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October 8, 2010 // 11:00 pm - According to (linked above), Sony has now succeeded in banning sales of the PSJailBreak PS3 modchip USB device in Europe.

This news comes just days after document leaks and UKIE support for Sony's swift legal action were announced.

To quote: "Sony has finally succeeded in banning the selling of the modchip in Europe.

After releasing a security firmware update which made the PSJailbreak useless, Sony has gone 1up now and the Japanese manufacturer has cut the grass from under the feet of prospective hackers through an order which makes it illegal to sell the modchip and all its clones in Europe.

This news has been confirmed by ChipSpain, one of the leading modchip online retailers who have taken off their stock of the PSJailbreak from their website following this recent order.

Friday, October 8, 2010 Prohibition to sell PS Jailbreak and its clones. PS jailbreak and similar products have been withdrawn from stock. All orders will continue to receive full support."

Sony Bans PSJailBreak PS3 ModChip Sales in Europe

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#18 - bimasudiro - October 23, 2014 // 4:05 am
bimasudiro's Avatar
Pretty old archive, but I find out what I need to know.

Many thanks

#17 - silvercrest - October 10, 2010 // 9:23 am
silvercrest's Avatar
Europe does fortunately not have unique laws. It has to be forbidden in every country each and that is impossible.

#16 - jetcat - October 10, 2010 // 9:18 am
jetcat's Avatar
I want to see the wall that they have to build around China :-)

That's the only way to stop this... If a chinese could make some money on a jailbreak... he will no matter what Sony says.

#15 - shummyr - October 9, 2010 // 5:50 pm
shummyr's Avatar
This is more of a circus act than anything else..

#14 - SuperDre - October 9, 2010 // 3:18 pm
SuperDre's Avatar
Maybe the can ban the sale of PS3Jailbreak sticks and clones, but they will have a hard time getting a ban on USB development boards/sticks as they are legit for a LOT of different uses.. So I guess this ban is only for those specific sticks which target the PS3.

#13 - oVERSoLDiER - October 9, 2010 // 3:03 pm
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Yay, banned all iPhones/iPods from Europe.

#12 - Weedo - October 9, 2010 // 2:47 pm
Weedo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by YadoMan View Post
Sorry, but that's nonsense. They can't just ban mod-chip sales in Europe. Europe consists of MANY countries, each with its own laws and courts. Maybe they got an injunction or even a court order in some places, but certainly not everywhere.

Exactly! Pure nonsense.

#11 - denunes - October 9, 2010 // 11:56 am
denunes's Avatar

we can make the dongle... psgroove. i have make a dongle for me. screw Sony laws for the selling of the modchip. there is another way around, and can't be ban.

#10 - atm1986 - October 9, 2010 // 11:32 am
atm1986's Avatar

it seems that the banning only affects countries of the european union. but you cant still buy it from our friends in switzerland. there is one swiss distributor on the psjailbreak page who still sells the device. only for those interested in buying it.


#9 - aries2k6 - October 9, 2010 // 11:25 am
aries2k6's Avatar
Damn, they stopped the retailer that I usually order from, ChipSpain. I had never seen that happen before.

They're still selling SwapMagic though, lol.