing games from hdd0.

1. Delete any game data
2. Install the package.
3. Use FTP or file manager and copy all the files (minus the eboot) from your game USRDIR to the USRDIR on your hdd0. Copy the trophy folder if it's not already there. should be in the root folder. the same folder as the USRDIR.
4. Go to XMB and start the game.

If anyone wants to try to make their own direct boot packages:

2. Open a HexEditor and change any references from dev_bdvd to dev_hdd0 and save.
3. Rebuild the EBOOT.ELF to EBOOT.BIN using make_fself_npdrm.exe. There are tools out there that will do this if you don't have the SDK installed. just remember the Eboot(npdrm fself) can't be signed with any keys.
4. Open PARAM.SFO and change "DG" to "HG" and save. Then make a debug pkg with your modified EBOOT and PARAM.sfo

From Nicolas19 comes some more PS3 DEX Game Fixes, as follows:

From dannybest (via

From themanwheel (via

From Lightyear, to quote: How to Make a DEX Update PKG (via

What to include:

1. The game's official title
2. the game's title ID (ie: BLUS69696)
3. make sure the DEX pkg originates from the newest update available so we can install all the game's patches!!

Notes: You don't need DEX EBOOTs. To run games using the built in BDEMU you need to have an official update for the game. You then unpack the update PKG and repack it as a Debug PKG... you don't need to alter the files at all. Also, on DEX you can run any game from the original disc as long as you have the required PS3 Firmware version.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon - BLES01393 - working

The Amazing Spiderman - BLUS30828 - Not Tested

Assassin's Creed Revelations - BLES01467 - Working

Asura's Wrath - BLUS30721 - not tested

Batman Arkham City - BLES00926 - Working

Batman Arkham City - BLUS30538 - Working

Call of Duty MW3 - BLUS30838 - Not Tested

Dark Souls - BLES01396 - Not Tested

The Darkness 2 - BLES01388 - Working

The Darkness 2 - BLUS30743 - Working

Dead Island - BLES00749 - Working

Dead Island - BLUS30790 - Working

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record - BLES01302 - Working

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record - BLUS30763 - Working

Dirt 3 - BLES01287 - Working

Deus Ex - BLES01150 - Working

Deus Ex - BLUS30476 - Not Tested

DOA5 (Dead or Alive 5) BLES01623 DEX Update Patch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - BLUS30778 - Not Tested

F1 2011 - BLUS30772 - Working

FEAR 3 - BLES00963 - Working

FIFA 12 - BLES01408 - Not Tested

FIFA 12 - BLUS30809 - Working

FIFA Street - BLES01493 - Working

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - BLES01269 - Working

Final_Fantasy XIII-2 - BLUS30776 - Working

Goldeneye 007 - BLUS30755 - Working

Inversion - BLUS30360 - Working

Mass Effect 3 - BLES01462 - Not Tested

Max Payne 3 - BLUS30557 - Working

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - BLES01419 - Not Tested

MLB 12: The Show - BCUS98295 - Working

NHL 13

Portal 2 - BLES01222 - Not Tested

Portal 2 - BLUS30732 - Not Tested

Rage - BLUS30485 - Working

Ratchet & Clank All 4 One - BCES01141 - Working

Resistance 3 - BCES01118 - Working

Risen 2: Dark Waters - BLES01398 - Working

Saints Row 3 - BLES01342 - Working

Silent Hill HD Collection - BLUS30810 - not tested

Sleeping Dogs - BLES01661 - Working

Sniper Elite v2 - BLES01290 - Working

Soul Calibur V - BLES01250 - not tested

SPEC OPS THE LINE - BLES01157 - Working

SSX - BLUS30849 - Working

Street Fighter X Tekken - BLUS30722 - Working

Street Fighter X Tekken - BLES01252 - Working

The Amazing Spiderman - BLUS30828 - Working

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier - BLES00922 - Working

Twisted Metal - BCUS98106 - Working

Finally, from Sonic-Iso via IRC comes Rebug 3.55.2 PS3UPDAT.PUP Modded for DEX To Allow ProDG Support: Well here is something neat I decided to make for you dex users that includes REAL DEX and target 82 dex... run this bad boy and you now have PRODG support on your unit. Mods by Sonic-Iso. Greetz to Amber Lee (Ettinger). Without you babe I wouldn't even be inspired. And all greetz to my homies in the scene. Also this all only works on 3.55. kthnxbai. Just run a real debug PUP to go back to "normal".

Greetz: Mathieulh TheFallen93 Xenon7 CMX DeathClutch KiwiDoggeh Sonic-Iso K3rn3l Huegel Carly360 Xorloser barubary redline m0md4d and anyone else i missed.

All testing for this CFW was done on a E3 flasher. took me 10 minutes to install the thing and its plug and play!

[Sonic-Iso] i added prodg support to rebug for T82 Math converts and real dechas
[Sonic-Iso] if you have a DECH unit *real dev+ or a target 82 unit (fake dev) ir any other fake dev
[Sonic-Iso] this will allow you to run rebug with all patches and allow prodg support
[Sonic-Iso] if your not using c2d
[Sonic-Iso] dont bother
[Sonic-Iso] it'll prolly brix
[Sonic-Iso] you have target 82 set?
[Sonic-Iso] like cex 2 dex
[KneelB4ZD] no
[Sonic-Iso] yeah than DO NOT RUN THIS
[Sonic-Iso] unless you got your eid root key
[Sonic-Iso] and fkasged target ti 82

Darksiders II Working DEX 4.21 by romantizma

Param SFO:

1) Download and Change PARAM.SFO DUPLEX Releases
2) Update USA Update Debug
3) Play Game

PS3 DEX FIX Tutorial for Journey_Collectors_Edition_PS3-ZRY by ohnozeibricked

This works with Journey_Collectors_Edition_PS3-ZRY

A bit long winded but definitely works (tested on 4.20 DEX)

1.Go to the folder PS3_EXTRA \ D002, unpack the DATA000.PKG file with pkgview.

2.Pack the extracted folder NPUA70218 with psn_package_npdrm with this package.conf

[Register or Login to view code]

Then install pkg on PS3.

3. Make the image as you would a normal dex image (there are tutorials for this everywhere so i will not reinvent the wheel) before you click build....

4. Tick the extra contents (new format) > Setup content Root > click File-Open > select PARAM.SFO file from PS3_EXTRA folder.

5. Go to Content Information Tab, and drag and drop all files (not folders) from PS3_Extra (delete greyed out ones) then click ok.

6. Go to Volume tab click Setup Content Items, then drag and drop pkg files from each of the D00X folders one by one (as you do each one right click and edit param. Then enter the General Parameter - Title (Default) which you can get from param.sfx in each folder ie in D000

[Register or Login to view code]

So you would enter flOw in the Title (Default), drag and drop ICON2.PNG into Content Information Files Tab.. do this with each of the folders pkg's.

7. Click build and make image as usual.

You can make a seperate pkg for the other content ie flow, flower etc just do the same as in step 1 with the other folders and modify the content id. have fun

Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.20 Update & More Arrive

Sony PS3 Debug / Test (DEX) Firmware 4.20 Update & More Arrive

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PS4 Hacks & JailBreak updates with PlayStation 4 homebrew.

#264 - oVERSoLDiER - April 14, 2013 // 10:12 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
That CFW can't install over Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP. I only got an error while the authentication process of the *.PUP.

#263 - appache777 - April 9, 2013 // 11:55 pm
appache777's Avatar
did you try rogero 3.55 v3.7? i had the same problem but that firmware worked for me

#262 - cdrayangelo - April 9, 2013 // 11:49 pm
cdrayangelo's Avatar
i go 3.55 service mode... flash this firmware... then cannot out in service mode (black screen)... trying any 3.55 to lower PUP but no luck just blinking green light while flashing...

[Register or Login to view code]

this cfw brick my ps3 fat true service mode... no OTHER PUP WORKING for downgrading true service mode

#261 - pedro800 - April 6, 2013 // 11:10 am
pedro800's Avatar
thanks man, I'm still using cfw dex 4.21 ps3ita v.0.9, now I will upgrade it to v.2.2, thank again,

#260 - PS4 News - April 5, 2013 // 6:08 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on their previous updates, today Italian PlayStation 3 developers PS3ITA have made available PS3ITA PS3 CFW 4.21 DEX v2.2 and a v0.1 Loader with details below.

Download: PS3ITA PS3 CFW 4.21 DEX v2.2 (178.28 MB - Password: vodka) / PS3ITA PS3 CFW 4.21 DEX v2.2 (Mirror) / PS3ITA PS3 CFW 4.21 DEX v2.2 (Mirror #2) / Ps3ita_loader

PS3ita_cfw_4.21dex_v2.2PUP MD5: 7e843fe9c17973ccb6c0ed0b27ab0a48

To quote, roughly translated: Following the latest developments, PS3ITA is pleased to present a new version of CFW 4.21 PS3ITA DEX (debug). This update, accompanied by PKG external Ps3ita Loader introduces a modified core with the ability to customize your choice to integrate some flag or not.

In practice, after installing the CFW, each user can choose with ease, such as extra feature, the console should start automatically during the ignition phase.

The changes introduced in 4.21 CFW PS3ITA DEX v2.2 are:

1. Spoof firmware 4.40.

2. IDPS All Change region 4.21 is now integrated in the fw and runs automatically during boot the console, there is no need to start it manually after every boot. To log on to the PSN simply log in as you were on an ordinary OFW.

3. Sys_init_osd.self New, allows the start of our core (ps3itald.self) during boot the console. IMPORTANT: all credits for this go to sys_init_osd Miralatijera we just added a little bit (to make it boot faster) and brought patches to the nost cfw, ps3itald.self instead is a creation of our team. The core ps3itald.self is easily customizable thanks to PKG ps3ita loader.

4. Fixed bug that did not allow the boot cd / dvd original PS2 PS3 backwards compatible.

5. Vsh Patch magazines, ReactPsn now works perfectly.

6. 0x80022D74 0x80022D11 Fix for errors relating to the trophies, in some cases after a downgrade by service mode was returned one of these errors and was forced to leave the game.

How to proceed with the installation of the CFW:

1. Sure you have a console with CFW / OFW DEX (Debug) version 3.55/4.21.

2. Strictly Install the Firmware Downgrader 3.55 (

3. PS3ITA Install CFW 4.21 DEX v2.2.

Through the program ps3ita loader you can manage the core ps3itald.self and add / remove functions that will be performed automatically boot the console .. (I think many of you will appreciate the "install_new_idps" allows you to permanently change your console id with one of your choice ...).

How does Ps3ita Loader:

1. Ps3ita Copy the folder in the root of the USB stick.

2. Move the flag you want to install from the / ps3ita / NOT_ACTIVE in / ps3ita. (Flags are simple text files, and inside they explained their function).

3. Insert the USB stick into the port on the right of the PS3.

4. Install the pkg "ps3ita_loader" and run it. If something goes wrong, the LED turns red, otherwise fine. A log file in / dev_usb000/ps3ita cmq will be created to verify if all the steps have taken place correctly.

5. New features are now active.

I thank the entire team and especially PS3ITA Rancid (o) which followed / carried out the entire project.

More PlayStation 3 News...

#259 - rika85 - January 9, 2013 // 10:10 pm
rika85's Avatar
Hi guys,

I am new to this forum, So first my regards to all of you. Now to my point, I have a slim 120gb on rogero 4.30. I download games, two of my games are not working properly

1. Kingdom of Amalur- It loads the game and does show the videos up till the part where it starts to go to the main menu. before loading the main menu it goes black and a white circle in the middle of the screen spins showing that its loading. However, it never loads and stays in that state. This is my second download the other one did the same thing although they are different torrents (not the same game torrent).

2. RE6- Now this is a bit different, it starts the game but only loads the second part of the game where Leon and the girl are fallen on the ground and the helli is firing at them. I tried and found a different torrent for this one as well but the second one did the same.

Now please if anyone knows how to fix this, then please share your knowledge with me.

If this is not the right place to post this problem in, this accept my apology for my mistake.

Thanks all.

#258 - jeral90 - January 2, 2013 // 11:55 pm
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hello since I've installed this iris manager for cfw 4.21 Ita DEX and most of my games to run the screen freezes and I have to restart the ps3, does anyone but this happens? What I can do? I'm interested in the manager at big split 4gb files

#257 - aries2k6 - January 2, 2013 // 2:08 pm
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Nice. a simple functional backup manager.

It's good to have options

#256 - stvnwk11 - January 2, 2013 // 6:42 am
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Soo Happy to see IrisManager back in the works ! Long live Hermes !!

#255 - StanSmith - January 2, 2013 // 6:08 am
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It does exactly what I want it to do. It loads games and its got FTP support. No need for the bloatware of MM anymore. MM has become buggy and sluggish so I'm glad there is something better now. Its faster then MM, it looks better than MM and it works.

I dont care for multiple looks or pages like MM and if I want to watch a movie or see a photo thats already part of the PS3 or I use the stand alone Showtime so absolutely no need for MultiMan anymore.